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   Chapter 28 Go To The Bar

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"Emily, I've been back for a few days. When shall we have dinner together? Anyway, we are all free from now on. Let's make an appointment. When do you have time? "

Emily didn't want to go, but it was boring to refuse him directly. He and Sofia had planned for such a long time and even hurt her, making her heart bleeding. Those things were like nightmares, making Emily's anger slowly rise!

"Okay, maybe another day."

"Great! Emily, it's great that you can promise me! But When do you have time? I'm so excited. I really want to have dinner with you right now, but unfortunately, you have an appointment tonight. Otherwise, we can have dinner tonight. "

"Okay! In fact, I also like a crowded atmosphere! Anyway, it was just one more person and more fun. There was nothing else. Why not? "

"So what do you mean?"

"Ron, if you don't mind, you can go with us. Didn't you say that we haven't seen each other for a long time? Let's have dinner together. "

Emily had already come up with a plan in her mind, but Ron didn't know what was going on at all. Instead, he chose to agree immediately!

"Great! That's exactly what I'm thinking about! Let's go together. Anyway, I also think that you like a crowded atmosphere. We can just go together! By the way, what do you like to eat? We can eat what you like. "

"In fact, you just came back. Let's go to a lively place. I know a place that is very lively. We can call a few more people! If you have friends who are free at home, you can invite them together. In fact, I don't care about it. Anyway, the more the merrier! "

"Well, I really have a few friends who can be called together. Obedience is better than politeness! Now that we all like to have fun, it seems that we have to play all night! By the way, where are we going? "

"I've already chosen the place. You just need to go there later."

Emily looked at Ron with amusement If I didn't know what would happen after those years, I would believe that you would be good to me all your life. But now I'm not as stupid as I was at that time!

"Emily, why are you standing here? Didn't I tell you to wait for me at the place ahead? I thought you would break your promise and leave earlier! Fortunately, you keep your promise. Otherwise, I won't let you go easily. "

After getting out of the car, Michael saw that Ron was looking at him and Emily with a smile. What was going on?

"Some people will be added. Are you okay with that?"

Some people will be added?

Was there Ron among them? Didn't Emily hate this guy the most? Why is she talking and laughing with this guy?

"I don't mind. But it seems that the other thing you have promised me is going to be delayed. How about this? You come to my house tomorrow, do you have any objection?"

The two of them began to discuss. Anyway, only the two of them knew about it. It was not easy for Ron to know what was going on.

"Okay, I promise you. Let's go. "

Michael opened the door for Emily like a gentleman and let her sit in the passenger seat, while Ron sat in the back seat alone.

"What the hell do you want, Emily? Don't tell me that you are just on a whim... "

Ignoring the expression in Michael's eyes, Emily smiled at Ron who was sitting behind her. "Damn it! Who did this woman smile at? Was she crazy? Didn't she know that Ron had an affair with Sofia? Why did she still do that? "

Were Were there still some things that she didn't know?


cording to the place provided by Emily, this was a very luxurious and happy place. All the people who came here hoped to find another own here.

Michael didn't come to such a place. According to his family's rules, it was forbidden to go to such a place similar to the brothel. He couldn't stand the excessive sexual behaviors of men and women here.

"Are you crazy, Emily? How could you come to such a place? Besides, you come with that man, Ron. Do you like that man? "

"I like him? Are you insulting me? I ask you to come here and I won't let you suffer any loss. There will be a good show to watch later. If you don't believe me, just wait and see! "

The corners of Emily's mouth lifted into a smirk. She looked insidiously at Ron, who was smiling happily. At this time, Michael suddenly felt that he had never seen such Emily. Why was there something that people couldn't believe on Emily after they saw? How much more things did she hide?

"I really don't know what else you have hidden. Why did you do that? You can tell me what you want to do. Maybe I can help you! "

The music in the bar was so loud that Michael was almost roaring. On the other hand, Emily was worried that if his voice was too loud and was heard by Ron, her plan would fall short of success!

Emily pulled him to a corner and looked around. When there was no one else around, she walked up to Michael and said.

"Keep your voice down! I don't need to tell you everything about me, and I don't need to care about your feelings! Maybe you like me, but I won't like anyone now! No matter how excellent you are, loving someone is a risk for me! I will be smashed to pieces at any time! "

"What are you talking about? Why would you be smashed to pieces if we love each other? Don't you have any feelings for me? We are destined to be together! Since the first time you met me, it has been destined! "

"Really? Then God must be blind! If you are a good person, then it proves that God will not let me get my own happiness! Michael, you have helped me many times. I won't forget it! I will help you as much as I can! So, let's not talk about it for the time being, okay? "

"What are you hiding? I want to know why you can't let others know. "

Emily looked at him helplessly. Why didn't he listen to her?

"Do you really want to listen to me?"

"Of course!"

"Okay! Then let me tell you what I have hidden. "

It seemed that Emily had made up her mind to talk about it. "You said that you know something about the Feng Group, so you should know. My grandfather is the founder of the Feng Group! I can't let anything that belongs to our Family Feng fall into the hands of outsiders. "

"Just because of this?"

"It's hard for you to understand, isn't it?"

Although it was hard for Michael to understand, he had seen the sadness in Emily's eyes. He could more or less feel something.

"Isn't your father a member of the Family Feng? Why are you still worried about it? Is it because of Sofia? "

"Yes! Sofia and her daughter lived in the Family Feng purposefully. My father didn't marry Olivia because of me. They have been secretly united all these years. I can't watch these things happen like this. Michael, I once told you that although we are all from rich families, we are from two different worlds! So Don't blame me for doing such a thing and making such a decision! "

Hearing what Emily said, Michael seemed to have understood!

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