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   Chapter 29 Expose The Plot

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Allen was sitting right below Marvin, the closest place to Marvin. When everyone's attention was focused on the beautiful woman, Linda slowly moved in the direction of Noble Hall.

Linda didn't know how Carl was doing, but she knew that no matter how powerful Carl was, he still needed time to deal with the assassins. And Ethan should be waiting outside the hall at the moment, and she could only rely on herself here.


"Thank you, Your Majesty."

The woman who pretended to be Jennie smiled slightly. She slowly walked up the steps to the throne, came to Marvin, and slowly approached Marvin with her hands holding the colorful satin.

Marvin leaned forward and was about to accept the colorful satin from Jennie. The fake Jennie handed the colorful satin to Marvin and took out a dagger from the colorful satin in a blink of an eye, stabbing at Marvin who leaned forward in astonishment.

Seeing that fake Jennie made a move, the other three men all changed their respectful posture and darted forward to help the assassinated woman.

It happened so suddenly that no one could imagine that the princess of the Frost Kingdom, who had always been loyal to the Thunder Kingdom, would assassinate their Emperor.

All the civil and military officials realized that it was too late to save him.

Marvin only felt a black shadow flash in front of him. With a big stride, Linda rushed up the steps. Her fair hand grabbed the dagger that was stabbing Marvin without hesitation. The dagger stopped two centimeters in front of Marvin's neck. Seeing that it was suddenly stopped, the woman became angry. The smile on her face instantly became fierce. She wanted to take the dagger back and stab again, but she was caught by the hidden guard who appeared in an instant. At the same time, the three companions of her were also caught.

Noticing that the woman wanted to assassinate Marvin, Allen rushed up at the first time, but he still couldn't catch up with Linda who was well prepared. Seeing that her hand was still bleeding, a trace of anger flashed through Allen's enchanting eyes, but he calmly stood in front of Marvin and said to the woman who had been captured.

"How dare you assassinate the Emperor! Do you know the consequences you will bring to the Frost Kingdom? Do you know that?"

Seeing that the assassination failed, there was no trace of fear on the woman's face, she laughed.

"Ha ha, since I dare to come here, I have never thought of going back alive. You have suppressed the Frost Kingdom for so many years. Although we don't have the strength to fight against you, as the princess of the Frost Kingdom, I am obliged to do anything for my country. Even if I die, I will still be glorious."

The woman's words instantly caused the whispers among the officials. They had never dreamed that the Emperor of the Frost Kingdom would send someone to assassinate their king.

The Queen, who was standing aside, was frightened by this. Seeing that Marvin was safe, she felt relieved.

There was no trace of panic in Marvin's majestic eyes. He didn't forget that it was the girl dressed like a maid who saved him, but now he had more important things to do.

"Jennie, I've been treating the Frost Kingdom very well all the time. Whenever there is a riot around your country, it's me who send people to help you kill the thugs. Aren't you a bit of returning kindness with enmity?"

"Ha ha, as long as there is pressure, there will be resistance. Today I can't kill you, and I don't have the face to live."

"Don't let her commit suicide."

Linda shouted. Carl, who had dealt with the hundreds of assassins in a hurry, pointed at the woman in an instant. The woman stared at Linda with resentment, but her acupoints were blocked and she could do nothing.

Seeing that Carl had restrained the woman, Linda breathed a sigh of relief. If she really died like this, then the Frost Kingdom would really be in big trouble.

But her voice successfully attracted everyone's attention. Everyone began to wonder why this strange maid suddenly appeared beside the Emperor and blocked the knife for him in time.

Linda didn't care about anyone's gaze. She held her numb hand tightly. If she guessed right, the dagger was smeared with poison. She walked up to the woman who was staring at her and said to Carl.

"If I'm not wrong, there should be something in her mouth. She must have wanted to bite that thing to commit suicide just now."

Carl glanced coldly at Linda's hand, which was still bleeding even if she clenched it tightly. Then he opened the woman's mouth and found a black pill under her tongue.

The crowd looked at the strange maid again and sighed in their mind that she had the ability to predict things. It was not true that Linda had the ability to predict things. She had just watched too many TV dramas. Moreover, the assassination plan of this woman had failed, and it was the best choice for her to commit suicide.

"Take this woman to jail, Gen

eral Ford."

"Please wait a moment, Your Majesty."

Marvin's words were interrupted by Linda. Everyone took a deep breath and broke into a cold sweat for the fearless maid. How dare she interrupt the Emperor's order? She was really the first one.

Carl frowned. He was afraid that Linda would say something disrespectful. Allen also took a look at Marvin. Seeing that he didn't seem to be angry, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Linda was not stupid. She knew what to say and what not to say. The emperor probably wanted General Ford to march on the Frost Kingdom just now. Even if he didn't go to war, there wouldn't be anything good.

Rolling her beautiful eyes, Linda bowed to Marvin and said.

"Please don't be angry, Your Majesty. I heard that there is a kind of treasure in the Frost Kingdom. It looks like a jade pendant, but it is fiery red. It is said that the treasure will change color in water, sometimes green, and sometimes black. I don't know if it is true or not. Today the little princess of the Frost Kingdom happens to be here. Can you please help me solve the mystery?"

As soon as Linda said this, everyone began to whisper again. They had never heard of such a rare treasure in the Frost Kingdom.

Marvin looked at the maid in front of him with great interest. He knew at a glance that this woman would never just be a maid. Her animated eyes were cunning and wise, and such a woman would never be just a small maid.

The woman sneered disdainfully.

"Why should I tell you? You don't need to play tricks with me. Just kill me."

Linda nodded thoughtfully and smiled.

"Oh, or you don't know at all?"


The woman's beautiful eyes flashed a trace of unwillingness. Then she realized that the woman in front of her had set a trap for herself. She was not the Princess of the Frost Kingdom, so she naturally did not know if the Frost Kingdom had such a treasure.

But if she didn't say it, her identity would be suspected, and her master's plan would be destroyed. She knew that every country would have a treasure passed down to the heir, or perhaps the treasure of the Frost Kingdom was the jade pendant that the woman said would change color. The woman pursed her lips and thought for a long time before she said.

"Of course it's true. How can you, a maid, see the treasures of the Frost Kingdom? I tell you, you will never see the treasures of the Frost Kingdom in your life."

Hearing this, Linda smiled. The woman was stunned by her clear smile. She felt her heart jolted and wanted to kill the woman who was smiling in front of her.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what treasures the fake Princess of the Frost Kingdom has. I made up the so-called jade pendant just now."

"You! You bitch! I'm going to kill you! You will die a horrible death! "

It was hard to hide the impatience on Carl's face. He raised his hand to seal the woman's hoarse acupoints, and then knelt down and said to Marvin.

"Father, all the people who came with her have been controlled and imprisoned by me. This woman is not the real Princess of the Frost Kingdom. It's my dereliction of duty that caused these fake traitors to enter the Imperial Palace. I'm willing to accept the punishment."

Linda was a little stunned. She didn't expect that Carl, who had made meritorious contributions, would still be punished. Couldn't he make it up? Besides, who knew that the Princess of the Frost Kingdom would be replaced?

Allen's eyes flashed with a smile. He would like to see how Carl could escape from this matter today. Even if he stopped the fake plan at the last moment, he had embarrassed their father in front of everyone and almost been got him be stabbed by that crazy woman.

He looked at Linda whose face was pale with his enchanting eyes. If it weren't for her, the mess would have been more difficult to solve. As the person in charge of this visit to the Frost Kingdom, Carl was sure to be blamed.

"Carl, do you know where the Princess of the Frost Kingdom be changed? Don't you notice such a serious matter before, Carl? "

Marvin's calm voice gave people a strong sense of pressure. All the officials held their breath and listened carefully, fearing that they would be involved into it.

"I know..."

Frowning, Linda scolded Carl in her heart. At this time, he even didn't want to make an apology for himself, but he still wanted to ask for punishment. She stepped forward to block in front of Carl and interrupted him.

"Your Majesty, Prince Ming has already known that these people are fake, but he is afraid that you will be angry if he tells everyone without any evidence. Two, he is afraid that after alerting the enemy, there will be a residual people sneaking away, so he doesn't take any action but wait for these people to throw themselves into the net. After they are well prepared today, he will kill them all. In order to make sure that you will be safe, and the prince has arranged me to escort you at this critical moment. "

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