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   Chapter 29 Do Me A Favor Again

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"I see. It turns out that you are worried about your father forming a team with the two of them to exclude you. Am I right? "

"Yes, it seems that you understand what I mean."

"But this is just what you are worried about. Your father is your biological father after all. Besides, even I, an outsider, know that you will be the only successor of the Feng Group in the future. Even if your father wants to hand over the Feng Group to someone else, the board of directors will not agree. What are you still worried about? "

"Time has passed and circumstances have changed. How many people in the Feng Group will really support me? For so many years, I have never had the chance to contact anyone or anything in the Feng Group. Everyone's impression of me, the future successor, has long been blurred! Besides, do you think people on the board all take emphasis on relationship and promise? They only care about money! Do you think they will give their full support to a person who has no money and power but only a name? "

Leaning weakly against the wall, Emily had to face these cruel facts alone. How many things could she face alone?

Emily didn't know the answer. She didn't know whether she could succeed or not. However, it was precisely because of this that Emily had a reason to not lose!

Who could understand her sadness and worry?

Emily slowly leaned against the wall, slid down and squatted on the ground. Michael had thought too simply before. After hearing what Emily said, he finally understood the specific reason for her character.

"I know you are suffering. Emily, if you trust me, I can lend you my shoulder at any time! As long as you say a word, I will appear by your side to help you. I will protect you! I didn't know that you were in such a hard environment before, and I didn't know that it was difficult for me to predict what was on your shoulder. Maybe you won't believe me now, but I will protect you. This is the promise I can make to you! "

Raising her head to look at Michael who was squatting beside her, Emily wondered why she who was lonely and sad could feel so warm from him.

"Emily, I know you won't really believe me now, but I believe! One day, you will open your heart to me, and you will accept me into your heart! From now on, I will help you! Don't worry! "

He... Why did he treat her so well?

"You are so kind to me. Do you want to get something from me?"

"So that's what you think?"

"I don't know. Since I was a child, there have been countless people surrounding me. Try their best to please me, but I know very well that those people just want to get benefits from me! You too? "

Michael shrugged helplessly and pretended to be a bad guy. "Hmm? Maybe you are right! I really want to get something from you! But it's very difficult for me to get what I want! Because you don't accept my confession at all. How could you give your precious heart to me? "


Emily had heard such sweet words for many times, but she couldn't resist Michael at all. Her face flushed!

Emily lowered her head immediately and didn't dare to look at the handsome face of Michael.

"Well, I won't make fun of you anymore. It seemed that Ron had called a lot of people here. What are we going to do next? You have to tell me in advance so that I can help you. "

"No, thanks. The audience I want to see have all arrived. Next, as long as the actors are ready, everything will be fine. You don't need to do anything, just be yourself as usual! "

With the help of Michael, Emily stood up. After tidying up her clothes and hair, the two of them went there together.

"Emily, come here quickly. Let me introduce them to you. These are all my good friends. They

all heard that I have come back recently, so they want to come to celebrate with me as soon as possible. "

"Nice to meet you. Since you are all good friends of Ron, of course you are also my good friends! Let's have a drink together! "

"A beauty is a beauty! I can feel that your fragrance is overflowing just by a few words! Come on, beauty, let's have a drink! Now that we're friends, we'll drink it all in one gulp! What do you think? "

"Okay, no problem! As long as you are happy! "

Emily drank the brandy in one gulp. The alcohol was not low. If she drank like this, she would soon get drunk!

"Are you crazy, Emily? You will get drunk if you keep drinking like this! "

"Don't worry. I won't get drunk so easily! But you have to promise me one thing. If I get drunk, you must send me to a safe place. "

Embarrassed, Michael twitched the corners of his mouth. According to what Emily meant, she had already prepared to be drunk. Did she know what she was doing?

"Hey, are you really going to do this? Are you really crazy? "

"I'm just kidding. I don't know the bottom line of my drinking capacity. It's a good chance for me to have a try today."

Emily said with a smile. When she raised her head to drink, she happened to see the actors coming on stage from the corner of her eyes! That's great. Now everyone is here. A good show is about to take place.

Emily took a look at these people who were drinking happily, and Michael who was sitting next to her with only a cup of drink in his hand.

"Michael, can you do me a favor?"

"What favor?"

Emily whispered in Michael's ear carefully. Hearing what Emily said, Michael instantly understood what she wanted to do.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I saw an acquaintance just now. I'll go and say hello. "

"Michael, let me go with you."


Even Emily herself didn't notice that the name she called out subconsciously made Michael feel so warm. It was really warm!

"Okay, I also want to introduce some friends to you."

They left hand in hand. Ron was jealous and resentful! How could Emily find a boyfriend in such a short time? They were so close! What should he do to make the two break up?

It was really difficult for him!

The two walked up to a man and seemed to be chatting intimately, but the reality was not so good. The two of them didn't stop until the man couldn't stand the man and the woman leaving.

"It's such a shameful thing. I'm really going to risk everything! I have never been so humiliated before. "

"Me, too."

"And then? Can we two just stand here? "

"Yes, but there is only one way to end it as soon as possible."

"What method?"

Michael really didn't want to do such a shameful thing again, but if they stood here, would they have to talk to others? He really couldn't do it. He pulled his face down again.

"Kiss me..."


Emily was sure that what she said was true, because she knew that Ron was staring at her. If they stood here for a long time, it would be useless. But if it was another way, the effect would be absolutely different.

"Kiss me!"

"Emily, I'm serious! I can't do such a thing here! Besides, say something like that to a man casually, is that right? "

"I'm talking about kissing me. I didn't ask you to really kiss me. Just pretend. Do you understand?"

"But why? Don't tell me that you want to play a trick on Ron? How could you think of such a mean way! "

Emily shrugged helplessly. This guy was really smart! But now he was really stupid!

"Who did you see just now?"

"Sofia, what's wrong?"

"Where is she now? What is she doing?"

Michael glanced at the dancing floor casually. "She is dancing over there with three men."

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