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   Chapter 65 Lady Linda

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Linda tapped her fingers on the table with embarrassment. It was not that she didn't want to say, but that she didn't know how to say. Did she just say that she was not a person of this era when she met people? She had passed through time. It was strange that people didn't take her as a psycho.

"Will you believe what I said?"

"Yes, I believe whatever you say."

Linda sighed.

"Well, let me tell you, I actually came out of the mountain. My parents are vagabonds. Do you understand? I have no fixed home, and I like to travel, so I don't have a home either. I met Jennie on the way to the Capital City. At that time, she was just surrounded by some killers, and I saved her by the way. Then, it was also a coincidence. Jennie is a very congenial person to me. That's why we become friends. It's actually that simple. "

Except for her own identity, Linda didn't lie. As for whether he believed it or not, it was all Allen's business. Anyway, she had told him everything she wanted to say.

"Jennie is fine now. She is arranged in the Imperial Palace and a new visit will be held tomorrow. However, those who were arrested were all dead last night."

Linda remembered that before she travel through time, the meeting ceremony for Jennie was changed to three days later. She went back once and then came back. It was only two days later. As long as Jennie was fine, she would be relieved.

"Then all the clues are gone? Do you know who directed them? "

Allen shook his head slightly. He didn't expect that those people would be so tight lipped. He tortured them for a day and a night, but they didn't say a word. Now, all of them were killed.

"The Imperial Palace is also interesting. The place where prisoners are imprisoned should be made of iron and copper walls. There are so many people guarding and checking. How can they die? Who is watching the prisoner? He is not reliable at all."

Allen smiled when he heard this. Although it was a pity that he couldn't find out the mastermind of those people, Carl had always been responsible for the safety of the whole Imperial Palace. He was the only prince with real power. Those people were killed silently in the prison, and Carl must be responsible for it.

The enchanting smile on Allen's face made Linda's hair stand on end.

"Your smile is so creepy. Is it your enemy who guards the prison? Why do I feel that you are gloating? "

"Is it so obvious? The irresponsible man you said is my brother's subordinate. Do you think I should be happy or not? "

Thinking of the feud between Allen and Carl, Linda frowned slightly. She didn't know why there was so deep hatred between the two brothers that they had to kill each other.

"Allen, why do you want to kill Carl again and again? Isn't he your brother? What happened between you t

hecy of the Witcher."

"Since the announcement, all the women whose surname is Xia that can be found have been brought to the palace. According to the characteristics said by the Witcher, only one person meets the requirements. Is that Carole Xia the woman who was destined to be found? If my memory serves me right, the maid of Jennie seems to have the same surname as Xia. Where has she gone?"

Hearing this, Carl frowned. From the bottom of his heart, he didn't want Linda to enter the Palace. It was not so easy to be the destined crown princess. If she was treated well, she would be respected. If she accidentally made a mistake, she would be a sinner from the ancient times and wouldn't come to a good end.

Moreover, with her character, if she was locked up in this cage like Imperial Palace, she would probably go crazy. With her character, she would definitely cause trouble.

Besides, he was also confused why he could go back to the same place with Linda, but not to the same place in this era. He didn't know where Linda was now.

"Father, Linda is Jennie's maid. She is not from our Thunder Kingdom I guess she is not the one who is destined to be the destined crown princess."

"You're right. She's from the Frost Kingdom. Unfortunately, I don't think she should be a maid. How could a maid be so calm when facing alone with all the civil and military officials? Come on!"

Carl felt a little uneasy. If his father really noticed Linda, it might be a disaster for her. What should he do to help Linda escape from this disaster? What should he do to seal her dazzling light?

Once Linda appeared in front of everyone, the light she gave off would be unparalleled.

"His Majesty, what can I do for you?"

"Tim, go to the emissary's garden and bring the maid named Linda here. Tell her that I have something to ask her."

"Yes, your highness."

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