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   Chapter 24 We Can't Be Friends

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The smile on Tracy's face was still the same, as if she didn't notice Ada's embarrassment at all. Or maybe this was the result she wanted.

"Tracy, what do you mean?" By now, if Ada still didn't think she did it on purpose, she would have slapped herself hard to wake herself up. She said angrily, but she couldn't stand up because of her clothes.

Victor was the first to react. He took off his coat and put it on Ada, helping her up.

"Tracy, apologize."

"Sorry, I... I didn't mean to do that. I just wanted to have a drink with Ada, but she didn't hold the glass steadily..." Tracy didn't insist. Seeing that the expression on Victor's face was not good, she apologized directly, "Ah, no, it should be that I didn't hold my glass tightly. I'm really sorry."

It was not an apology, but a smug one. Putting on Victor's coat, Ada straightened up and met Tracy's eyes fiercely. She raised her hand and picked up Victor's glass, filled it with water, and held it in her hand.

"Tracy, we are friends. Since you have apologized, I won't blame you, but..."

With these words, Ada took a look at Tracy and burst into laughter, "But if I do something wrong, you won't blame me, will you?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she splashed the water in the glass on Tracy.

"Ah, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I just wanted to give you a glass of water, but you didn't catch it."

The more exaggerated apology came out with the sound of the glass falling on the ground. Ada was apologizing, but her expression did not change at all. Instead, she looked at Tracy complacently.

"Ada, you..." Tracy quickly bent down and pointed at Ada with her finger, with some water drops. But before she finished her words, she turned to Adrian and said, "Adrian, how can I go out later?"

Adrian didn't say anything. He just took off his coat with a cold face and covered it on her, without saying a word.

"I'm sorry. I'm full. Take your time, Tracy. I have enough left over for you to eat." Now that her goal was achieved, there was no need for Ada to stay here any longer. She stood up and strode out of the door.

At this time, there was no one in the canteen. Seeing that the somewhat arrogant back was farther and farther away from her, Tracy clenched her fists angrily. If possible, she really wanted to rush up and pinch the body in half to see how complacent she was.

"Tracy, you've gone too far today..." It was not until Ada walked out of the door that the silent Adrian opened his mouth slowly. He withdrew his eyes from the door and looked at Tracy's angry red eyes with a serious expression.

"Adrian, how could you say that to me? It's me who was bullied. As you can see, Ada poured a glass of water on me directly. It's still hot..." Because Tracy liked Adrian, when she talked to him, she always unconsciously softened her tone. Now because she was wronged, her soft tone was even more charming.

But Adrian didn't care about it. He even hated Tracy's hypocritical expression.

"The glass of water you poured on Ada's body was hot, and the water she poured on you was shaken in her hand for a long time, not hot at all."

When the water poured on Ada, Adrian didn't realize it. It was not until Victor helped Ada put on his clothes that he noticed her red skin, which was a mark burned by hot water. It was not serious and would be eliminated soon.

Adrian had no right to blame Tracy, so there was no need to protect her. But before Ada poured the water, he paid special attention to it. He also knew that Ada didn't mean to hurt Tracy, so he didn't stop her, but let water fall on Tracy.

If she made a mistake, she must be punished. Adrian hoped that from now on, Tracy could learn her lesson and stop being arrogant.

"But Adrian, even if it's my fault, Ada is not innocent. What you need to do is to comfort me, not speak for her." Adrian found out the truth and Tracy couldn't say anything more. But even so, she was still not reconciled. She got the same result as Ada, and she deserved the same treatment as her.

"Tracy, you have to admit your fault. I don't want you to be an indiscriminate person. In that case, we can't even be friends." Adrian hated unreasonable people since he was a child, not to mention that Tracy had hurt the person he cared about very much.

"But Adrian..."

"I don't want to hear your explanation. What happened today is your fault. If you apologize to her, she will forgive you."

After saying that, Adrian looked up and met Tracy's eyes. He had thought that she would agree. But to his surprise, there was no guilt in her eyes. Instead, her face was full of disbelief.

"You w

ant me to apologize? Why? I was also splashed by her. Why do you only want me to apologize?"

Tracy pointed at the wet part of Adrian's coat. Her voice was trembling and angry, but there was no guilt.

Adrian didn't say anything more. Disappointment appeared in his eyes. He stayed there for a while and made sure that Tracy didn't want to make an apology. Then he stood up directly.

Looking down at Tracy, who was still looking at him with unwillingness, Adrian looked away and looked at the door. "I don't want the coat. You keep it. Let's not see each other again."

After saying that, Adrian left directly, leaving no chance for Tracy to speak, only leaving her a resolute back.

Tracy wanted to catch the man who left her, but she didn't move. The man's eyes were too hurtful when he left just now. She was afraid of being tortured again.

The canteen was quiet in an instant. Tracy slowly laughed out, full of despair and desolation.

The words Adrian said when he left were still ringing in her ears, and the triumphant figure of Ada when she left appeared in front of her. She bit her lip and stood up.

The wet place had become cold. The coat left on her by Adrian was not as warm as before, only the faint soap fragrance was left at the tip of her nose.

"Ada, let's wait and see."

The sun was shining outside, but the inside was dark. Tracy raised her head and forced the tears back to her eyes, forcing a smile on her face.

She was staggering, but Tracy just smiled and walked out step by step. And after meeting with Ada this time, she would definitely not give her a chance to resist like today.

When Victor sent Ada to her office, Nicholas was sitting there and looking through the medical records. When he saw that she walked in in a man's coat, his face darkened in an instant.

"Ada, it's time for work. Where are you going?" Seeing that Ada didn't say a word and picked up her bag and was about to leave, Nicholas said coldly to express his dissatisfaction that he was ignored.

"Sir, I want to ask for a leave. My clothes are wet. I need to go home and change." Ada pretended to be strong in front of Tracy just now. It was true that she was outgoing and didn't like to argue with others. But what happened today was definitely a little too much for her.

"No, you can change your clothes here if your clothes are wet. Why do you have to go home?" Nicholas refused directly. He had already been very dissatisfied with her going to have lunch with Victor, but now she came back with a cold face and directly ignored him, which made him very unhappy, who was used to her enthusiasm.

"Sir, I'm not discussing with you. I'm telling you that I want to ask for leave and go back to change my clothes." Ada said in a bad tone. The sticky and wet feeling on her body made her very uncomfortable and depressed.

Nicholas was the closest person to her in this hospital. She should have let him know what had just happened, but he was too busy today, and she didn't want to bother him.

But the more she acted like this, the more aggrieved Ada felt, especially when she saw Nicholas's cold face.

"Ada, I have asked for leave. Are you ready? Let's go, or you will catch a cold." Before Nicholas answered Ada, Victor's voice came from outside the door. He was only wearing a T-shirt. Obviously, the coat that Ada was wearing was his.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I really have something urgent to deal with. I'll come here tomorrow. You can punish me as you like." Ada nodded at the door and left after saying that. She would talk about it tomorrow. She was in no mood to explain it today.

Victor nodded to the cold-faced Nicholas and closed the office door for him considerately.

"Ada, hurry up. Or you'll really catch a cold." Victor's voice was so loud that Nicholas could tell the concern in his tone through the door.

Nicholas was very dissatisfied. He had never been treated so coldly by Ada.

After calming down, Nicholas wondered if something had happened to Ada that made her so abnormal.

Thinking of this, Nicholas stood up and went out. Except for the busy crowd, there was no sign of Ada outside.

When he was about to turn around and go back to his office, he saw Tracy. She had a faint smile on her face, but her eyes were cold.

She was wearing a coat as Ada did, and her body couldn't help trembling. It seemed that she had the same experience as Ada.

At this moment, Nicholas understood why Ada behaved like that. She must have had a conflict with Tracy, so she lost her temper.

With an idea in his mind, Nicholas turned around and went back to the office to look through the medical records.

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