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   Chapter 65 Watch Her Boyfriend Being Flirted

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Calvin tidied up his suit and took a look at Emily. "Do you think I will be worried? If you let me find that you have done something against the company's rule, I will definitely ask the personnel department to fire you without your permission. Second, you are just an intern. The most important thing for the interns now is not how to talk back to their boss, but how to obey the boss' arrangement. "


"Is this how you talk to your boss? Well, today's work is over. If you don't have anything else to do, go back to the company. By the way, there are still some documents that haven't been translated well today. You can get off work after you translate them. "

"Do I have overtime pay?"


Calvin looked back at Emily in surprise. "What did you say?"

"Although I'm just an intern now, I have the right to ask for my overtime salary. If not, I'm sorry. I won't do any work that takes up my personal time! After all! I still have a date! "

Although she said so, she still needed to work harder so that others could see her and recognize her strength. This was the most important thing.

"I thought you wouldn't work overtime. Now you are still working here, aren't you?"

In the afternoon, everyone was off duty on time. Only Emily was not off duty for the time being. And now, not only was she alone, even Calvin was not off duty.

"I'm just a newcomer. Even if I need to Dove my boyfriend, I have to work overtime now, right?"

"As a newcomer, it's not bad for you to have such awareness. Come on! "

Seeing Calvin walk out of the department, Emily couldn't believe that he just walked out like this? It was so inhuman! She was still working here, but Calvin could pretend that he saw nothing.

"Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep

When Emily was doing the translation, her phone suddenly vibrated on the table. Seeing that it was a call from Michael, she had to answer it.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm thinking, if you don't get off work, I'll bring some food to you. Let's eat together. "

"Two of us? What if there is someone else here? Aren't you worried that I may refuse you? "

"Of course not! I saw that almost all the employees in your company have left. It's off duty now. Who will stay there if they have nothing to do? Besides, if there is someone beside you, how could you answer my phone? You would hang off or answer it later, am I right?"

A faint smile appeared on Emily's face. She looked at the unimportant documents in her hand. Although it didn't matter whether they were translated or not, it was a job that others could see.

"I'll go downstairs later. You can't get in without the entrance card."

"Okay, I'll wait for you downstairs. But don't wo

"Jonson, I haven't seen Emily for the whole day. Did she go out to play?"

"Emily went to work as an intern in the company."

"Ah! Internship? This... Do you really want her to work as an intern now? "

"Yes, what's wrong with you?"

Olivia said with a smile, withdrawing her surprise. "No, I don't... I just think that Emily hasn't fully recovered yet. Is it too tired for her to go to work now? And she is just a freshman. It's not good to do so. "

"I also think so, but I have no choice. That old man came with me as soon as he came back. I will get rid of him sooner or later!"

At the thought of this, Jonson felt very angry. Mr. Daniel had a high reputation in the board of directors. It was not easy to deal with him directly. But if he didn't do anything, how long could he be the chairman?

"Jonson, since you have let Emily work in the company, you can also arrange Sofia to work in the company. Being a manager is also a small gift that you can give her. "

"Manager? What qualifications does Sofia have to be a manager? You know nothing, but you are telling me what to do here! "

"Jonson, Sofia is not inferior to Emily. Besides, she is your daughter. How can you be so partial to her? "

Olivia held Jonson's arm and nestled in his arms.

"Partial? When did I show partiality? The Feng Group belongs to the Feng family, not me, Jonson or you, Olivia! Sofia was incapable and inexperienced. How can I get her in? Emily is different. It's more useful to be recommended directly by a Mr. Daniel than anything else! "

"You are the chairman of the Feng Group. How can a mere director be your opponent? Besides, you have arranged your men to all the important positions in the Feng Group these years. They are all your confidants. You are so confident. What are you afraid of? "

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