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   Chapter 25 Jennie's Background

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Jennie's cry made Linda confused. She thought that what happened yesterday might really frighten her, so she had to comfort her.

"Everything is fine, Jennie. I said I would protect you. Just rest assured."

Jennie stopped crying and stared at Linda who was indifferent. Her beautiful eyes were full of complaints.

"How can you do such a dangerous thing for me? What if, what if you...what if something happens to you? Don't do that again. "

Hearing this, Linda was happy. She didn't see her wrong. It was worth her to make friends with Jennie sincerely. She was the first female friend she had in ancient times.

She liked this kind of girl like Jennie, who looked delicate but had a strong heart. She wasn't pretentious or scheming. It was indeed a pity that she was born in ancient times, because with her personality, it was very likely that she could not to be able to survive in this ancient times of deception.

"Don't worry about me. I won't die. Just take a shower. After that, let's continue on our journey. I'll drive you to the Capital City."

Jennie's watery eyes showed a trace of firmness. She believed that there should be no secrets between true friends.

Jennie took a bath towel and wiped her bruised body. Then she put on the man's clothes she had prepared awkwardly.

She didn't forget what Linda had said, so when she arrived at the town, she immediately bought a suit of man's clothes.

"Linda, sit down and let's have a talk."

Jennie tucked her wet hair behind her ear and sat down in front of the only table.

Linda didn't refuse and sat down opposite her. She wouldn't ask anything if Jennie didn't want to tell her. If she was willing to talk, she wouldn't refuse to listen.

"You once said that you don't want to know anything about me and I can't ask anything about you. But you have broken the rule. You saved me regardless of your own safety. In my heart, you are the best sister in my life, so I have to tell you something."

Seeing that, Linda didn't interrupt her, so Jennie continued.

"I'm the youngest princess of the Frost Kingdom. I'm here to convey to the emperor on behalf of my father the admiration for him, and on behalf of the Frost Kingdom to marry one of the princes of the Thunder Kingdom. "

There was no surprise in Linda's bright eyes. She had guessed the background of Jennie and it was exactly the same as what she had guessed. As for a weak woman like Jennie, if she really married the prince, she would probably come to no good end.

Not to mention whether she could get her husband's love or not, just those scheming people in the Imperial Palace were enough to quietly kill her.

"But I didn't expect to meet an ambush halfway. Before the general died, he told me that I must live, because those who wanted to kill me were sent by the Fire Kingdom. He said that the Empire of the Fire Kingdom wanted to kill me and then sent someone to pretend to be me to assassinate the Emperor of the Thunder kingdom, which would cause a war between the our two countries. So, I can't die. I must go to the imperial palace to tell the Emperor the truth."

Hearing this, Linda frowned tightly. If Jennie really went to the Imperial Palace in this way, she would also probably die.

If those people were really like what Jennie said, it meant that it was a conspiracy that had been planned for a long time, and all the things had been probably arranged. If Jennie went there rashly, she would be regarded as a spy who tried to instigate the relationship between the two countries.

Moreover, with her current state, she might not even be able to enter the gate of the Imperial Palace. The guards would only coax her away as a fool.

Seeing that Linda frowned, a trace of sadness flashed across Jennie's beautiful eyes. She whispered.

"So, I'm sorry, Linda. I didn't mean to hide it from you. Now you know, if you want to leave, I won't blame you at all. Really, I'm not angry at all."

Looking at Jennie who almost cried out, Linda said with a smile.

"I thought we were friends."


Jennie didn't know what Linda meant. She just stared at Linda who was smiling.

"Aren't we friends?"

"Yes, of course. You are my most important friend."

"That's right. You are also my most important friend. How can I watch you die alone?"

Jennie looked up and held back the tears in her eyes. She couldn't cry any more. At this time, she should smile to her most important friend.

"But Jennie, I still want to ask you, do you believe me?"

Jennie nodded without hesitation.

"Of course I believe you."

"If you believe me, then don't go to the Imperial Palace."

Jennie asked subconsciously.


Linda said slowly as she stood up and looked at the window that had just been broken by Ethan.

"If my guess is right, the woman who pretend to be you have already entered the Imperial

Palace. If you break through like this, you will only be driven away as a madman or killed as a spy. You won't even have a chance to see the so-called Emperor."

It was not until now that Jennie realized that no one could prove her identity. If she really went to the Imperial Palace, the result would only be like what Linda said.

Her face turned pale and she stood up.

"Then what should I do? I can't let those bad guys cause a war between my country and the Thunder Kingdom. What should I do, Linda? "

Linda turned to look at Jennie whose face was pale. She didn't know anything about the current situation in the Imperial Palace. She didn't know what kind of person the Emperor was, but if she could find Carl, things would be much easier.

Carl would believe her, wouldn't he?

"Pack up your things. Let's go to the Capital City, but we will not go to the Imperial Palace. Let's go to find Carl."


Jennie frowned. Although she hadn't seen Carl before, she knew that Carl was the prince of the Thunder Kingdom and the only prince who had made some achievements. It was said that Carl was cold and aloof. How could he believe them?

"Yes, Carl."

"Why don't we go to find Allen, the Prince Jing? It's said that Prince Jing is easier to get along with than the eldest prince."

Linda shook her head slightly. She had never seen Allen, who was easy to get along with. But she had heard the name of Allen from Carl when he was asleep. Somehow, she didn't like Allen, who she had never met before.

Moreover, Carl was not as cruel and cold as the rumor, which meant that Allen might not be as easy to get along with as the rumor said. Maybe he was a more scheming man.

"The rumor may not be credible, but I know Carl. It's also a bet. I would rather bet on Carl."

"Okay, I'll listen to you. Let's go to find Nangong lie. I'll pack up my things right away."

Looking at the back of Chester, autumn frowned slightly. Although she went to find Nangong lie, how could she find him? Why not let sorrow take her in secretly? It seemed to be a good idea.

Wearing a man's suit, Chester looked like a pure scholar. He didn't encounter any danger all the way. When they arrived at the Yan City, the three of them found an inn to stay. Nangong sorrow naturally sat on the roof, waiting for the call of autumn.

"Then what should we do next, Linda? Shall we go to the Mansion of Prince Ming directly? "

Asked Linda curiously.

"Mansion of Prince Ming? Why isn't it called Mansion of Prince Carl? "

Jennie chuckled.

"You don't know the title of them yet, it's a title given by the Emperor. Only the prince who has made meritorious service can be granted the title. Even if I come from another Kingdom, yet I still know it."

Linda nodded. She didn't expect that Carl was so powerful. At such a young age, he had already made a merit in the battle and was famous. No wonder people said he was arrogant and cold.

"Don't worry, Jennie. Just stay here. I'll ask Ethan to protect you. I'll go out for a check."

Only by knowing enemy could she survive a hundred battles. She had to go out and inquire about Carl and the matters of the Frost Kingdom. If the Emperor knew that the little princess of the Frost Kingdom was attacked, then the Capital City should be strictly guarded at the moment.

But they didn't feel anything unusual along the way, which meant that the woman who disguised as Jennie had safely entered the Imperial Palace.

And the best way to know these things was to go out. The market was the most popular place for information.

"Let Ethan go with you. I'll be fine here."

Linda said with a smile.

"I don't have enemies. No one will hurt me if I go out for a check. But you, although you have changed into men's clothes, no one can guarantee that those people are not looking for an opportunity to kill you in secret. Just let Ethan stay here with you. If I really have an accident, Ethan will sense it at the first time. It won't be too late for him to save me at that time. Ethan, did you hear that?"

As soon as she finished her words, an enchanting young man in red came over. After landing, he stared at Jennie who was innocent discontentedly, and his eyes which were full of resentment made Jennie shiver subconsciously.

So she thought it was better to let Ethan follow Linda. He was so mean to everyone but Linda.

"Ethan, don't bully Jennie. She is my sister. You have to protect her for me when I go out, okay? I'll be back soon. "

As soon as she finished her words, Linda turned around and was about to leave, but her sleeve was grabbed by Ethan. She turned around and looked at him, whose face was full of grievance, and said helplessly.

"Ethan, I'll be back soon. How about I bring you some delicious food? Listen to me. Don't follow me secretly. Take good care of Jennie. Be a good boy, okay? "

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