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   Chapter 28 The Fake Jennie

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Allen was sure that Linda was definitely not a maid in the Imperial Palace. Then why did she appear in this hall in such a dress? Moreover, she seemed to have been looking at Carl who was sitting not far away from him. Was she here for Carl?

Why did the woman who could attract his attention always like Carl? This time, he would not admit defeat and would definitely take everyone away from Carl.

Allen's enchanting eyes showed a trace of displeasure. Today was an important day for the envoys of the Frost Kingdom to visit. How dare this arrogant girl sneak into the Imperial Palace just for Carl?

If she messed up this important meeting, even he, Carl, would not be able to save her.

There was a trace of complacency in Allen's enchanting eyes. If he really let that girl make any trouble, then it would be a good chance to see if Carl would stand by.

But if Carl really stood by and did nothing, would he really watch the little girl being killed by their father?

It was the first time that Allen felt so agitated and entangled. On the one hand, he didn't want to miss any opportunity to suppress Carl; on the other hand, he was worried about that smart girl.

However, at this moment, Linda was very anxious and couldn't think of a feasible way. She could only desperately stare at Carl who had been staring at his glass. If her eyes could kill people, she was afraid that Carl had been killed thousands of times by her.

"The wine seems to be what you like today. It's strange that a man who doesn't drink at all keeps staring at this little glass."

Allen's languid voice attracted the officials' attention. They all looked at Carl, who was playing with a glass of wine, and echoed with a smile on their faces.

"Yes. Today, the Emperor is happy, so is the eldest prince. It doesn't matter to have a drink."

Allen looked at Linda who was looking at him with a playful smile.

Linda was a little stunned. She didn't expect to meet Allen here. Why was the second elder brother of Ethan, who had been knocked out by her, sitting next to Carl?

A bad feeling rose in her heart. She looked at Allen again, who was dressed in gorgeous clothes. Was this annoying man also a prince? So, Ethan was the third prince mentioned by the waiter?

That legendary devil Ethan who went insane and murderous because of his kung fu training?

Then the man in front of her who successfully attracted her attention was the legendary Allen, the most approachable and closest prince to the public? In other words, the man she knocked out that day was a prince?

It was hard for Linda to accept the fact. If Ethan who had been around her was really a prince, wouldn't she become a fool?

She didn't know that she had a prince by her side. If she had known it earlier, would it be so troublesome?

It would be easy to ask Ethan to take them to find Carl.

The astonishment and disbelief in Linda's eyes made Allen in a good mood. He knew that the woman in front of him was smart. Without him having to say anything more, she could observe everything that was going on.

"Speaking of this, today's wine is really good. You, fill my glass."

Allen seemed to point at her unintentional, but it made Linda stunned. She had always thought that Allen was dangerous. Before, and now, no matter what purpose he wanted her to go there, it was kind of helping her. She could get close to Carl.

So, Linda picked up the wine jug on the table and walked towards Allen. Since everyone was tasting the wine and chatting with each other, Allen didn't cause much sensation even if he asked Linda to pour the wine for him.

Walking to the side of Allen, Linda bent down to pour wine for him, but she didn't expect Allen to whisper in her ears.

"Hi, little girl. We meet again."

Allen said these words in her ear. She could even feel the heat coming from him, and her fair face instantly flushed. When the wine was full, she quickly stood up and stood on the side of him.

Allen smiled with satisfaction, then he picked up his glass and slowly tasted the wine.

Linda's beautiful eyes turned slightly and looked at Carl on the right side of her body. Seeing that he seemed to be still thinking about something, her body moved slightly to the side of him. She bent down to pour the wine, but was stopped by Carl who raised his hand.

Seeing that Carl didn't even raise his head, Linda said unhappily.

"Your Highness, your glass is empty. Let me fill it for you!"

Linda's voice brought Carl, who had been lost in thought, back to his senses in an instant. Almost subconsciously, he looked up at the maid standing next to him. A trace of astonishment flashed across his deep eyes after he saw the maid's face clearly.

He thought it was his illusion to hear Linda's voice, but he didn't expect that he really saw her. How could it be possible? Wasn't she supposed to be in that era? Why did she appear in this hall?

Seeing that Carl recognized her, Linda bent down again to pour wine for Carl and said

in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

"The envoys are fake. They want to assassinate your father and cause a war between the two countries."

After saying these words quickly, Linda stood up and glanced at Allen, who had been smiling evilly. For some reason, she always felt that Allen called her here on purpose.

Did he help her because he knew she wanted to see Carl? Would a cunning man like him have such a good heart?

There was no expression on Carl's face, but in fact, he was surprised inside. If what Linda said was true, then the situation would be more serious.

He had already arranged everything well. Except for a guard and two maid who were following the princess of the Frost Kingdom, the others were all intercepted in the hall. He had investigated the three followers, and found that none of them had too high cultivation base of martial arts. Therefore, even if these people wanted to assassinate the Emperor, the secret guards could naturally stop them. Now he should go to control the accompanying guards first.

Carl never trusted anyone easily. But somehow, he believed in Linda and believed that she would never lie to him. Without any hesitation, Carl stood up and disappeared from the bustling hall.

Allen stared at Linda who was expressionless with great interest. He was curious about what Linda whispered in Carl's ear and made Carl leave immediately.

Being stared at by Allen's enchanting eyes, Linda felt uncomfortable all over. Since her words had been delivered, she'd better find a chance to escape. If she didn't escape, she might be caught by Allen, the cunning fox.

'Why didn't Carl take me with him when he left? Does he have a pig's head? How can I get out of here as a maid now?'

"The envoys of the Frost Kingdom are coming."

With a sharp scream, the whole hall instantly became silent. All the civil and military officials sat straight and looked at the gate of the hall.

'Damn it! It's too late to get out of here. I can only sneak away when the farce is over.' Linda thought to herself.

Four people slowly walked in the hall. The woman who walked in the front was dressed a pink dress, with complex and gorgeous silver white patterns on it. The light embroidered peach flowers were elegant and the embroidered patterns were exquisite. Her figure was tall and slender, and her black hair was pulled into a high beauty bun. She was wearing an exquisite jade hairpin and other accessories. Her collar was slightly open, revealing her beautiful, white and slender neck. The clothes made her skin look as white as snow. She had a smile on her lips, making her look beautiful but not flamboyant.

Next to her was a man who looked like a guard, followed by two maid. The face of Jennie appeared in her mind. Although the woman in front of her was beautiful, she was still not as beautiful as Jennie.

On such a grand ceremony, it seemed that not all the people could enter the hall. At this moment, the accompanying guards were probably waiting outside the hall, and Linda believed that they would soon be controlled by Carl.

In that case, only these four people could assassinate the Emperor. The seemingly ordinary man did not seem to be a master of martial arts, but the woman had a greater chance of assassination.

"I'm Jennie from the Frost Kingdom. May the Emperor bless us to live a happy life."

The beautiful woman bowed to the Emperor in the hall. Marvin seemed to be very satisfied with this elegant and unparalleled woman, and nodded with a smile.

"Princess, you don't have to be so courteous. It's a long way for you to come here. Thank you so much. Please have a seat."

The woman said with a smile.

"Your Majesty, I came here with the blessing of all the people in the Frost Kingdom. My father has repeatedly said that I have to hand over the most precious thing in the Frost Kingdom to you in person to express his heartfelt love and care for you. He is willing to give all the best and luckiest things in the Frost Kingdom to you."

After that, the beautiful woman took a colorful silk from a maid beside her and held it in her hand to look at Marvin, who was smiling.

"Your Majesty. Please allow me to present this colorful damask, which represents luck and wellbeing, to you in person."

Hearing that, Linda pursed her beautiful lips. They just went straight to the point. But that's right. No one would doubt the little princess of the Frost Kingdom, right? If she was really Jennie, how could she dare to assassinate the Emperor? But she was not. Therefore, she was ready to die.

The person who had plotted all this behind was too terrifying. If this woman succeeded in assassinating Marvin, it would be just what he wanted. Moreover, he could successfully start the battle between the Frost Kingdom and the Thunder Kingdom. If this woman failed, she would also start the battle between the Frost Kingdom and the Thunder Kingdom. It could be said that this trick was killing two birds with one stone.

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