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   Chapter 29 A Small Test

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Then she looked at Nicholas, who was very patient all the time. He didn't feel dissatisfied when she delayed his work.

He was indeed a good teacher. Ada gave Nicholas a thumbs up in her heart and invited him to lunch.

"Okay, but not now. There is a test in the afternoon. You need to prepare well. Although it's just a small test, you can't be careless."

Although she had been almost ready, Nicholas was still worried about Ada's carelessness. If she did something wrong because of her carelessness, he would suffer inhumane torture in the next few days.

"Well, then I'll treat you a big meal after the test. Before that, I'm sorry that you have to be nervous with me."

With the notes in her hands, Ada walked out of the room, expressing her apology and gratitude to Nicholas.


Nicholas walked with her to the canteen.

The test in the afternoon came soon. Ada, who had been well prepared, had calmed down. But when she arrived at the meeting room, she couldn't help twitching the corners of her mouth. Miss Zheng was still so serious.

Ada had a small problem, that was, no matter how well prepared she was before the examination, she would be extremely nervous as soon as she arrived at the examination room. And it seemed to be the same today.

Victor was sitting not far behind Ada. Different from her nervousness, he looked relaxed all the time. Anyway, he was forced to come here. It was good that he couldn't pass the test and graduate. Otherwise, if he made any mistakes in the future, he would regret it.

"Ada, Ada..."

Lucy stood in front of them and said some dos and don'ts. Ada was holding the cup tightly. Hearing Victor's call, she turned her head back with difficulty. The bitter smile on her face made Victor laugh out loud.

"What are you doing?" It was obvious that Victor was laughing at her nervousness. Ada replied in a low voice, and her nervousness was alleviated a little because of his laughter.

"Are you afraid?"

Victor's voice was still roguish. When he said this, he deliberately raised his voice, directly shifting the attention of the other interns to Ada.

"You are afraid." Ada replied sourly, turned around and said nothing.

Although Ada was laughed at by Victor, her nervousness had almost disappeared after she said a few words to him. When the examination paper was handed to her, she was already at ease.

For the first time in Ada's life, she didn't think exams were so terrible. Perhaps it was because she had been well prepared, she could easily solve the problems.

It was a small test, so there was no strict discipline. As long as the interns finished, they could hand in the examination paper and leave.

Adrian sat in the front row and left in less than twenty minutes. Before he left, he took a look at the direction of Ada. Seeing that she was doing the problems seriously, he guessed that she must not be affected by what happened in the morning, so he was relieved.

After Adrian left, several interns left one after another. They were the best students in every school. This test was nothing to them.

Tracy was sitting not far behind Ada. When she handed in the paper, she had to pass by her. The two of them would inevitably bump into each other, but Ada kept her head down and didn't notice someone coming behind her.

Ada put the cup on the upper left corner of the table, which was a habit she had developed for a long time. It would not affect her writing, nor would it affect others to walk.

However, Tracy bumped into her cup, and the cup which was not covered properly fell on Ada's examination paper. The examination paper was destroyed in an instant.

"Tracy, what's wrong with you?"

Ada quickly picked up the examination paper and wiped the water off it, and then looked up to see who the culprit was.

Tracy's annoying face came into view again. Ada shouted angrily and forgot that she was in the examination room.

"Sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I was too absorbed in checking the examination paper and didn't look at the road. I'm sorry..."

"Tracy, I have no grudge against you. Why can't you let me go?"

The fake apology would only make Ada angrier. She continued to wipe the examination paper. Seeing that the words were blurred, she were about to explode with anger.

"Ada, this is the examination room. Please pay attention to the discipline." Tracy's words were interrupted by Lucy. She quickly walked a few steps to the front of the two people, reached out and took the examination paper from Tracy, indicating her to take a few steps back, and she stood in the position where she had just stood, looking down at Ada.

When Tracy came over, she was indeed reading the examination paper. Lucy, who w

as invigilating the examination in the front of the room, saw it clearly. So Ada's accusation was completely unreasonable in her eyes.

Ada stopped wiping the examination paper and looked up at Lucy and then at Tracy behind her. As expected, she saw complacency in Tracy's eyes.

"Miss Zheng, Tracy wet my examination paper."

Ada straightened up, looked at Lucy and said word by word in a neither humble nor pushy tone with anger.

"Miss, I didn't mean to do that."

Lucy couldn't see Tracy's face, so as soon as she heard her aggrieved voice, she felt that she didn't do anything wrong. At least in her opinion, she accidentally knocked over the cup and apologized in time, so she couldn't be blamed.

But no matter how innocent her tone was, Tracy was very proud. She deliberately smiled at Ada silently and spread out her hands, as if she could do anything to her.

"Miss Zheng, I'm sitting here and can testify for Ada. Tracy, she did it on purpose."

The rest of the interns didn't want to get involved in this kind of thing, so during the confrontation between Ada and Lucy, they stood up one after another, put the examination paper in the front and left the meeting room directly.

In the blink of an eye, there were only four people left in the meeting room. Victor put his examination paper in Lucy's hand with a lovely expression and respectful action. However, his tone sounded very uncomfortable.

"Why should I believe you?" Lucy had never been nice to Victor. She knew that he had a good relationship with Ada, and she knew that he would definitely speak for her, so his words were not credible at all.

"Then why do you believe in Tracy? The road over there is so wide. Even if you two stand there together, you don't feel crowded. Why did she bump into the cup and wet Ada's examination paper? Do you think it is a coincidence?"

Victor didn't care about Lucy's indifference. What he wanted was only a reasonable explanation for Ada.

"As I said, I was looking down at the examination paper and didn't see the road clearly..."

Tracy explained in a hurry. Her voice was a little flustered. Victor's voice was so loud that there was even a faint echo in the empty meeting room, which made her feel very guilty. She always felt that she was to be seen through by that person's eyes. All the secrets could not be hidden under his gaze.

"I saw you get up and take a look at the road ahead. If you walk straight, there will be no problem. Moreover, aren't you afraid of falling down when checking the examination paper while walking?"

Victor was very straightforward. After all, he couldn't tolerate other people's schemes, and it was obvious that Tracy did it on purpose.

"Ada, I apologize to you. I can help you redo the examination paper, but in this case, your result will definitely be unreal, and it will be unfair to other interns. You..."

Lucy frowned, and apparently she had believed what Victor said. Thinking that she couldn't win Victor, Tracy said to Ada in a hurry.

She was apologizing and thinking about Ada, but in fact, she was mocking her for her poor performance. She was really scheming.

Lucy was thinking about how to deal with it. Hearing what Tracy said, she agreed in a hurry, "Ada, I think Tracy's method is feasible. Why don't you ask her to help you with this examination paper? I will count the score into your internship score."



Victor and Ada spoke at the same time, and even the disgust on their faces was so obvious.


Lucy asked with a headache. She had guided so many interns, but she had never seen such interns as them.

"I can do my own examination paper and I can do as well as Tracy does. But Miss, I just hope that you can find out the truth. It's a big mistake to disturb the order of the examination. I don't want to take the responsibility."

After saying that, Ada didn't insist anymore. She just threw the irreparable examination paper into the trash can and got another examination paper to do.

The meeting room fell silent in an instant. Only the sound of Ada's writing on the examination paper was clear but harsh.

Today, Ada was totally different from her who was nervous when she had an exam. She clearly felt that Tracy and Lucy looked down upon her. She wanted them to see if she was qualified to be a doctor.

Sitting on the chair next to Ada, Victor looked at Lucy and Tracy from time to time. They must be very embarrassed at this time. After all, Ada did the problems so well.

It was not until Ada put down the pen and handed the examination paper to Lucy that Tracy's expression turned a little better. She was sure that Ada was just pretending, so she poked her head out to see what she had written.

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