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   Chapter 66 We Are Over

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With her eyes wide open, Selina tossed and turned in the tent the whole night. It was not because the tent was so simple that she felt uncomfortable all over and couldn't fall asleep. It was because when she just came back, she happened to see Nicole come out of the tent and squeeze into Dr. Fang's tent.

At that time, Selina looked puzzled, but now she was lying on the bed and recalling it carefully, she could not help but feel happy in her heart.

After all, Nicole still had feelings for her! Otherwise, he wouldn't have quarreled with Ada for her and even changed his tent to avoid Ada.

Sure enough, when she came back, how could Nicole not have a feeling that Ada was just a means for Nicole to revenge on her.

Ada was really nothing.

Selina thought for the whole night and woke up early on the second day. She stayed outside Nicole's tent and wanted to wait for him to have breakfast together. At this moment, she should be more active!

However, as soon as the zipper was zipped, Selina looked at a smiling face, only to find that Ada's hair was in a mess and She crawled out yawning.

Selina's face darkened. Yesterday, she saw Nicole enter the tent with her own eyes. She specially asked a person to make sure that it was Dr. Fang's tent. There was no mistake.

Selina didn't give up. She looked around and found neither Dr. Fang nor Nicole.

Although she felt strange, she controlled her temper and asked, "Ada, why are you here?"

Ada turned her head and came to her senses. She asked deliberately, "who else am I? Why did you come to see me in the early morning? "

After saying that, she looked at her innocently.

Ada was a rogue, and ordinary people couldn't subdue her.

What's more, Selina was a gentle woman. Her face darkened. She didn't waste time on arguing with her and asked directly, "where is Nicole? Didn't he live with Dr. Fang yesterday? "

Ada thought she knew a lot. 'But you don't know what happened later.'

she rolled his eyes at her and said, "don't call Nicole frequently. It's none of your business where he is."

Selina gritted her teeth and said, "Ada! Don't go too far. After all, I and Nicole are... "

As she spoke, her face changed and she couldn't continue.

"What do you mean?" Ada said on purpose, "Classmate? Friends? Why didn't he mention your name in front of me? "

"Why did he mention me to you?" Selina was so angry that she gritted her teeth and glared at her.

"Because I'm his wife." Pretending to be innocent, Ada shrugged and said, "for example, Henry and Ralph, he introduce them to me."

Selina's face darkened when she heard the word "Ralph".

"Ouch, my waist!" A sudden scream in the distance attracted the attention of the two.

Ada and Selina looked straight into the distance and saw Dr. Fang coming out of the tent, stretching himself.

When he saw the two people looking at him, he greeted them cheerfully, "Wow,

tried to deceive herself again, she suddenly realized when she saw the dazzling smile on Selina's face. She looked around and found that everyone looked at her with different expressions. Dr. Fang wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Nicole's apology and Selina's complacency seemed to remind her of her sadness.

"Nicole, you bastard!" All of a sudden, Ada gritted her teeth and turned around to run away.

Ada ran out regardless of anything. There was only one thought in her mind: God, please let her legs grow long, so that she can escape here as soon as possible, and escape from everything related to Nicole and Selina. She will never compromise this time.

When Nicole was about to rush out of the room, he had already stepped forward, but his hand was held tightly by Selina, she was not willing to let go for a moment.

Seeing that he turned around and stared at her, Selina softened her voice and begged him, "Nicole, it was my fault. I've already regretted it. I've come here to look for you. Can't you forgive me?"

Seeing that Selina was about to cry, Nicole's heart trembled. When she was angry and quarreled, she would always be against him with her mouth stiffly, unlike Ada who would cry, quarrel and even fight with him, which made him helpless.

It turned out that Selina would cry, surrender, abandon her dignity and pride, and desperately beg him.

Enduring all the feeling, Nicole said helplessly, "Selina, do you really regret it? You know nothing. "

Seeing him like this, Selina was even more afraid. She sobbed and said in a low voice, "then tell me, what do you care about? Can't we untie the knot in our hearts? Nicole. Can't you give me a chance to repent? "

"It's useless." Nicole glanced at her indifferently, and finally loosened her shackles with his hands, without hesitation and pity.

Selina looked at her empty hand sadly and said, "it's all over, Selina. We're all over."

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