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   Chapter 20 The Deal Was Made

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Of course, it would be even more perfect if she could be with Francis. So Linda couldn't help but fantasize about that beautiful picture of her and Francis accompanying each other for the rest of their lives in the green hills and green waters. Thinking of this, Linda actually laughed out loud, and her happy laughter made the coachman outside the carriage laugh as well.

However, the smile on the coachman's face suddenly turned into fear when he saw the person who suddenly appeared in front of him. His face that had been stained by the years was actually sweating out of fear in an instant.

A man suddenly appeared on the empty green path and rushed straight to their carriage. Although the coachman was frightened, he pulled the reins in his hand tightly at the first time.


The horse was frightened and let out a deafening long roar. It raised its head high with its front kick, and its neck was forced to lean back. Its eyes were wide open, and its nose was humming and trembling.

At the same time, the carriage also shook violently due to the horse being frightened. Linda, who was humming a tune in the carriage, was thrown off the cushion all of a sudden. Her forehead hit the door frame exactly, and instantly there was a red and swollen area.

The horse gradually calmed down under the coachman's comfort. Linda touched her painful forehead and lifted the curtain to see what was going on. Why did the carriage suddenly go wrong?

"Help! Please help me!"

As soon as Linda poked her head out, she saw a woman in white rushing to the edge of the carriage. Her bloodstained hands tightly grasped the coachman's legs, and she stared at Linda with fear and uneasy.

Linda's eyes flashed with amazement. Although the woman in front of her had messy hair and bloodstains on her snow-white clothes, her peerless appearance and temperament could not be concealed.

She was so beautiful yet so weak.

The sentence came to Linda's mind subconsciously. This woman was beautiful, but there was a hint of morbid beauty, which was pitiful. Especially at this time, her eyes were full of panic and uneasiness, and her body was covered with blood. If she were a man, he would immediately rush to save her.

Unfortunately, she was not. Although she also loved beauty, she cherished her own life more.

Not to mention, just look at the woman's attire. Even though her clothes were stained with blood stains, it was still not hard to tell that the material was very different from the one she was wearing.

And the noble temperament exuded from her body was enough to prove that this woman had a strong background, which meant that the person who could chase such a woman also had a strong background. If she got into such trouble, she would probably only cause a fuss.

She didn't want to die in ancient times. In this era where people's lives were as insignificant as grass, less trouble was better. She could not get herself into trouble just because she came to ask her for help.

The indifference in Linda's eyes made the woman even more flustered. She had wanted to ask the coachman for help, but when she saw Linda's head stuck out, she rushed to her without hesitation.

Linda was pure and sweet, and her beautiful eyes seemed to be able to redeem all the sins in the world. That was why the woman who saw her at the first sight of her was sure that such a holy woman would not refuse to save her.

And subconsciously, she thought that a woman was softhearted than a man, but she did not expect that when Linda saw her in such a mess, not only did she not show a trace of sympathy, but also did not show a trace of curiosity.

But if the woman in front of her did not save her, she might really have no choice but to die. The killers behind her would soon catch up. On this desolate mountain road, where could she, a weak woman who didn't know kung fu, hide?

"Please save me. Someone is chasing after me. As long as you bring me to the Capital City safely, I can give you a lot of money, as much as you want."

Hearing this, Linda smiled. She was indeed a noble lady of unusual status. Did she really think that money could buy everything? Of course, if it was someone else, he might save her. But unfortunately, she was Linda. She had never thought of staying in ancient times for a long time. So what was the use of money?

What's more, even if she took the money, what was the point if she didn't have the life to spend it?

The woman was relieved by the sweet smile of Linda. Just when she thought Linda had agreed to save her, she heard Linda say.

"Keep going, or there will be no place to stay before dark."

A trace of astonishment flashed across the woman's pale face again. Even the coachman did not expect that this kind and amiable girl would refuse to help her.

Seeing that Linda didn't want to save her, the woman turned to the simple and honest coachman and said with tears on her pitiful face.

"Please, help me. They are coming soon. How about this? As long as you take me to the next town, I wil

l hire another carriage myself, okay? Please. "

''Everyone has sense of compassion.'' The coachman eventually relented and said to Linda.

"Miss, saving a life is better than building a level seven pagoda. Let's help her. She can't go far alone in this desolate mountain. At the worst, let her go in the next town. What do you think?"

Feeling a headache, Linda stroked her aching forehead. Why did she feel this was a bad beginning? It seemed difficult for her to keep a low profile.

It was not that she really was hard-hearted. It was just that it was easy to save her at the moment, but what about later? What if the killer came after her? Even if she could escape, what about the coachman? What should the weak girl do?

If she couldn't save her and get her out safely, what was the difference between saving her at the moment and not saving her?

If the God was really going to make trouble for her, Linda wouldn't be able to avoid it. Since the trouble had already come, she would just wait and see how much trouble it was in front of her?

"It's not impossible for me to save you. You have to promise me three conditions."

The woman nodded in a hurry when she heard that Linda was willing to save her.

"Tell me, as long as you can save me, I will promise you anything."

"First, I will only drive you to the next town. You should leave as soon as you arrive there. We two have nothing to do with each other."

The woman was afraid that the killers would chase after her. As soon as Linda finished her words, she nodded desperately. As long as she could take her away from the desolate mountain, she could promise her anything. It was not that she was afraid of death, but that she could not die. If she died, those who tried their best to protect her from escaping would all die in vain.

If she died, those people's plan would succeed, and her whole country would be ruined.

"Second, I don't want to know who you are, your background, or anything about you. Likewise, don't ask me who I am. If you meet me by accident in the future, just treat me as a stranger, okay?"

Since the trouble was inevitable, she could only minimize the disadvantages of the trouble.

Seeing the woman nod, a sly smile flashed across Linda's eyes.

"Third, you said you could give me a lot of money, but I don't know if you have money or not. How about this? Give me your most precious thing. Even if you don't have money in the future, I can exchange it for some money. Don't deceive me with ordinary things. I won't accept anything worthless."

Hearing this, the woman was slightly stunned. Then she fumbled on her body for a while, and finally took down a token from her waist. A trace of reluctance flashed through her beautiful eyes, but she gritted her teeth and handed it to Linda.

"Keep this, I will definitely exchange it with you for a large sum of money in the future, just please don't lose it, it's very important to me."

Linda took the golden token in her hand and looked it up and down, and she was a little surprised. The token was undoubtedly made of real gold, and it was exquisitely made. There was a word 'Frost' carved in the middle of the token. Even if she sold it, it must be worth a lot of money.

It seemed that it was a sign representing her identity. She was right. This woman was not simple. If she was similar to what she was seen on TV in ancient times, it meant that this woman should be a princess or a royal relative of some country.

Putting away the token, Linda reached out her hand to the woman under the carriage. The woman smiled gratefully at her and grabbed her hand to get on the carriage.

"Hurry up. We must get to the next town before dark."

"Okay, ladies, sit tight."

Seeing that the girl was finally saved by Linda, the coachman's smile deepened. He drove the carriage to the next town again.

In the carriage, Linda and Jennie Wang sat side by side, and Linda guessed right. Jennie was the little princess sent by the Frost Kingdom to show affection to the Thunder Kingdom. But she didn't expect that she would be stopped by killers on the way to the Capital City. All the people accompanying her couldn't escape death, and she escaped to the border of Thunder Kingdom under the cover of her old servant who tried his best.

Fortunately, she met Linda who just passed by. Although she didn't know how to arrive at the Capital City safely, she was finally safe now.

Although the woman sitting next to her looked very cold, Jennie felt that she was reliable. Sitting with her, she felt inexplicably relieved.

"My name is Jennie. I don't want to know your background. I just want to tell you my name."

Looking at Jennie, who was covered in bruises but still smiling to her, Linda was somewhat shocked. As a weak woman, she had suffered so many injuries, but did not cry out of pain.

If she was really a member of the royal family, then she was a little different from the noble ladies in TV.

"Linda, it's my name, but that is not important. We are going to separate tonight."

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