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   Chapter 64 It Was Just An Accident

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Hearing Selina's words, Ralph felt very uncomfortable. He held the phone and kept silent for a long time.

Seeing that he didn't open his mouth, Selina gritted her teeth and sneered, "But Nicholas hates me just because of this? Ralph, do you know that he is angry with me and doesn't want to talk to me just because of this?

When I arrived in America, I had no one to rely on. I called him, but the first thing he said was to break up with me. I begged him in tears, but he turned off his phone and didn't answer my calls. Ralph, isn't he too selfish? How could he quarrel with me just because of this? Is our relationship so vulnerable? Or he doesn't love me at all..."

Hearing Selina's capricious words, Ralph could almost guess that she had already known the marriage of Nicholas and Ada, and known of Ada's existence. Otherwise, she wouldn't have made such a fuss all of a sudden and even made trouble out of nothing.

Ralph knew that Selina had a reason to make trouble out of nothing. This reason, he could only think of Ada.

So he thought for a while and asked hesitantly, "Have you known about Nicholas's marriage?"

Sure enough, Selina responded quickly. She gritted her teeth and said, "Yes, Nicholas is married. He is married! Ralph, what's good about Ada? Why can't I compete with her? ..."

In Ralph's heart, no one could compare with Selina, let alone Ada.

As Selina spoke, she began to cry again. "What's so good about Ada? Nicholas abandoned me for her..."

Her cry was not loud, but was suppressed, making her more aggrieved and stubborn. She was such an arrogant person.

Ralph's heart ached when he heard this. He couldn't help coaxing her in a soft voice, "Selina, don't cry. I don't feel good to hear you cry. I have always known Nicholas's feelings for you."

Selina said unhappily, "Then why did he marry Ada? He said that he would only have my name on his household register."

Ralph didn't know what had happened. He even asked Nicholas why things had changed.

"Ralph, tell me, why did this happen? I know. Nicholas is revenging on me. He hates me..."

Selina was on the edge of collapse, as if she had lost all her senses.

Was she still Selina? In Ralph's memory, Selina was always stubborn, persistent, arrogant, but full of confidence. Was she still the most confident Selina?

Seeing her like this, Ralph felt a little sad. If it were him, he would never allow this beautiful girl to suffer any grievance, let alone cry hysterically like now.

But what Selina saw was always Nicholas. Every time they walked, Ralph followed them, looking at Selina blankly, lost in thought.

But Selina didn't look back at all. She was talking and laughing with Nicholas and had never found him in such a low spirit.

Selina said that he was her knight and her best friend. What he protected was no

that scene, Ada shivered. The scene was too weird. She couldn't imagine.

At the thought that she was going to be outside, Ada felt aggrieved. Why? Why should she stay outside in the cold wind? It was obvious that Nicholas had done something wrong.

Why would she feel embarrassed and hide from him?

She thought so, but she didn't have the courage to do it. Ada squatted outside the tent, discussing with the person inside.

"Although we have a fight, we still need to sleep. I don't mean anything else. I just feel sleepy and have no place to sleep.

Nicholas, I didn't come here to forgive you. You know, Selina is the only girl here, I would have slept with her if I don't sleep with you. Think about it. It's so embarrassing for us two to be together."

Seeing that there was no response from inside, Ada continued, "In fact, you don't have to worry about it. Anyway, after I come in, we sleep separately without interfering with each other. What do you think?

I'll take it as a yes if you don't say anything. It's cold outside, so I come in..."

With a big "cross" drawn on the ground, Ada stood up and looked hesitant.

"Ada, why are you standing outside?" A doctor passing by couldn't help asking curiously when he saw that Ada closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, as if she was going to die.

Ada didn't expect to meet him. It was Dr. Fang who liked to gossip about her and Nicholas most. She was a little embarrassed by his question and answered in a low voice, "I'm chatting with Nicholas."

Dr. Fang looked back at his tent strangely, and then looked back at her in astonishment. "Dr. Nicholas? Isn't Dr. Nicholas sleeping in my tent?"

Startled, Ada stepped forward and unzipped the tent. There was no one in the tent. With her hands clenched, Ada's little face turned red immediately. Feeling embarrassed, she turned around and smiled awkwardly at Dr. Fang.

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