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   Chapter 67 I Just Feel Self Based

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When Ada was tired, he stopped and cried while walking. She trembled with anger at the thought of Selina's complacent expression.

Did Nicole behave like Selina in front of so many people just to tell her to be sensible and stop pestering him?

Nicole, if you beg me to go back this time, I won't go back either!

Unconsciously, she returned to the first rescue base. From afar, she saw Richard holding an iron basin, eating noodles, and commanding the little nurse on the side.

"Why are you so stupid? Pick it up with tweezers. Ouch, be careful. Disinfect it. Well, wrap it up... " Richard sighed and muttered discontentedly, "it's true. they are almost as good as Ada."

When Ada was crying, she suddenly heard what Richard said and felt terrible. How could Richard hit her when she was down! She curled her lips and said unhappily, "Richard."

Seeing her crying like a kitten, Richard couldn't help laughing and said, "Oh, Ada, why are you crying like this? It seems that tears don't need money."

Ada pouted and said, "it doesn't need money."

"What's wrong? Did the young couple quarrel?" Richard put on a serious look and said, "Ada, there are so many people injured now. We can't lose our temper because of something unimportant."

Ada pouted and stared at him unhappily, full of grievance, "Richard, why do you say that to me? Am I making trouble out of nothing when I quarrel with Nicole?"

Richard was stunned by her words. 'did she take gunpowder?

However, Richard was the director of C city. He would feel ashamed if he was scolded by the little girl in front of him? he coughed awkwardly.

everyone looked at Ada and she found that she had a fight with Nicole. she even lost her temper at Richard, which embarrassed him. Later, Richard refused to take her in. Wouldn't she be homeless?

So she immediately softened her voice and moved closer to Richard, pretending to be pitiful with him. "Richard, I haven't had breakfast for a long time..."

Richard snorted and left with his hands clasped behind his back.

Ada was stunned and didn't know what to do. 'Now Nicole doesn't want me, and Richard is angry with me.'

Thinking that she'd better not be annoying, Ada lowered her head and was about to leave when Richard came out with a bowl of noodles in his hands.

he shouted at Ada, "little girl, where are you going! I've brought you the noodles... "

Ada looked back at him, tears welling up and falling down.

After eating up the noodles with the iron basin, Ada sniffed with satisfaction.

Richard, who was squatting next to her, glanced at her and asked, "what's wrong? Tell me, did you really have a fight?"

"Not really." Ada answered him in a lower and lower voice, "Nicole's ex girlfriend is back."

"Wow, that's crazy!" Richard sighed, "nowadays, even a mistress can't compare to an ex girlfriend. Your husband is a kind person."

Ada frowned and said to Richard with an aggrieved face, "see? Even you th

at Nicole would marry Selina, and the two of them had reached the point of talking about marriage... " Ada couldn't help but imagine, 'if it weren't for me, would they solve the misunderstanding?'? Make up? And then get married? "

Seeing the awkward character of Ada, Richard was not in a hurry to persuade her. This girl was so stubborn that she couldn't just persuade her. Richard snuffed out the cigarette in his hand, smiled at her and said deliberately, "then you'd better fulfill his wish. After all, they have been playing since they were children. Their relationship has been deeper than yours for more than ten years."

Sure enough, Ada couldn't stand the stimulation and stood up in a flash. Dissatisfied, she retorted, "who said that? I knew Nicole at the kindergarten. We had Taekwondo lessons together. He helped me teach a fat boy who bullied me a lesson and said that he would protect me. He is my brother Eden. He is my childhood sweetheart. The two of us grew up together. "

"That's good." Richard looked at her happily. "In fact, you are quite confident in saying that."

"What's the use of confidence?" Ada pouted and sighed melancholy.

"I heard you babbling for so long." Richard patted his clothes and stood up. He pointed out the key point and summarized, "you just think that his ex girlfriend is excellent in every aspect and is better than you. You feel inferior."

Richard was a reasonable man and he could see things through. Ada couldn't help but ask him for advice, "what should I do?"

"It's all Nicole's fault. It's all because of his unstable attitude."

Ada thought what Richard said was right.

Seeing that she nodded her head at one point one like a chick pecking rice, Richard couldn't help but send her away. "Go to sleep. I've been busy all day, so I won't chat with you anymore. Tomorrow, I'll help you teach him a good lesson."

Richard waved his hand and left. Ada thought, 'How do you know he would come tomorrow?'

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