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   Chapter 25 Change

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The mockery hidden in Emily's eyes was well concealed. On the surface, she was still that lovely girl. "Well, for dad's sake, I'll just tolerate this outsider for once! But Dad, when am I going to work as an intern in the company? I'm a freshman now. My teacher told me last time that with my grades and status, it's better for me to learn management and practice from now on, so that I will be more experienced than others in the future! "

Sure enough!

Jonson was lost in thought again.

Emily knew that he would think about it for a while. What he worried most now was that she would grow up day by day and take away everything he had in the Feng Group sooner or later!

"Don't worry about it. You just went to school. You should be more stable. It takes a lot of time and energy to deal with business affairs. If you deal with it right now, you will definitely suffer a heavy blow! When you get better, I will help you enter the company, okay? "

"Okay, Emily will listen to dad!"

Emily held her father's arm intimately, pretending to be a good child.

In this family, Emily had already learned how to live on and be a coward! But she would take them back sooner or later! When that day came, she would let those who had, would, and would always hurt her know that she was no longer who she used to be!

She was no longer that silly girl who thought all the people around her were good to her!

The Family Feng and the Feng Group were all hers! They were all left to her by her grandfather and mother. It couldn't be taken away by others. It was impossible! Never!

After breakfast, Sofia and Emily were going to school. When there were only two in the car, Sofia couldn't stand it anymore!

"You little bitch! How dare you sue me! How dare you! Do you think I can do nothing to you by doing this? You'd better pray that I don't have anything on you, or you'll be dead meat! "

Emily thought it was so funny! For the first time, she heard Sofia scold her in front of her. It seemed that she was pushed too far!

"Sofia, who needs to be careful? You even have the surname of the Family Feng. Others call you Miss Sofia for your sake. But who do you think you are? For the Family Feng, you are just a worm! For me, you and your mother are outsiders! For you, staying in the Family Feng means that you and your mother want to steal more benefits from Family Feng, right? You and your mother are the most shameless people in the world. "



Raising her chin, Emily gave Sofia a hard slap.

There was no one else here, so Emily didn't need to worry that she would be seen by others. In this way, she wouldn't have to be bullied by Sofia anymore.

Sofia covered her slapped face in surprise and fear and looked at Emily.

"Do you think I'm still the same as before? I warn you, if you dare to bully me again in the future, you should take care of yourself. At that time, I have ten thousand ways to make you unable to stay in the Family Feng! Besides, you'd better restrain yourself. If you dare to do anything bad in the future, I will let you know that how strong is the only daughter of the

Family Feng. "

"Ha ha! Emily, how scheming you are! Even I didn't notice that no one at home found you so scheming. Do you think you can threaten me? As long as I tell my father that you are such a scheming woman, I don't need to be worried! You want to fight with me? Humph! "

"What do you think? Will dad listen to you now? "

The two said, and the driver got on the car at this time. Sofia and Emily stopped talking consciously.

However, Emily didn't worry about being known by others, especially Jonson.

If Sofia, who had just been reprimanded in the morning, came to report to Jonson, she would only be considered to be angry and do so. The reason why she did this was that she was so angry. It was very simple!

However, the situation was different for Emily. As long as she acted in an aggrieved play, it was not a problem for her to solve the problem of Sofia.

"What's wrong with your face, Emily? Who hit you? "

"No one hit me. It has nothing to do with you."

As soon as Emily walked into the classroom, Michael noticed her face. He had been asking her what had happened to her face, but Emily refused to say a word.

"Why don't you answer my question? Did you get bullied? Is it from the school? "

"Your family? Friend? Or Ron? "

"How many times do I tell you so that you can understand that it has nothing to do with you? It's none of your business who hit my face. Don't follow me anymore!"

Michael said seriously, firmly blocking the way that Emily was about to go. "You said I couldn't follow you? Now my girlfriend is bullied. As her boyfriend, I can't pretend that I haven't seen anything. How could such a coward man be my style? "

"Michael, when did you become my boyfriend? Why didn't I know about it? "

"Well..." Michael thought it was interesting at the beginning. But she didn't expect him to say it so easily in front of Emily. "You have already met my parents with me. And we are in harmony. Of course we are boyfriend and girlfriend! If you don't like it, let's be ordinary friends first! "

"Get out of my way!"

Emily passed by Michael and went in another direction.

Michael couldn't ignore the scars on Emily's face. What was going on? It was obvious that someone hit her, but she said no. What was hidden in it and what kind of grievance she had suffered.

In the canteen at noon, Emily didn't bring lunch with her and went to the canteen for lunch every day. Every time, she didn't meet Sofia. Because every noon, Sofia would go out for lunch with her friends. Of course, she wouldn't meet her.

"Hey, isn't that my good sister? Why are you eating here? I thought I couldn't see you this noon! "

"Let me go."

Emily said coldly. She wanted to eat now and didn't want to play tricks with Sofia. Besides, Sofia's cultivation base was too low. She was no match for her at all.

"What's wrong? Didn't you look domineering this morning? Why are you so depressed now? 'Emily, you are so scheming. You have hidden yourself well for so many years. Well, don't you like to pretend to be a good girl? Then I'll let you pretend to be a good girl at one time! "

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