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   Chapter 65 A Quarrel Between The Couple

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Seeing her like this, Dr. Fang seemed to understand, "I know." He approached her and whispered, "Did you two quarrel?"

Ada curled her lips and said nothing.

He said to himself, "No wonder Dr. Nicholas wanted to share a tent with me all of a sudden."

Ada was not pleased at all. Damn it, Nicholas, he began to dislike her before she agreed to share a tent with him.

With a long face, Ada was not in the mood to continue the conversation with Dr. Fang.

Damn it! Said Ada to herself. She turned around and was about to get into the tent.

But Dr. Fang suddenly grabbed her arm and refused to let her go.

Ada turned around and glared at him.

However, Dr. Fang was not afraid of her glance. He just smiled cheekily.

He patted her on the shoulder and said earnestly, "Why do you two quarrel and separate? Anyway, you can't kick Dr. Nicholas out of the tent, right?"

Ada gritted her teeth with a dark face, "Who wants to drive him away? He has two legs and he left by himself. What can I do?"

Seeing that she was angry, Dr. Fang didn't care about it. He said with a cheeky smile, "But Dr. Nicholas said that you didn't forgive him and was angry with him. He didn't want to annoy you, so he came to my tent."

With a snort, Ada said, "He even complained first."

Dr. Fang smiled awkwardly. This little girl was too difficult to persuade. He corrected her, "Dr. Nicholas knew he was wrong, but he was afraid that you would be angry at him, so he took the initiative to move out. You are a broad-minded girl. Just forgive him. It's not good for a couple to be on such bad terms. Not good!"

Dr. Fang shook his head.

However, Ada felt puzzled. Why did Dr. Fang suddenly change his attitude? When he looked at Nicholas and her, he was jealous and didn't speak properly. Every time he was crushed by Nicholas with a few words. He had no choice but to find fault with her. He picked on her and said sarcastic words to balance himself.

The changed Dr. Fang made Ada feel terrified. Dr. Fang looked at her terrified face and felt helpless. He wished he could slap himself. He always said something bad, and now she didn't believe him.

Was he really going to stay outside the tent until dawn in the cold wind?

Of course, Ada didn't know what kind of pain Dr. Fang had just experienced. That was why he had such a great change in his attitude.

In fact, Dr. Fang was not a bad man. He just had a bad mouth. But it was also because Nicholas and Ada showed their love in front of him every day. Dr. Fang had to talk to his wife on the phone every day to relieve the bitterness of lovesickness.

After today's work was over, Dr. Fang returned to his tent, lay down, and took out his mobile phone to video chat.

He chatted sweetly with his wife.

When Dr. Fang was about to kiss his wife on the phone, with a darke

ith him. Would Nicholas think that she was too easy to compromise?

'No, I can't. I will suffer losses if I quarrel with him in the future.'

Ada looked up at Dr. Fang for help. Dr. Fang was smiling at her. When he saw Ada looking at him, he suddenly jumped into the tent, as flexible as a loach.

He even tightened the zipper tightly.

Under this circumstance, Ada heaved a sigh of relief and thought, 'Who is afraid of whom? Can Nicholas eat me?'

She stamped her feet and made up her mind. She unzipped it and went inside.

Perhaps she made too much noise, when she looked up, she saw Nicholas sitting up and looking at her.

Ada was crawling on the ground. She didn't know whether she should go in or out.

The two looked at each other, feeling embarrassed.

Ada stared at him, but didn't say anything. The two of them stared at each other for a while.

Nicholas certainly couldn't win her. After a while, he pursed his lips and said, "Why are you here?"

Ada curled her lips and rolled her eyes, pretending not to care, "Dr. Fang wanted to take my tent. I had no choice but to come."

Nicholas stared at her and didn't speak.

Being stared at by him, Ada felt a little guilty and said, "Don't look at me like that, Mr. Nicholas. We two haven't made up yet. Don't think that I came here for you..."

Ada was still nagging at him. Nicholas closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

Ada pretended to hit him with her little fist. Coincidentally, Nicholas opened his eyes and stared at her silently.

Ada raised her fist in the air and smiled awkwardly.

Nicholas didn't say anything but turned over with his arms crossed.

Ada resentfully withdrew her fist and climbed over, deliberately turning her back to him. She pulled the quilt over her head and whispered, "Nicholas, you bastard. Nicholas, you bastard!"

Nicholas's back stiffened, but he didn't speak.

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