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   Chapter 2 Betrayal, Cruel Fact!

Conquer Billionaire After Rebirth By Yi Shi Characters: 4603

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"Emily, you're here." Sofia clasped her hands together as a smile wove into her lips. It was as if nothing had happened, as if she wasn't caught in the act. "Did you just arrive?"

Emily choked at the sound of her voice. Hot tears continuously streamed down her cheeks as she tried to process their words. "Did I just arrive?" She laughed bitterly.

"What do you think? I've heard everything! How dare you lie to me all these years? All I've done is treat you like my own sister, and you repay me by this? By stabbing me in the back?"

Hatred filled Emily's heart as she stomped up to the woman. Her hand trembled in rage as she raised it up, ready to slap her on the face. However, before she could, Ron held her back.

Tears sprouted from the corners of Emily's eyes as she gazed up at him bitterly. "You're stopping me?" she spat. "Do you remember what you've promised me when you proposed to me? You said that you'll love me, that you'll care for me the rest of your life! Is this how you care for me? Well?"

Ron snorted in disgust. His eyes danced with unspeakable emotions as he held her close to him. "Well, now that you've heard everything, then there's no reason for me to act anymore!" he snarled. "Listen to me very closely–I don't like you. I never did. If not because you are the designated successor of the Feng Group, do you think I'll give two shits? The only reason I'm with you now is because of your money. Otherwise, do you think I'm that stupid to get engaged to you? Of all people?"

"Money?" Emily laughed and clapped her hands as if she had just heard a good joke. She had been ecstatic a few minutes ago, and now it was like she had watched her entire world fall apart in one snap. "So you're saying after all these years, you've only ever been with me for money? You never loved me?"

Emily tried her best to blink the tears away as she got a hold of herself. Her heart raced in her chest as all those emotions knocked her over like a tidal wave. How could they do this to her? How dare they?

He removed his grip from her wrist as a smug smile slipped into his lips. His eyes glinted with mockery, and she could feel her heart being quenched at the sight. "Yes! You're right. I don't love you at all. In fact, you even sicken me. For the last ten years, noth

ing I've said was true! Do you understand now?"

"Yes, I– Ah!"

All of a sudden, Emily collapsed onto the deck as she felt a sharp pain coursing through her skull. Her hand ran through her hair, feeling the slimy red substance beading down her fingertips. Her vision blurred around her as she struggled to help herself up. "Sofia!

You..." Everything stopped before her.

The vase in Sofia's hand was broken, and blood stained the shards poking out. However, even at the ominous sight, there was no trace of fear in her eyes. Sofia placed her lips together firmly.

"I have no other choice," she protested. "This is the only way we could hide this without her threatening to expose us! We've already endured this for ten years! I'm not going to give up that easily."

Emily's body dropped a few temperatures as she shivered from the impact. The bloody substance dribbled down her chin, painting the deck dark red. In the darkness, she could feel someone's breath fanning against her earlobe.

"Emily, please don't blame me," a familiar voice whispered. "I've worked hard in the Feng Group for so many years. I can't just let that go to you."

"Jonson, it's not your fault." A haughty voice sounded from not that far away. It was her stepmother. "After all, she's not even your biological daughter. Now that she's dead, you'll have full hold of the Feng Group. Isn't that better?"

Sofia snorted obnoxiously. "That's right. Now, I'll be the only daughter in the family."

"Sofia!" Ron held her hands, shooting the woman on the ground a disgusted look. "We don't have to keep our relationship a secret anymore! Now that the bitch is dead, we can be together."

That was the last thing Emily had heard as she slipped into the darkness. Her father, her stepmother, her sister, her fiance. They were the ones she had loved the most her entire life. And now, all of them had betrayed her for their own selfish gains.

'I can't die! I can't die!'

Her spirit struggled inside of her, desperately trying to keep herself from floating into the abyss. There was no way in hell she was going to die like this! Not when they were the ones who held the upper hand. 'I can't die!' If there was a way for her to go back in time, she was going to make sure to make their lives a living hell.

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