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   Chapter 66 Was She The Witch

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Carl frowned and thought for a while. The last thing he wanted to see finally happened. Indeed, Linda was smart. She thought that she could solve all the problems, but once she stepped into these schemes, she would be killed because of her cleverness sooner or later.

"Carl, you can go back for the time being. You should continue to investigate the assassin. I hope you won't let me down again," Marvin said.

Carl thought that if Linda didn't come back to Jennie, what should she do and how should he explain to His Majesty.

"Father, I'm free now. I haven't stay with you for a long time. Please let me accompany you for a while." he said.

Marvin smiled with satisfaction and pointed at the bench beside him and said to his son,

"Okay! Have a seat. We haven't had a good talk for a long time."

Carl sat down as his father said, but he was a little restless in his heart. Linda was from another space and time. Could she know the truth that being with the emperor was like accompanying a tiger? If she accidentally said something wrong, it would be a serious crime of deceiving the emperor and she would lose her head.

He talked with his father about lives and suddenly, a sharp voice came from outside.

"Your Majesty, Linda Xia is brought here."

Carl and Marvin looked at the door at the same time. The pure white figure behind Tim was none other than Linda.

Coincidentally, as soon as she arrived at the courtyard where Jennie stayed, she received the order that the emperor wanted to summon her before they could say a few words.

At first, Jennie insisted on coming with her, but she was refused by Linda. Although she was not a person of this era, she had watched a lot of TV series. The imperial edict didn't say that the emperor had summoned Jennie. If she went together, Linda was afraid that she would make the emperor unhappy.

Moreover, it might not be a bad thing when the emperor summoned her all of a sudden. She had never done anything bad, hadn't she? Therefore, she believed that the emperor summoned her without any malice.

After comforting Jennie, Linda followed Supervisor Tim to the imperial study room. She didn't even have the time to change her clothes and exquisite makeup.

"Your Majesty. Prince Jing."

Linda knelt down in front of Marvin, but she didn't hear the order from him to ask her to stand up. Although she was confused, she was too embarrassed to look up. It was said that the maids in the palace couldn't look up without master's permission.

So she knelt down obediently and kept the same posture. She didn't believe that the emperor would let her kneel until dawn.

It was not that Marvin wanted her to kneel down on purpose, but that he was a little stunned the moment he saw her. Linda was as fresh and refined as a completely different person today, and her graceful white clothes made her as beautiful as a fairy.

"Raise your head," when he came to his senses, Marvin said.

Confused as she was, she slowly looked up at Marvin who was sitting behind the table.

Like fard congealed her skin is tender, Her fingers like soft blades of reed, Like larva white her neck is slender, Her t

of getting married yet. Please find another man. Don't put Princess Jennie into a miserable life."

Linda didn't expect that Carl would refuse the emperor so decisively. Wasn't he afraid that Marvin would be angry?

Marvin had planned to keep Linda here, but he didn't expect that Carl didn't want to marry the princess of the Frost Kingdom. His face darkened and he asked,

"Carl, you have reached the age of marriage. Although your brother Allen hasn't been married, he have two wives, and you haven't had one. You don't want to marry the princess of the Frost Kingdom. You should give me a reasonable reason."

Allen frowned and couldn't think of a perfect reason for a while. Seeing this, Linda was worried that Allen would contradict the emperor with his stubborn temper. It was not for fun.

Allen knelt down and said to Marvin,

"Father, I haven't had the plan to get married yet. Please take back your order."

"Carl, how dare you! You should know that it's not the matter only related to yourself when marry the princess of the Frost Kingdom. Don't say that again. Tomorrow I will announce it to the court. You can leave now."

Allen's eyes were filled with hatred. If there weren't so many women around his father, his mother wouldn't have suffered from incurable disease for no reason. Unfortunately, he was too incompetent to avenge his mother until now.

"Father, please forgive me for my disobedience. I can't marry Princess Jennie. I only want to marry one person in my life."

Astonishment was written all over her face. She looked at Carl who was kneeling on the ground. She didn't expect that he, who was born in the ancient imperial family, would have the awareness of living with only one woman for the rest of his life.

In ancient times, it was common for a man to have several wives, especially for a man from the imperial family. Like Allen, who hadn't got a married princess yet, he had already many wives and concubines. The emperor was no exception. There were three thousand women in the imperial household. He probably couldn't remember the name of his concubines.

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