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   Chapter 20 Happiness

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Nicholas didn't open his eyes. He just reached for the phone and habitually pressed the answer key.

"Hello!" His voice was still a little hoarse in his sleep. Nicholas took a deep breath, opened his eyes and was about to hear the response.

"Nicholas, it's me..." The voice on the other end of the phone was so soft that Nicholas had to carefully identify who it was. Her tone was very excited, but to Nicholas, it was like a magic sound, which made him headache.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to hang up the phone and turn it off. Nicholas's action was so fast that Ada was confused.

"Nicholas, what's wrong?" Ada didn't leave after she handed over the phone. She heard the voice on the other end of the phone. It was a woman, and a woman that Nicholas hated.

Of course, Ada was not so arrogant as to think that the reason why he hung up the phone was because he was worried about her mood. She had a guess in her heart that the woman was definitely not simple. "Nothing. How are you?"

It was a little dark in the room. Nicholas couldn't see Ada's face clearly and didn't hear the difference in her tone. He just put the phone in his pocket and stood up, as if nothing had happened just now. "I'm fine..."

Ada and Nicholas were only a nominal couple. She knew that she had no right to ask about his relationship with that woman now.

"Let's go home!"

"Okay..." If he didn't want to tell her, then Ada wouldn't ask. She thought that maybe one day, he would personally tell her everything that had happened before. At that time, they would definitely be happier than now.

Along the way, they didn't say a word. It was obvious that Nicholas was in a bad mood. Ada knew that it must be because of the phone call just now, so she didn't say anything.

All Nicholas could think about was the soft voice, "Nicholas, it's me..."

"Ha ha..." He suddenly sneered. Nicholas really didn't know how that woman could be so shameless to come back to him after doing that kind of thing to him, and she was even unwilling to say an apology.

The sudden noise in the room made Ada very nervous. Sitting opposite to Nicholas, she looked at him who was silently looking somewhere, with indelible sadness in his eyes.

Nicholas was much more fragile than ever. It was at this time that Ada realized that his indifference and sternness were just his disguise.

When he took off his disguise, he would feel sad alone at night.

Her stomach growled at the wrong time. Ada hurriedly covered it and looked at Nicholas in a panic. As expected, the man looked at her, with indelible pain in his eyes.

"Are you hungry? I'll cook for you." Nicholas said with guilt when he looked at the time and then looked at the dark room.

He was so sad that he totally forgot that there was a patient waiting for him to take care of. It seemed that that woman was really something. Even if she had left for so long, she could still affect his life so much.

"No, thanks, Nicholas. Let me do it..." "I'm an adult now. I can take care of myself. You're in a bad mood. Let me cook for you today."

Ada giggled and pushed Nicholas back to the sofa. Nicholas looked absent-minded. It would be terrible if he burned the kitchen.

"Okay..." Nicholas stared at Ada for a while, making sure that she was not joking, and nodded.

"Just make some. I don't eat much." In the end, Nicholas reminded her with concern.

"I know. Don't worry about me." Ada gave Nicole a reassuring look and shook her hair.

Ada's hum came from the kitchen.

The room was still dark. Nicholas leaned back on the cushion and closed his eyes tiredly.

The melody went through the door frame to Nicholas's ear. It sounded very beautiful although she sang out of tune.

The dissatisfaction was slowly dispelled by the joy of the song. Nicholas opened his eyes and looked at the kitchen.

Ada's busy figure was moving around in front of him, and the happy expression on her face was obvious. Suddenly, Nicholas wanted to ask her why she was so happy.

"Nicholas, dinner is ready. Wash your hands and get ready to eat." Ada's voice pulled Nicholas back from his thoughts. When he smelled the faint fragrance in the air, he suddenly felt hungry.

He stood up and went to the washroom. He was laughing at himself that he could ignore the phone call, but he was still secretly sad about it for so long, as if he had suffered a lot.

The dishes were those left on th

e table in the morning by Nicholas. Ada didn't know how to cook, so she warmed them up, which could be their dinner.

"Well done." Strictly speaking, Nicholas was a little different at home than he was at the hospital, perhaps because he was a husband at home.

At home, Nicholas was always gentle, and much more tolerant to Ada.

"See? You can count on me!" Ada naturally accepted Nicholas's praise. She smiled happily and turned her head complacently.

"Forget it..." Nicholas had known she would said so, so he snorted coldly, lowered his head and began to eat seriously.

"Hey, Nicholas, can you be more serious when you praise me? I'm listening carefully..."


"Then you praise me. I'm listening." Ada made a posture that she thought was very beautiful and winked at Nicholas. She thought that her charm was limitless.

After hearing this, Nicholas stared at Ada seriously for a while, and then lowered his head again. "When I was in the army, the captain taught us not to lie, and I can't go against my conscience."

His words successfully irritate Ada. She held the chopsticks tightly and pretended to be fierce. "Say it again."

"Even if I say ten more times, that's still the case. Ada, I'm a man of integrity!"

Nicholas held back his laughter and his expression didn't change, but the terrible aura around him had disappeared.


Ada knew that she couldn't win, so she didn't insist. Instead, she grabbed Nicholas's food and continued to speak fiercely, "I will never cook for a bad guy. Nicholas, you are the biggest bad guy I have ever seen."


Perhaps it was because she felt that a few words were not enough to vent her anger, she snorted a few more times after she finished her words. Then she sat back in her seat with satisfaction and looked at Nicholas complacently.

The fearless look on her face made Nicholas burst into laughter.

Nicholas quickly withdrew his smile, blinked his deep eyes and looked at Ada seriously for a long time. Then he said slowly, "If my memory serves me right, you haven't finished your morning training yet."

"Don't think that I'm afraid of you just because you said that. Humph!"

With another snort, Ada turned her head away discontentedly and looked back at Nicholas with a guilty conscience. But in the end, she met his meaningful eyes.

The threat in his eyes was too strong, or it was just that Ada felt guilty. In a word, she was defeated in an instant.

"Nicholas, I know I was wrong. You are the best. You are the best person I have ever seen..." The coldness on Ada's face only lasted for a moment. Then she surrendered because of Nicholas's gaze. "He is just not as good as Eden!"

Of course, Ada didn't dare to speak out the last sentence. She just muttered a few words in a low voice, and then looked at Nicholas with a smile, "Nicholas, eat. You've been tired all day to take care of me today. Thank you. Come on, eat more."

As she spoke, she picked up some food into Nicholas's bowl. She didn't stop until the food piled up into a hill.

Nicholas couldn't do anything about Ada now. Who said she was obedient and sensible? Why did she become a little devil in his eyes? She was not obedient at all.

Although he thought so, Nicholas appreciated Ada very much, because she was always so happy at any time. And Ada brought him a completely different feeling in his life.

In the following time, only Ada's voice could be heard in the room. She told Nicholas all the interesting things she had heard since childhood.

It seemed that she did it for her future happy life, but actually she did all this just to make him forget the bad emotions caused by the phone call just now.

The dinner was over soon, and Nicholas was much happier. Ada drove him to the sofa to have a rest and volunteered to clean up.

The melody in the kitchen was still tuneless. Ada said something to Nicholas from time to time, and then continued without waiting for his response. Sometimes she thought of something funny and laughed.

At the beginning, Nicholas was still seriously answering Ada's questions, but later, he was basically listening carefully. Looking at the busy figure in the kitchen, he felt that the whole air was filled with a sense of happiness.

It was eleven o'clock, but Ada was still indulged in the horror movie. She tightly held Nicholas's arm and covered half of her face. She wanted to watch but dared not.

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