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   Chapter 64 Needed To Calm Down

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Although she really wanted to rush forward and tear up Lois's hypocritical face, in consideration of Allen's presence, Edith could only swallow the bitter pill silently.

Allen smiled and looked at the two women who were fighting with each other with red faces. He didn't want to get involved in the war between women, but if someone wanted to hurt Linda and spoil his good plan, he would never turn a blind eye to it.

Pulling Lois's hand away from his arm, Allen looked at Linda who was standing in the middle of the hall. His smile froze in an instant.

When he first saw her, although she wore ragged clothes and her face was dirty, he could still see something extraordinary in her clear eyes.

After getting along with her for a long time, she always dressed very simply and looked more like a handsome boy. Today, her dressing made him feel surprised.

Seeing the amazement in Allen's eyes, Linda felt a headache. She didn't like to dress herself up. She dressed like a poor boy every day for she just didn't want to see such a stunning expression in other people's eyes, which would make her very embarrassed.

Moreover, she had always believed that a beauty was always not lucky. She didn't want to die for her own appearance at a young age. She could live on her own strength.

When Edith and Lois saw the affectionate look in Allen's eyes at Linda, their hatred for the latter increased a lot. They wished they could let her disappear from the Prince Ming's Mansion at once, or even from the world.

"Did they make trouble for you, Linda?"

Linda did not answer immediately. She thought that a man was probably like this. When he wanted to get someone, he would be indifferent no matter what others said. Just like now, no matter what the other two women said, Allen just chose to ignore.

No matter why Allen favoured her so much, she didn't need that. Just seeing the example of Mrs. Regina, she used to be the favorite one Allen loved, but look what happened in the end.

Therefore, even if all the men in the world died, she would never choose Allen to be her lover.

Edith and Lois looked at Linda nervously. They knew that if she told Allen that they were indeed here to purposely make difficulties for her, they would be in trouble.

Even when Mrs. Regina and Lois first entered the mansion, they had never seen Allen so partial to anyone. Even if there was a preference, he would care about the opinions of other women.

If he really allowed Linda to marry him, even her cousin, Amaya, would have no hope of being the princess, let alone them. Thinking of this, Edith couldn't help but feel anxious to go to see her cousin. She wanted to see if Amaya could still calm down.

At that moment, Lois was also very angry. Before the appearance of Linda, Allen was agree with her almost about everything, but now, he even treated her as air. If she did not get rid of this Linda, she wo

hinking of this, she said instantly,

"Wait a minute. Do you have any good idea?"

A complacent smile appeared on Lois's face. She knew that a brainless woman like Edith was the easiest to use. It was ridiculous for her to dream of being the princess without brain.

"Sister Edith, don't worry. It's not convenient to talk here. How about going to your yard?"

Edith looked around and agreed,

"Let's go."

After they left, Allen walked to the side of Linda and said with an enchanting smile,

"Can you tell me now? Why are you so mysterious? Do you want to have a secret talk with me?"

She pushed Allen away from her and said with a frown,

"Stay away from me. I'm afraid that your women will kill me."

"What? Are you jealous? If you are willing to marry me, I will divorce them all and never touch other women again. What do you think?"

Hearing this, Linda couldn't help laughing. Although Allen looked very serious, she still remembered a saying that a fox may turn gray but never kind.

"Come on. I'm serious. Do you know how Jennie is now? Is there anything wrong with her in the palace?"

Without answering in a hurry, Allen sat down in front of her and poured himself a cup of tea. When he was about to drink it, the cup was grabbed by her.

"This is the cup I used. It's dirty. Dahlia, change a new one for His Royal Highness."

As soon as she finished her words, the cup in her hand returned to Allen's hand and he took a sip of tea. Allen said with a smile,

"Good tea."

Looking helplessly at Allen, Linda simply sat down opposite him. She was really worried about the safety of Jennie. The dream was like a magic spell that could not be dispelled in her mind.

"Allen, if you don't want to tell me, I'll ask someone else. Enjoy your tea here."

"Linda, you haven't told me the relationship between you and Jennie. And where are you from? I thought we were friends. Shouldn't I know that as your friend?"

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