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   Chapter 26 Making Trouble In The Canteen

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Sofia winked at the two girls beside her. The two girls then ran towards Emily. They didn't show any mercy to Emily.


The bowl in Emily's hand fell to the ground, and the food was scattered all over the ground. The hot soup that had just been filled spilled on her instep. The heat of the soup made her instep very red!

"Hey, sister, why are you so careless! See you didn't hold the food well, it fell to the ground so easily. It's not my fault, is it? "

Emily took a deep breath. If she lost her temper at them here, this was not a good place. In the school, she couldn't let her personality be exposed.

"Of course I won't blame you. It's not your fault that these two people walk without eyes. How can I blame you! If I want to blame, I will blame these two people! "

"You! How dare you blame it on us? Do you think I will show mercy to you as you are Sofia's sister? Don't go too far! "

"Exactly! Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to us like that? Don't you know that we two are the big shots in this school? "

The two girls began to push towards Emily. Emily couldn't stand it as she retreated all the way. These two girls had gone too far! If she hadn't been so worried, how could she be bullied by these two women to such an extent!

Suddenly, the woman's eyes flashed with danger! She tightened her grip. As a result of her carelessness, Emily stepped on the falling vegetables and was pushed back out of control.

The corners of Sofia's mouth lifted slightly. There were pieces of the bowl where Emily fell! If she was hurt, it was not her fault anyway, not to mention that she had vented her anger!


Emily closed her eyes and fell back. She thought she would get hurt again today, but she didn't expect the pain. But She fell into his gentle arms.

She opened her eyes and saw Michael.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

After standing up, Emily crossed her arms over her chest. With a cold face, Michael looked at the two timid women.

"Do you think I'm dead so that you bullied Emily like this? I warn you, Emily is my girlfriend! If you dare to bully Emily again in the future, don't blame me for being rude to you! "

Sofia had thought that she had been bullied, but she didn't expect that Michael would appear on the way.

"You said my sister is your girlfriend? When did you date? "

"It has nothing to do with you! But Emily is your sister? Why didn't I know about it? As far as I know, isn't there only one daughter in the Family Feng? You Where do you come from? "

Emily looked at Michael in surprise. Was he defending her now? This really surprised her.

"I Of course I'm her sister! My mother is the hostess of the Family Feng. Why am I not the daughter of the Family Feng? Besides, it's our family's business. You are an outsider. It has nothing to do with you! "

Michael burst into laughter until his voice became louder and louder.

He was the school hunk. Many girls were attracted by Michael's laughter.

"What are you laughing at?"

Michael stopped laughing and shook his head silently. "My family and the Family Feng have been friends for generations. My grandfather and Emily's grandfather used to be good friends. We know something about the Family Feng. Emily's father seemed to be still single! And Emily's mother died many years ago. Your mother? When did your mother become the hostess of the Family Feng? "

Sofia widened her eyes and looked at Michael in disbelief. She didn't expect that he would embarrass her! It was obvious that he was helping Emily. What Michael said made Sofia embarrassed. Now everyone knew that she was lying.

"Oh, I see. No wonder Sofia made trouble for Emily today. It turns out that their relationship is not as good as we see."

"I knew it from the very beginning, but I was really surprised. Michael knows so much about their family. "

Looking up at the back of Michael, Emily wondered why he helped her like this. She hadn't shown any kindness to him for such a long time. Why did he still help her? Why?

"Michael, what benefit did Emily give you? How could you speak for her like that? Did she specially tell you? Did she ask you to say that? If she hadn't intervened, my mother and father would have already completed their wedding. It's all her fault! "

Emily couldn't help but feel funny. This kind of thing was very ridiculous. Why did she have to come here to talk about it?

"Sofia, what did I do? Why do you keep slandering me here? I have tolerated you for so many years. Is it because I am bullied by you? Don't go too far! "

"Emily, you are so scheming. How could you play this trick with me. Well, I'd like to see who is more powerful between you and me. I also want to see what tricks you have. Show them all. I'll see what else you can do then. "

"Emily, after all, Sofia is your sister. As an outsider, I have seen it clearly for so many years. She treats you so well, but why are you still as ignorant as before? Everyone, this is a misunderstanding. They were just kidding with each other. Go. "

At this critical moment, Ron stood out and solved the embarrassment. After casting a disdainful glance at Sofia, Emily turned around and left.

"What do you think? I did you a big favor today! Tell me, how are you going to thank me? "

Michael followed behind Emily. He did help her just now, and now he was waiting for her answer.

"What do you want to say?"

"Treat me to dinner..."

"Do you really want me to invite you to dinner? Is it important to you? "

"Of course! According to your personality, inviting someone to dinner must mean something different to you! In that case, of course I have to be this person! Let me tell you, I like you! I don't care whether you like me or not. Do you know? "

These words made Emily unable to respond.

"It's just a meal. Well, I'll treat you to dinner tonight. But only this time. "

"Okay! I don't have any plans tonight, but you want to invite me to dinner after I confess my love. Do you mean that you are going to date me? "

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