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   Chapter 68 Ex Girlfriend

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Ada tossed and turned in the tent and couldn't fall asleep. Perhaps it was because of her heart, or perhaps it was because that she couldn't fall asleep when Nicole was not here, and it was the same at the moment.

Boringly counting the number, she stared at the phone, expecting something. When the screen of the phone flashed, she answered it subconsciously before it rang.

"Hello, Ada. What are you doing?" It was Cora. Her voice sounded tentative.

"well, I'm sleeping," answered Ada in a low voice

Ada thought she could stall her off, but Cora suddenly said, "Oh, nothing. I have something to talk to my son-in-law."

Ada muttered in her heart, but she refused, "Mom, Nicole has something to deal with. If you have anything to tell me, just tell me. Am I your child or he is your child?"

Speaking of the last few words, Ada's tone became hard. She felt that she was right and began to force Cora.

"Ada, cut the crap!" Who was Cora? She shouted at the phone, and Ada immediately took the phone three feet away and tried to pick up her ear.

"Mom, can you be gentle? I don't know why my dad likes you." Ada felt energetic when she quarreled with Cora.

"Little bastard, don't talk nonsense. Go and call my son-in-law here and let him listen to the phone." At this moment, Ada realized that Cora had made up her mind to not let her go.

Ada frowned and couldn't continue. She muttered in a low voice, "he's not here. He didn't come with me."

At the other end of the phone, Cora snorted, "did the two people quarrel?"

Ada groaned and didn't speak.

However, Cora began to nag, "I know what you are thinking about. You think you still be at mom's home! You always lose your temper like a child. "

Ada felt a headache because of her words. She pouted and complained, "Mom, can you stop talking about me? Why don't you ask Nicole what he has done? "

Cora sneered, "Don't think that I know nothing. My son-in-law has told me everything. He just hugged his ex girlfriend? What's the matter? "

Ada almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She asked weakly, "Mom, what will you do if my dad hugs his ex girlfriend?"

"How could your father have an ex girlfriend?" Cora couldn't help but speak out with disdain.

Cora was so mean that Ada felt sorry for her father Holbrook in her heart.

She didn't give up and asked, "what if there is!"

"Did he tell you?" Cora said, "Are the two still in touch? How old is your father's ex girlfriend? Is she beautiful? "

Ada was helpless, "Mom, if... I mean if dad has an ex girlfriend and hugs her, what will you do?"

At the other end of the phone, Cora said fiercely, "I'll break his legs!"

Ada couldn't help shivering, but she was not satisfied. "Then why can't I be angry when Nicole hugs his ex girlfriend?"

If Ada hadn't seen Cora, Cora would have rolled her eyes at her and said, "are you stupid? Can your father and my son-in-law be the same? "

Ouch, what an interesting sentence! Ada could

he kiss and was almost eaten by him.

Nicole lowered his head and looked at Ada. Her eyes narrowed, her lips red and swollen, and her feet were soft. She lost her balance and collapsed into his arms. She couldn't help laughing.

This tame little wild cat was finally obedient! He couldn't help licking her lips again. The soft touch like cotton candy really made him want more.

But now there was something more important, and he had to explain it clearly to Ada. Otherwise, he would also feel terrible when she was at odds.

Unwilling to leave her soft lips, Nicole stared at Ada and said, "Ada, let me tell you, Selina and I are in the past!"

Ada was dizzy by the kiss and didn't react for a moment. She stared at him with her confused eyes.

Nicole continued, "Mr. Richard said that you were not angry with me. You just saw that Selina was so excellent and heard that our past was so sweet, so you feel inferior. You are afraid that you can't compare with Selina, and that our relationship can't compare with the past of Selina and I Ada, right? "

Ada's words hit the nail on the head. She looked at Nicole with tears in her eyes, and said, "Richard is so unreasonable. He betrayed me for so long. I even told him everything..."

Seeing that she was unhappy and wronged, Nicole frowned and took her in his arms. He patted her on the shoulder and coaxed, "good girl, don't cry. Look at you. You are crying so hard that my heart is almost broken."

Ada wiped her tears on his body, simply held him and began to act like a spoiled child. "Uncle, you're right. I'm really scared. I'm very uneasy. You've never said you like me, and I don't know why you married me..."

Ada thought to herself, 'I'm going to force Nicole to say that he likes me.'.

Nicole's body suddenly stiffened. Why did he marry Ada? In fact, at the beginning, did he really want to finish his parents' wish that he just wanted to find a woman, get married and have children, and complete the task?

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