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   Chapter 23 Risk Her Life

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If it weren't for Linda, she would have died. Linda had saved her life, how could she put her in such a dangerous situation.

"Linda, let's separate when we arrive at the town ahead. Don't worry. As long as I'm alive, I will give you what you deserve."

Linda didn't say a word. Her face, stained with blood, looked a little serious and tired. Once these men in black died, the people behind them would definitely get the news soon. She was afraid that at that time, it wouldn't just be these few unimpressive little people who would come to hunt them down.

Therefore, she had to find a way to avoid the chase of those people, and also to send Jennie to the Capital City safely. She didn't even think about actually just dropping Jennie off at the next town and leaving. If she really did that, then Jennie would really have no choice but to die.

Linda had received military training. It was easy for her to avoid tracking and assassination, and protect herself. If she really wanted to avoid being chased, it wouldn't be difficult for her.

She was never short of combat power or strategies. She had always believed that no matter how powerful the opponent was, he must has a weakness. If she couldn't fight, she would hide and give a fatal blow after finding the opponent's weakness.

"Jennie, do you believe me?"

As the night fell, there was a trace of coldness in Linda's beautiful eyes. No one could stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

Seeing that instead of leaving, Linda asked such a question, Jennie was slightly stunned and then nodded.

"I believe you, but..."

"That's enough. Since I saved you, I will definitely bring you to the Capital City safely. Don't worry."

A trace of astonishment flashed across Jennie's beautiful eyes, and then she stopped walking. Linda was a little stunned, and then turned around to look at Jennie who had a pale face.

"You know nothing, Linda. They are terrible. They have killed all the attendants with me, not dozens or hundreds, but thousands. Don't you see, the ground is full of blood. Those people are all dead, and they won't let me go. They will definitely send someone to chase and kill me again. So, leave me alone, I will get you killed too. "

There was no surprise or panic on Linda's calm face. She had already guessed that Jennie was not an ordinary person. She had never seen so many dead people, but she believed that she could win. No matter how terrifying the opponent was, she would never run away without fighting.

"So what? Maybe I'm not strong enough to make you trust me, but I'm not stupid enough to risk my life to be strong. As long as we go to the next town, I will definitely be able to... ".

Linda suddenly stopped talking and darted to Jennie. She pulled off her clothes and pushed her into the haystack on the side of the road before Jennie could scream out.

Putting on Jennie's clothes quickly, Linda looked at the dark grass and whispered.

"Hide yourself and don't make any noise. You can leave later. When you arrive at the town, you can change into men's clothes. Jennie, let's see each other in the Capital City. Try to survive, or I'll look down on you."

After saying these words quickly, Linda ran forward. She planned to let Jennie dress in men's clothes, and take her to the Capital City. But it seemed that she had no chance to do that at the moment.

With her keen intuition, she could feel the strong murderous will, she knew that those people must have been chasing them. She did not expect that they would come so fast. It seemed that they did not just try to kill Jennie, there must be a secret behind it.

At this critical moment, Linda had no choice but to pretend to be Jennie and draw the killers away. As for whether Jennie had clothes to wear or not, she couldn't care so much. If she was alone, she always had a way to escape, but Jennie knew nothing about Kung Fu. She couldn't escape with her.

Before Jennie could react, he heard Linda's whisper, the she saw Linda ran away quickly, and then a dozen men flashed past her in an instant.

Tears welled up in her beautiful eyes. Jennie bit her wounded arm tightly and cried silently.

It was not until now that she realized the reason why Linda pushed her away. She had never dreamed that Linda would risk her life to save her. They had just known each other.

Linda didn't want to get involved in this mess at the beginning. Weren't they supposed to split up when she dropped her off at the next town? Why? Why did she do this for her? They didn't know each other at all.

Jennie wiped her tears hard, and there was a trace of stubbornness in her beautiful eyes. She couldn't cry. She believed that Linda would be fine. She said she would meet her in the Capital City, so even if she died, she would die in the Capital City. She must go to the Capital City to meet Linda.

Linda could clearly feel tha

t the person behind her was getting closer and closer. So she simply stopped. How could she, who just have two short legs, run faster than those men, who knew Kung Fu?

The people in ancient times really strange. They didn't need to run but liked to fly. Did they really think they had wings?

What's more, her original purpose was not to escape from the killers' chase. She just wanted to attract the attention of these killers to her. Only in this way could Jennie survive. And Jennie could only rely on herself to deal with what would happen next. This was the only thing she could help.

Seeing that the fleeing people suddenly stopped, more than 10 men fell from the night sky and surrounded Linda.

The quantity alone had already given her a headache. She made such a trick to trap herself. How could she escape now? Was she really going to be a hero to save the beauty and die here?

Wouldn't she suffer a lot? She would have accepted it if Jennie was a handsome man, but Jennie was a woman. Was this the so-called ghost possession? The one who possessed her was definitely a lecher.

But to Linda's surprise, how could she have so much time to think nonsense? These killers were not in a hurry to kill her, which were different from the others. Did they receive any new orders?

What Linda thought was right. The more than ten killers sent here this time all had another target. When their leaders knew that it was so difficult to kill Jennie, they had a sudden whim and wanted to take Jennie back alive.

"Wow, so many people? I don't think it's appropriate for you to beat me up together. I am just a woman. Let's have a discussion. You send the strongest one to fight with me. If I lose, I'm willing to die. If I win, you let me go, okay? "

Linda didn't think that these people would agree to her request. She just wanted to test their attitude. Since they didn't do anything to her just now, it meant that they didn't come to kill her this time.

"Cut the crap. If you are smart enough, just come with us. Otherwise, don't blame us for not being tender to women."

Sure enough, this time, they did not came to kill her, but to take her back as a hostage. That was probably the most common scene on TV.

Hearing this, Linda was happy. How could killers say such words and show mercy to women? Weren't killers always cold? Just like Carl.

Just as Linda was wondering why she suddenly thought of Carl, the man in black who had just spoke reached out and grabbed her wrist. With a bang, the man in black was thrown out by Linda.

Obviously, Linda was shocked by her self-protection awareness. She had planned to pretend to go with them first and find a way to escape, but she didn't expect that her body would react naturally and throw the man in black out.

Seeing Linda make a move, the rest of the men drew their swords at the same time. Seeing this, Linda shouted in a hurry.

"That's a misunderstandings. I was just acting naturally. I didn't want to resist. Really, come here and catch me. I'll go back with you."

As Linda spoke, she stretched out her arms to the men. But they took a few steps back in an instant, fearing that the woman in front of them would play some tricks again.

According to their superior, this woman was extremely difficult to deal with. They had sent so many people but failed to kill her. So they were repeatedly reminded to be careful and take her back alive.

"She is talking nonsense. Don't listen to her. Let's catch her, but don't kill her."

With a sigh, Linda leaned back to dodge the sword. At the same time, she kicked away the sword of the man beside her. A cold light flashed in her hand, and the dagger quickly cut the throat of the man in front of her. She squatted down and avoided the sword with a murderous look from the other man. She moved a few steps back quickly and chopped the back side of the man's head.

After a series of movements, Linda was out of breath. She was really tired. But as soon as she stood up, a cold light flashed in front of her and a sword stabbed her again.

The sword was so fast that it went straight to Linda's chest. It was obviously impossible for her to completely dodge it at this time. At the moment, Linda pursed her lips tightly and didn't retreat. She wanted to bear the sword with her left shoulder and kill the assassin at the same time.

The expected pain did not come to her. Linda was slightly stunned and quickly stopped the dagger that was almost stabbed out. She did not even have time to react. Why did a person suddenly appear in front of her?

The night was so dark that she could only see clearly that the man standing in front of her was a man in red. The sound of knife and sword piercing into the flesh was particularly harsh in this quiet night. Linda racked her brains and couldn't figure out why this man suddenly appeared to block the sword for her?

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