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   Chapter 21 What Do You Want To Do

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Nicholas looked at the bloody woman on the screen, who was staring at him with innocent eyes. He turned his head helplessly, and the little woman in his arms kept screaming in a low voice, and her body shrank tightly.

Ada's expression was much more interesting than the horror movie. Nicholas simply lowered his head and analyzed the development of the plot from her face.

"Ah..." Ada suddenly turned around and hid herself behind Nicholas. He looked back and saw a man on the screen eating a bloody thing seriously.

The scene and music were really horrible. The little girl behind Nicholas was trembling with fear, but she still kept watching.

"Ada, it's over. He's done." Nicholas said calmly, not caring about what was on the screen at all.

"Oh, okay..." Ada recovered from the shock and finally realized her current situation. She rubbed her hair awkwardly and came out from the back of Nicholas.

"Well, the scene was so sudden that I didn't react..."

"Well, actually I'm not afraid of this, really."

The more she explained, the more troublesome it would be. Nicholas kept nodding from beginning to end, and echoed Ada's words. But his expression of complete disbelief made Ada lower her head awkwardly.

The movie finally came to an end. Ada looked up at the calm Nicholas and thumbed up.

"Nicholas, I didn't expect you to be so bold. It is so horrible. You are not afraid at all!" At the thought of the bloody scene on the screen just now, Ada felt cold all over, which was in sharp contrast to Nicholas's calmness.

"Oh, I didn't see it at all just now..." It sounded very pleasant. Ada tilted her head and laughed, "Well, Nicholas, do you want to have a look?"

"Okay, as long as you are not afraid that you can't fall asleep at night." With a sneer, Nicholas imitated the expression of the person in the movie and stared at Ada's face.

This expression made Ada shiver. She looked away from him, but she was still stubborn. "Well, it's not sure who can't fall asleep then."

"Okay. I'll play that movie again. What do you think?"

"Nicholas, it's not interesting at all..." Knowing that she had fallen into a trap, Ada didn't dare to say anything more. She had to muddle through.

It was already very late. They played for a while and then went to bed.

Nicholas came out of the bathroom, wiping the water drops on his hair, and walked towards the wall. The water drops ran down his body to the ground, with a little sound in the dark night.

The other side of the wall was very quiet, which was different from what Nicholas had imagined. He had thought that she would be unable to sleep all night because of the horrible scene in the movie, but now it seemed that she was very bold.

"I didn't expect you to be so good. I underestimated you." After he said to the wall in a low voice, he went back to the bed. After a whole day's torture, Nicholas was very tired.

As soon as his body touched the bed, Nicholas felt that he could hardly open his eyes.

However, that person was destined to make him uneasy. The moment his eyes closed, there was a quick knock on the door.

"Nicholas, Nicholas, open the door, please..." Ada's voice sounded horrible. Nicholas sprang up from the bed, walked quickly to the door and opened it.

As soon as the door was opened, a person like a koala hung on Nicholas's body before he could stand firm.

"Nicholas, there is someone in my room. He is staring at me with a pair of blood red eyes. He is going to eat me." Ada tightly held Nicholas's body and didn't dare to look back for a long time. Her back was so cold that her mind was full of the round eyes and bloody mouth.

Nicholas rolled his eyes helplessly and withdrew his praise for her. He promised that he would never say one more word before he saw her real reaction next time.

"Ada, don't be afraid..."

Nicholas said softly, patting Ada's back to calm her down.

The little girl in his arms shook her head, pointed at the empty space behind her and breathed quickly. "Nicholas, aren't you a soldier? You must be very powerful. Help me drive him away. Quickly drive him away. He has been following me and is about to eat me. I'm afraid..."

"Okay, I'll help you drive him away. Can you go back to sleep first?" Nicholas said patiently, patting her back more gently.

"No..." She refused resolutely without hesitation. Nicholas was a little surprised.

"Then what should we do? Are you going to hang here the whole night?" Helplessly, Nicholas spread out his hands. Even if he didn't hold her, the woman in his arms couldn't fall down. He looked down at the head and didn't know what to do for

a moment.

"Why don't you sleep with me?" Without hesitation, Ada looked up at Nicholas. Her bright eyes sparkled in the dark night.

She was scared, but why was there a faint excitement in her eyes? Nicholas felt very inconceivable. "Are you sure?"

The threat in his eyes was obvious. Nicholas suddenly had an idea that this girl did it on purpose, but what was her purpose? Did she frighten herself or him?

This question made Ada a little embarrassed. She looked at her body hanging on Nicholas, quickly pushed him away and jumped down. An embarrassed look flashed through her eyes, but was replaced by a sense of fear that did not exist behind her.

The two people's bodies were separated for less than ten seconds and then quickly stuck together. Looking at the little girl who had become a koala again, Nicholas didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Nicholas, compared with that evil ghost, I think you are cute, so I want to sleep with you tonight." Nicholas felt that since he knew Ada, his facial expression had become much richer, and the corners of his mouth had twitched without his permission.

These words were not a praise, and Nicholas would never accept them. He took Ada off his body and said rudely, "No!"

His tone was so firm that it was hard for Ada to believe it. She looked up into his eyes and saw the anger and dissatisfaction in it, but she didn't know why he was so angry.

"Nicholas..." Her voice was so coquettish. Ada pinched the hem of Nicholas's clothes, giving full play to the little girl's willfulness.

While acting coquettishly, she pulled the hem of Nicholas's clothes back and forth. Ada looked up with grievance, and her eyes were full of tears.

"No way!"

"Why?" Ada snorted with dissatisfaction, and increased the strength of her hand slightly.

"No, I can't." Without too much explanation, Nicholas turned his head and never looked at her again.

If Ada wasn't really scared, she wouldn't have been so shameless to stay here. However, as long as she stayed in the room alone, she could feel that there were all kinds of monsters around her, making her unable to sleep at all.

Nicholas looked firm. It seemed that he was not going to give Ada a chance. But Ada, who had made up her mind, could not be stopped by an expression.

Ada quietly turned her head and saw a pair of red eyes at a glance.

"Nicholas, please. If I sleep alone today, I will definitely go crazy." She pushed Nicholas back to the room with all her strength, and closed the door behind her. Ada swore that today was definitely the day she had the greatest strength and courage.

It never occurred to Nicholas that his muscle, which he had been practicing in the army for so many years, could not resist the sudden attack of a little girl. If his friends knew it, they would laugh at him.

"Ada, get up!" Nicholas raised his hand and tried to pull away Ada's hand from his waist. His tone was sullen and his face was unfriendly, but Ada didn't notice it at all.

It was not easy for Ada to achieve her goal, so how could she easily give up? She crossed her hands and clasped them tightly, and her body was a little trembling. "Nicholas, I promise I won't do anything. I promise I won't move. Please don't drive me out. After all, I'm your wife, right?"

Nicholas just shook his head. Then he remembered that she couldn't see his movements, so he had to give up and gently stroked her back.

"All right, all right. Don't be afraid..." Having given up the idea of pushing Ada out, Nicole silently accepted the coquetry of the woman and comforted her from time to time.

The steady heartbeat of Nicholas passed through the thin pajamas to Ada's ears, making her nervous heart relax a lot. The inexplicable coldness behind her had disappeared, and the devil that had frightened her had been forgotten.

The sound of even breathing came slowly from his body. Nicholas struggled to get up and put Ada back on the bed. Then he quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom.

In such a situation, it was very difficult for a vigorous man to control himself. Nicholas could not hurt Ada, so he had to force himself to calm down.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night. As soon as Nicholas went to bed, the little woman next to him rushed over as if she had consciousness and tightly held his arm.

Reluctantly, Nicholas closed his eyes, sighed deeply and fell asleep.

Nicholas, who always got up early, was pushed up by Ada this time. He opened his sleepy eyes and only saw Ada, who was shy and holding the hem of her clothes with a red face, as if she wanted to say something but dared not say it.

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