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   Chapter 27 On Holiday

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"No, I didn't."

Emily suffered the heavy blow when she was injured. She couldn't be like an ordinary person to care about her rotten peach blossoms.

"No? Why? "

Michael didn't believe it. How could he lose his charm so easily? What the hell was going on? Why didn't his confession work on Emily at all?

"Because it's very simple. I don't like you at all, so how can I agree to your request? Do you understand? "

When Emily returned to the classroom, she felt as if nothing had happened. But now there was one more thing that everyone was talking about, that was, what happened in the canteen at noon.

"Dear students, I have something very important to tell you today. Everyone had a very important thing to do this weekend. The campus area of the school needed to be rebuilt, so the school was temporarily closed to the public in the next half month! So we are suspended for the time being. You all do self-study, but I'm afraid that you'll delay important things because of your playfulness, so You have to submit a thesis in the next half month. The topic is about the trend of modern international economic development. "



The classroom was in a panic suddenly. No one had expected such a task. It was not a big deal for them to take the exams every two or three days, but they had to write theses now. It usually took a month for other people's thesis to be revised. It was not a small project!

"Teacher, we need to hand in an thesis in fifteen days. Isn't it too difficult? How can we finish it? "

"Why not? Now it's time to test you. Why don't you worry about your class? Well! Let me tell you guys, if you don't write thesis honestly and you play all the time, I think you are going to be fired this semester! "

Finishing an thesis in fifteen days was not a big problem for Emily. Anyway, as long as she could complete this task. Anyway, there were fifteen days left, and there was plenty of time.

"Well Unfortunately! I can't believe that we have to write theses at the beginning. It's a headache to think about it. "

What Michael feared most was to write his thesis. He didn't fear exams, but there would be a lot of things to do if he had to write his thesis! It would be a shame if he couldn't write it well.

When Michael was thinking about what to do with his thesis, he turned around and saw the relaxed look on Emily's face. He couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Hey, are you okay? You look relaxed? Aren't you worried about your thesis? "


What Emily was worried about was not her thesis at all, but how to realize her great plan. It was so simple.

"Aren't you worried? Can you write it? "

Michael sneaked up on Emily and asked carefully while the teacher was having a class.

"Aren't you smart? How could you be troubled by such a trifle? "

"This thesis is different. If I don't write it carefully, if I fail to write it, I will fail to rank first in my class. You are also a member of the Family Feng, so

you should know how it feels to be watched by so many people and not to let others down. Right? "


Everyone had watched Emily grow up! As long as anything happened around her, everyone would pay special attention to her. So she had to make herself outstanding and please others in this way. It was really ridiculous.

"What do you want to say? The point is... "

"In fact, what I want to say is that the thesis is nothing to you and you can give me some advice after dinner. If I can pass successfully, it will be a good thing, won't it? In this way, I owe you a favor. If you need my help in the future, I can continue to help you! "

Help? Or not?

Emily was alone now. If she could find a reliable person to help her, it would not be a bad thing. But If he was not reliable, she would lose more than gain.

"What can you do for me?"

"Hey? Why do I feel that you are burning Bridges? If I hadn't embarrassed Sofia today, you would have suffered a lot! I helped you today. Aren't you willing to help me? Maybe this is our fate! "

Emily shook her head helplessly. What kind of logic was that?

But Michael was right! He helped her today. When she went back tonight, her family would know that her school boyfriend was Michael. Anyway, Michael was from a rich family. Besides, he had told her that his grandfather and her grandfather had been friends in the past. So she might need him in the future.

"You just said that your grandfather and my grandfather had been friends for generations. Is it true or not?"

"Of course it's true. My grandfather is abroad now, but my parents have told me about it. What do you think? You won't suffer any loss for helping me, will you? "

"Okay, I can help you. But you have to do me a favor. "


Seeing that Emily was very serious, Michael agreed.

"Stay away from me from now on! I don't like others to be close to me. "

It was not until Emily finished her words that Michael found that the distance between him and Emily was only thirty centimeters. He didn't notice it just now.

Michael smiled sheepishly and moved aside.

After school, Emily walked to the school gate alone, only to find that the car that came to pick her up had already disappeared. It must be Sofia again!

"Emily, what's wrong? Didn't Sofia wait for you to go home together? "

"HMM Maybe she left with her friend. "

Ron walked to the side of Emily, who happened to have the car key in his hand. "Emily, let me drive you home. If you go back, you have to take a taxi. I will be worried if you take a taxi alone. "

"No, thanks! I've made an appointment with someone. I'm just waiting for him to drive here. "

"Who is it? Is that the person I saw in the canteen today? "


It was him! This was not good. The opponent was Michael, who was not weak. In addition, according to today's conflict, they were obviously on the same side. No matter what he did now, it was not easy to change the situation.

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