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   Chapter 64 You Are Making Money Outside, While I Am Beautiful At Home

Conquer Billionaire After Rebirth By Yi Shi Characters: 9039

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"Hmm? How do you feel? "

"My girlfriend is so excellent. I feel like I'm going to be raised up by you. Do you know a popular sentence recently? "

"What's that?"

Emily was curious. What Michael said just now was interesting.

"You are making money outside, while I am beautiful at home!"

Emily shrugged helplessly. But it would be interesting to switch their original relationship.

"I seem to understand you. I know. Well, since you have said so, I'll go out to make money to support our family. You can go back and continue to be beautiful as flowers. "

Smiling, Emily shook her head and turned around to walk into the Feng Group.

Michael stood still, recalling what Emily had said just now. Did what she said mean that his relationship with her had improved?

Thinking of this, he felt that all his persistence was worth it! Thanks to her previous shameless insistence, he now had such a good harvest. That was great!

As soon as Emily entered the company and took the elevator, she met Becky.

"Emily, who is the man who sent you here? I think you are on good terms. You are talking and laughing. Is that handsome man your boyfriend? "


"You are so lucky! Your boyfriend is so handsome! I'm so envious of you. By the way, I've heard about it. Did Mr. Calvin make things difficult for you? Is there a problem for you? "

"Problem? Sort of. "

Of course, Becky nodded. That was for sure. Generally, the newcomers who had just entered the company would have difficulties. "Actually, you have to get used to it. Mr. Calvin is a famous cold faced man in our group! Although he doesn't smile coldly at ordinary times, he is very charming in this way! He is already thirty years old. He doesn't have a girlfriend, a fiancee or a wife. His private life is so clean that it can't be purer. There are many female colleagues in our company have chased him, but unfortunately, all of them have been slapped in the face. "

"I can't believe that the charm of Mr. Calvin is so profound..."

"Of course! What do you think? Although Mr. Calvin was not in a very high position, he was indeed the most popular person in front of the chairman! Do you know the chairman of our company. He is a famous big shot. Is there anything wrong with the talent he likes? "

'A talent dad likes?' But he was just a small manager, and he was her superior. Was there anything that she didn't know?

"Becky, isn't it too exaggerated that Mr. Calvin is the most popular man in front of the chairman?"

"Exaggerated? How could it be possible! How could I be exaggerating? I'm telling the truth. Don't you believe me? Last time, I saw the chairman praise Mr. Calvin and invite him to dinner.


"Why do you say that?"

Emily walked on the road with her head down. All she could see was her toes.

"Otherwise, you won't be so resistant to be misunderstood. And, I saw him at noon."

Emily smiled. "No wonder you said that."

"When you come out on the first day, you have to master these procedures. Do you know why I have to personally take you through the process? "

Emily shook her head. If she had known what the man was thinking, she wouldn't have thought about it now.

"From now on, it's your job to be the inspector. This kind of job is very suitable for you. Anyway, you are a student now. For the interview, both your time and your career are suitable. "

'Doesn't Mr. Calvin want me to work in the company? Was this his purpose?'

"Mr. Calvin, do I need to go back to the company?"

"Basically, you don't need any other time except to sign in the morning and afternoon."

Sure enough!

No wonder her father would invite him to dinner these days. Was this what they had agreed? If that was the case, what should she do with herself? She couldn't think of any other way to change the situation.

"What's wrong? Are you unhappy? "

Emily lowered her head. How could she be happy now?

"Actually..." She didn't know how to open her mouth. Although she knew that Mr. Calvin was arranged by her father, she still had hope for him! "I don't want to go out every day. I want to work in the company if possible."

"It seems that you are dissatisfied with my arrangement."

"Mr. Calvin, I'm just an intern now. But I don't think you need a person to check the market every day, do you? If I don't go to the company, first of all, I can't learn anything. Second, if you can't see me, aren't you afraid that I will use my working time to do my private affairs? "

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