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   Chapter 3 It's Not Her Fault

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Ada nodded and walked to her dormitory. As soon as she entered, she saw that her things were in a complete mess—her suitcase was opened, her clothes were thrown around, and her bed was messed up. She quickly turned on her computer and all the documents she had prepared earlier were deleted. Ada looked around. There were three other beds and they were all neat and tidy. She fumed.

'What the hell?

How dare those girls do this to me! ' She gritted her teeth and swore to make them pay.

Ada was not one to go looking for trouble, but she was definitely not the kind of girl who ran away from a fight. Only four girls had come to the military hospital for internship, and she had already heard about the other three when she arrived in the morning.

How arrogant could they be to mess with her?

Ada knew who the mastermind was. She opened a book on the side table and found Tracy Lin's bed. She began to rummage through her things to look for evidence.

At that moment, the door of the dormitory flew open, and Ada didn't have time to retreat.

The three girls stared dumbfounded at her, especially Tracy Lin. She looked at her bed and yelled, "Ada! What are you doing near my bed?"

"Oh, you mean that doghouse? Don't worry! I think it's a good enough place for you," Ada said calmly.

Tracy Lin looked at her wrinkled quilt and screamed, "You messed up my bed, you bitch!"

Ada shrugged. "You should have thought about the consequence when you stirred up trouble. Now, you know not to mess with me."

"You— I'll tear your face apart!" Tracy Lin ran towards her, and Ada walked up to her without any hesitation.

Tracy Lin was furious. Interns selected to work at the military hospital were all top notch students from the best universities, and she was the best of the best. Tracy Lin was beautiful and came from a rich family, hence she was also arrogant since her childhood. Being the first in their school, she had also heard about Ada who always came last. Knowing that she had to work as an intern in the same hospital with her made Tracy angry.

And that was why things had turned up like this.

"Ada, Tracy! Stop it!" one of the other girls pleaded.

"I'm going to find our teacher!" the other said.

Ada grabbed Tracy's hair and kicked her stomach, but Tracy didn't show any weakness. She bit down hard on Ada's hand. When the teacher came rushing into the dormitory, both of them were bruised and still fighting.

Nicole Shen also walked in with the teacher. He frowned when he saw Ada with her messy hair and bleeding lips.

The teacher was in shock as she stared between the two girls. "What is going on here? How old are you? Don't you feel ashamed?" Lucy Zeng, the medical science department teacher, scolded.

Tracy sobbed, "It's her fault, ma'am! She messed up my bed."

Ada raised her head stubbornly, but didn't refute.

"Is this true, Ada?" Lucy Zeng asked in a raised voice.

"Yes, but—"

"Have you no sense of discipline? What did you learn in school so far? How dare you fight with others for such a childish thing?" Lucy Zeng interrupted her. "You are in the military hospital now. We demand perfect discipline here, and work under military management. Get your temper under control. This is a warning. Do you understand?"

Ada bit the tender flesh of her lips. She was not the one who had started this. So, why?

Tracy's lips curved up slightly, and a complacent smile flashed.

Lucy Zeng was dissatisfied with Ada's silence and she asked again, "Ada! Do you understand?"

Without uttering a word, Ada clenched her fists.

Nicole watched silently and looked around at the dormitory. After a while, he said, "Miss Lucy, fist fights don't happen out of nowhere. You cannot blame one person without knowing what really happened. I don't think that's appropriate."

Lucy Zeng immediately put on a smile and said, "Dr. Nicole, I am not done yet. I was just about to ask that."

Ada tried hard to hold back her embarrassment of being scolded in front of Nicole.

"Ada! Why did you mess up Tracy's bed?"

"She messed up my things first and even opened my luggage without permission." Ada glared at Tracy with red eyes.

Lucy understood that she had been one-sided earlier. She coughed slightly to hide her embarrassment and was about to question Tracy.

"I did no such thing! I was working all day long. When I returned to the dormitory, her stuff was already messed up. I don't know what happened," Tracy explained in a hurry.

Ada frowned. "There are only four keys to the dormitory—one for each of us. Linda and Arya are not as bad as you!"

Panic flashed through Tracy's eyes, but she continued to deny, "I don't know, but it was not me. Don't sling mud at me without any evidence."

Lucy nodded and turned to Ada. "Yes, you shouldn't blame others with your own speculations. I will see to it that you are punished this time. Go to the playground and run twenty laps before going to bed."

"Why am I getting punished? I have done nothing wrong!" Ada said, raising her head in defiance.

"You..." Lucy felt embarrassed.

Nicole was not satisfied with this rash punishment either. He looked up at the surveillance camera and said, "You all had work today, and Ada didn't arrive until this morning. Am I right?"

The girls nodded.

He turned to Lucy. "Check the surveillance video to see who came back to the dormitory first. That should give us the culprit. But let me make this clear first—punishment for lying is more severe here." His expression was cold, and Tracy was

scared by his gaze.

Ada nodded heavily. "I agree."

Lucy felt embarrassed again, but she was afraid of offending Nicole. So, she had to agree.

As they were about to go to the monitoring room, Tracy stopped them and confessed, "Miss Lucy, I was the one who messed up Ada's luggage. I know that it was a lame thing to do, but I was so frustrated. She had such poor grades in school. She had to take make-up tests for every class! How could she get an internship here alongside me? I am ready to accept any punishment, but I want her to leave here!"

Ada was pissed. Her grades had nothing to do with Tracy. She yelled, "Leave here? What gives you the right to say that?"

Before she could roll up her sleeves for another fight, Nicole grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

Ada couldn't move. He was strong. She knew at that moment that if she ever got into a fight with him, she would definitely lose.

"Miss Lucy," Nicole said. "You came out of the army. You should know how to punish wrongdoers like her. I'll take Ada to the infirmary to treat her wound." Saying so, Nicole left with Ada.

Seeing their retreating figures, Lucy realized that Nicole was already familiar with Ada.

Tracy had heard of Nicole, but had never expected that he would cover for Ada.

When they arrived at the infirmary, Nicole personally dealt with Ada's wound.

"Dr. Nicole, I kicked you earlier today. Aren't you angry?" She blinked her bright black eyes at him.

"I'm a grown man. Why would I be angry with a little girl like you?" he asked with a straight face. His expression was unreadable.

Ada hissed. The wound hurt where the alcohol was applied. "Could you be gentler?"

"I didn't hear you complaining while fighting," said Nicole, casting a cold glance at her.

"I was pissed off; I had no time to care about the pain!" she scoffed. Looking at the man, a small grin appeared on her lip. "Dr. Nicole, are you really going to get engaged to me?"

His hand paused, and a picture from the past appeared in his mind. He had been engaged to someone else before, but it had ended in nothing. He didn't know what would happen this time.


"But we don't even like each other. In this age and era, two emotionless people shouldn't have to live together for a lifetime for the sake of their parents," Ada murmured.

Nicole taped up her wound and sat opposite her. "Try saying that to your mother."

She sighed. "She will say that if I don't agree, then Grandma will kill herself in front of me." Ada was so tired of hearing it.

Nicole couldn't bear seeing her unhappy. After all, marriage was a big deal. "Do you have someone you like?"

"Not really." She thought for a while and said, "But I can't make do with you."

'Make do with me?' His sharp eyes fell on her uninterested face.

Ada realized what she had said and quickly tried to correct her words. "I mean... That's not what I... I wasn't..." Ada was speaking incoherently again. She couldn't even look at him anymore. She had been so bold while quarrelling with Tracy earlier.

Nicole had made up his mind. "I'll tell your mother to change the engagement party into a wedding ceremony. We can get the marriage certificate after the operation tomorrow, and get married the day after tomorrow."

'What the hell?' Ada's eyes widened. She couldn't stay calm anymore. "Dr. Nicole, how can I do that? I haven't even graduated yet!"

"I've seen your grades. Your credits are not enough to get graduated. The marriage certificate will help you gain some points. This year, I'll get to watch you try and get more points in the graduation examination and barely pass it." He walked out with a smirk, while she followed him hastily.

"But, I..." Ada couldn't think of a reason to refuse the man in front of her.

When they arrived at the dormitory entrance, she still had no excuse to escape from the marriage. After all, he was perfect. Ada, on the other hand, was an ordinary girl who didn't even have a man she liked.

"Go get your stuff. You are staying in my room tonight," Nicole said abruptly.

Ada screamed and covered her chest. She couldn't stay with him just because she had seen him naked. "No way!"

He looked her up and down. Although she had a good figure and face, it was not enough to arouse his desire. "Fine, I don't object if you want to live with your roommate."

Ada thought of Tracy. 'What if she poisons me and dissects me at night? Too risky!'

"Dr. Nicole, wait! I'll be right back."

She packed up her things in a hurry and left, while Tracy looked at her with eyes full of resentment. Before leaving, Ada made sure to make a face at her.

Nicole was the director of the thoracic surgery department, and his accommodation was an apartment room. Ada wisely chose to sleep on the sofa. It was early autumn, but she was wrapped up nicely in a very thick quilt, and her clothes were tight enough to keep her safe.

Early next morning, she was shaken awake by Nicole. She got up angrily, but dared not to provoke him as soon as she saw his face.

"Good morning," she said sleepily.

"Get up and wash yourself. I'll wait for you in the canteen." Seeing that she was finally awake, he strode out, ignoring her chicken nest head.

Ada stared at Nicole's retreating back and got up to wash herself. She got ready and went to the canteen as instructed. Tracy and the others also walked in at the same time. They both glanced at the counter. There was only one egg left. Ada and Tracy rushed forward.

As a result, Ada was defeated.

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