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   Chapter 23 The First Provocation

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"Aunt, you are watching these at my home? What do you mean? "

'She called me aunt?

At the thought of this, Olivia got furious. But she was not officially Mrs. Olivia, so she had to keep silent.

"Emily, what are you talking about? When you were very young, I had been in the Family Feng. I used to worry that you couldn't accept the fact that I was with your father, but now you are in college, it's time for your father and I to do it. "

Olivia raised her eyebrows and smiled proudly!

Without any expression on her face, Emily closed the album that Olivia was still looking at.

"Aunt, do you want to tell me that you are going to marry my father?"

Olivia looked at Emily unhappily, and the anger in her eyes seemed to burn to Emily!

"Emily, everyone knows it. Why do you sound like you know it just now?"

"Aunt, I'm not blaming you. I'm a junior. Even I know it. Why don't you know it? Why did my father marry you? In the past few years, didn't you pester my father and refuse to leave the Family Feng, so you take your daughter to live in our house? "

"You! How could you say that? When did I... "

"Aunt, everyone knows it. Why do you still deceive yourself? If I were you, I wouldn't have had a daydream now. You fantasized about marrying my father. I think it's better to keep it when you dream at night! "

"Emily, you can't be heartless! Your father and I have always been worried about your feelings, so we delayed it for so many years! How can you forget me? "

Emily said with a smile. "I really don't understand why you have such a daydream. You have served my father for so many years and you have got what you want. What you and your daughter eat, wear, use, live and drink are all given by the Family Feng. Now you want to marry my father and become the hostess of the Family Feng? Aunt, I have to say that your daydream is somewhat ridiculous! "

Olivia was so angry that her face turned red. All of a sudden, her hands were out of control.

Emily took the opportunity. When Olivia raised her hand, she had already noticed it. By the way, she also noticed the position of a glass vase beside her.


A round of applause fell on the face of Emily. Then Emily pushed the vase to the gr


The glass vase was broken on the floor, and Emily fell into the vase. Her arms was stuck in the glass, and the blood instantly dyed the floor red.

"What are you doing?"

Jonson roared at Olivia, and then helped Emily up.

"Emily, are you okay? You're injured. I'll take you to the hospital as soon as possible! "

"Dad, don't be angry. It has nothing to do with aunt. I didn't stand steadily. It's also because I don't know how to speak so that aunt is very angry! "

"All right, all right. I believe you are innocent. I'll ask someone to take you to the hospital. Let's go. The wound needs to be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be bad if the scar is left! "

"Well, Dad, as long as you are not angry. Please don't be angry with aunt. I believe that she didn't mean to... "

As Emily walked, she was still trying to put in a good word for Olivia, which made Olivia speechless.

"You bitch! How dare you set me up! Well, just wait and see. I'll teach you a lesson! I'd like to see what else you can do then! "


"Doctor, is she fine? How is my daughter's arm?"

"Well, it's okay! But don't touch water within seven days. You'd better not use too much strength to avoid tearing the wound. Come here every two days to change the medicine. I'll see how your wound is healing then. "

Emily nodded slightly. When the doctor was dealing with her wound, Emily shed tears because of the pain, but she refused to say a word or make a sound.

"Emily, it's dad's fault. I didn't take good care of you. If you feel pain, just tell me."

"Dad, I'm fine."

The wound on Emily was very deep, and many pieces of glass were embedded in her flesh. The doctor had to deal with the broken glass slowly. Jonson stood aside. As a man, he could even feel the pain just by looking at her. But Emily didn't say a word.

Fifteen minutes later, the wound was finally treated. The doctor continued to tell her something that needed to be paid attention to before Emily left the hospital.

Sitting in the car, Jonson took a look at Emily's wound from time to time.

"Emily, why did you quarrel with your aunt today? Although your aunt hit you, she won't hurt you so easily. Did you do anything wrong? "

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