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   Chapter 4 Meeting

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"Hey, this is my seat. Get out of the way!"

Emily looked around, but didn't find anyone. "Is this your seat?"

"Of course! Look up! "

After hearing that, Emily quickly stood up and looked up at him. A boy was wearing a simple and clean school uniform and a pair of shoes which were clean without any dust. His flaxen long hair was a little messy in the wind. His thick eyebrows were raised up a little rebelliously. Under his long and slightly curly eyelashes, there was a pair of clear eyes like the morning dew, a straight nose, a playful smile at the corners of his mouth, and fair skin, which seemed to be better than women.

"You're sitting on the top. What does it have to do with you that I'm sitting here?"

The man looked at Emily up and down. He had never seen this girl in school. It seemed to be a new comer. "Hello, are you a new student?"

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

"Of course it has something to do with me! If you are not a newcomer, how can you not know that this is my seat? "

Emily smiled disdainfully. This guy was really funny! Isn't there a normal person in this school?

"Since you said this seat is yours, I will give it back to you!"

"Wait! I don't think you are a student of our school. Maybe you come here to attract my attention! Hum I've seen too many women like you! Can't you change another way? This method will not work because I have seen it many times! "

Emily looked at the strange boy in front of her. Did he mean to desp

ise her by saying that?

"You are so pathetic. It turns out that the girls around you are all like this! Congratulations! I'm not the girl you mentioned! If there is nothing else, get out of my way! "

Michael Lv had never seen the coldness of Emily before. It was interesting to say something interesting!

"Well, since you said that you didn't come for me. Then you can leave now! "

After rolling her eyes at Michael, Emily turned around and left smartly. She was depressed today, and now she met a very strange guy! It really ruined her mood!

"What an interesting girl! No matter why you get close to me, I have never seen your way! Alas It seems that these girls have already thought of these methods. It seems that I will still have trouble in the future! "

The lively classroom always had endless topics, whether it was girls or boys, they were talking about their own content. Until today, when the head teacher came in with Emily, everyone changed the topic to Emily.

"Today I'll introduce a classmate to you. This is our classmate! She was Emily! Let's welcome Emily's back! "


"Don't you know she was the student who hasn't come here since she signed up! I heard that she didn't come here because of her poor health. Now she seems to have recovered! "

"Who knows! But I could see that it was another beautiful girl! We are so lucky! "

The head teacher shook her head when hearing what these students said. These people were not worth to be taught!

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