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   Chapter 2 The Man Who Fell From The Sky

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Linda couldn't take her eyes off the man. 'Is he a popular star of a TV drama? Did he fall off a plane by accident while filming?' Linda wondered with a frown. 'Maybe he was too popular and someone kicked him off the plane.'

"Idiot, what are you thinking?"

Linda patted her smooth forehead and collected her thoughts in order. 'Everything will be clear once he wakes up.'

"Hey! Wake up, hey!"

Linda pinched his pretty face gently with her slender fingers. She felt the temperature difference almost immediately and touched his forehead in a hurry. He was burning.

"You have a fever! Wake up! Where do you live? Hello?"

No matter how much Linda called, the man didn't wake. He was completely out cold. She looked around; there were no cars passing by. She had no choice but to call the ambulance.

Carl Nangong frowned in pain. It felt like he was surrounded by blazing flames. The burning pain in his throat made it unable for him to make a sound.

When Linda saw the sudden painful expression on the man's face, she put her mobile phone back into her pocket. Patting his face again, she asked, "Hello, are you awake? Hello?"

Her sudden touch caught Carl Nangong by surprise and he grabbed her hand subconsciously, as if he were hanging onto a life-saving straw, unwilling to let go. His dry lips opened and closed, and he whispered, "Water..."

Frowning, Linda tried to take back her hand, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't withdraw her hand from the man's.

"How are you so strong while you are almost dying? Are you pretending to be sick? You'd better be really unconscious, or else, I swear I'll make you regret fooling me!"

After murmuring to the half-awake man for a while, Linda raised her head and looked at the two-floor building not too far away from where they were. She pursed her lips—this was too much of a psychological struggle in the dead of the night. She compromised and sighed slightly before deciding to take him home for the time being. If he were still not feeling well the next day, she would have him sent to a hospital.

"Let go of my hand now. I'm taking you to my place."

The man seemed to have understood, or maybe he was just too weak to hold on to her. His grasp around her hand slowly loosened.

Linda withdrew her hand and rubbed it. Grumbling about the pain he had caused, she grabbed the man's arm and pulled him up. Putting her arms around his waist, she supported him to the front building.

Walking up the stairs, Linda took out the key with one hand. Carl Nangong's whole weight was on her slender shoulder, and sweat dripped from her smooth forehead.

After throwing Carl Nangong on to the bed on the second floor of her house, Linda bent over and gasped for breath. 'I've been slacking off too much. How could I be so tired from carrying a man up one stairs?' she scolded herself.

Taking off her leather coat, Linda threw it on the bed. The tight T-shirt and jeans made her look more slender and petite. She dragged herself to the wardrobe and took out the medicine box.

Glancing at the man, whose face was now deathly pale, she poured a glass of water for him reluctantly. God knew what was wrong with her and why she was so concerned about a stranger. If this man caused her any trouble in the future, she was going to be so mad at herself.

Sitting on the bed, she carefully helped the man up and supported him against her shoulder. She fed him with the medicine for his fever and gave him some water.

"You are lucky that I'm in the mood to help tonight. Normally, I don't care much about strangers who fall from the freaking sky!"

She let the man lay back on the bed and put a cold towel on his forehead. Linda guessed that he felt better, because the frown on his brows disappeared.

Resting her chin on her hands, Linda stared at the beautiful man without blinking.

She wondered if he was hot-tempered. Even while unconscious, he still gave off a strong aura that could prevent weak-willed strangers from getting close to him. It was a waste—he had such a handsome face. But Francis was much better.

He had gentle eyes that could melt anything in the world. Thinking of the easy-going, gentle Francis, Linda's lips curled into a smile and slowly, she drifted into sleep.

The first ray of sunshine hit Carl Nangong's face through the French window. Linda was asleep at the edge of the bed, and her hand was entwined in Carl's.

The sunlight became more intense and Carl frowned slightly.

He tried to move his arm—it was a little numb. Slowly, he opened his eyes. When she felt movement, Linda, who was unusually sensitive, woke up and looked at him with her sleepy eyes.

His starry eyes opened wide in confusion when he saw

the stranger. For a moment, Linda's soul was sucked away into those deep eyes.

The man was so much more beautiful in the day. However, his eyes were cold enough to drive people away in fear.

Linda shivered and looked away, afraid that she would fall into the bottomless abyss.

Gradually regaining his consciousness, Carl stared at the stunned woman next to him. Her fiery long hair made him unhappy and he pursed his lips. His cold eyes burst into anger when he saw their entwined fingers.

"How dare you! You slave! How dare you act so rudely in front of your highness!"

With a roar, Carl shook off Linda's hand in disgust. With no time to react, she fell to the ground. Her eyes widened in shock and anger.

"Slave? Highness? Are you out of your freaking mind? I'm not a slave. I'm as good as any princess, for your information!"

Linda tried to stand up, but her legs were numb from half sitting next to the bed all night. 'Ungrateful little...' she thought angrily.

Carl groaned and touched his head; it hurt so much that it felt like his head was about to crack. Every part of his body was in pain, like needles pricking all over. 'Damn that Allen! How dare he plot against me?'

He eyed Linda carefully. "Are you a slave from another country? Why do you have red hair? Anyway, get Jeremy here. I need to ask him whether he fulfilled his job as the chief guard of the Xiang Prince's mansion."

Linda's long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. Was she dreaming or did this guy have some kind of delusion? The man looked like he was in a lot of pain. Where did he get the energy to shout so loudly?

Seeing that Linda remained inactive, Carl cursed in a low voice and stared down at her.

"Are you deaf, woman? If you don't obey, I'll kill you. Go and get the imperial doctor for me!"

Sitting on the floor, Linda burst into laughter. Carl gritted his teeth and sat up with his hand on his chest. The piercing pain from his body made his pale face even paler.

"You! How dare you!"

Linda wiped the tears, stood up from the floor and patted off the dust from her clothes. She walked to the bed and smiled, her clear eyes filled with sympathy.

"It's a pity that he is a madman, even though he is so handsome. Such a waste of this beautiful face..."

While murmuring to herself, Linda gently patted Carl's fair face as if coaxing a child, and then said softly, "Tell me. Where is your home? Do you know your family's phone number, or do you know which psychiatric hospital you escaped from?"

'What the hell is this woman saying?'

Carl pursed his lips slightly, and a murderous look flashed across his cold eyes. Linda was slightly stunned and quickly retreated, which was perfect because Carl's palm missed her by an inch, and the sharp wind from the movement smashed the wooden desk beside him.

His blood boiled.

Turning sideways, he spit a mouthful of blood on the floor. The moment he attacked, he felt the pain in his heart. He had only casually released ten percent of his strength, but it turned out that he was too hurt by the reversal of his energy.

Linda was stunned. With her hands on her hips, she looked angrily at the man on her bed. Her body naturally exuded a calm arrogance. She was an imposing beauty, the fiery red long hair working to her advantage.

She stared at the broken planks on the floor and then looked at Carl in disbelief. If it weren't for her extraordinary speed of reaction, the planks wouldn't be the only broken things.

She stared vigilantly at the man, whose face was getting paler by the minute. This man...he was dangerous. The wind from his fist actually smashed the table into bits. Who on earth was he? Was he even human?

She had never heard of such extraordinary strength. Was he an assassin?

"Are you trying to kill me? You should know that it was me who saved you last night. You should be grateful. Instead, you return the kindness with such brute force? What was that just now? Where did you learn such a skill?"

However, at that moment, Carl couldn't hear what she was saying. The abnormality in his body made him feel uneasy and he wanted to heal himself, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make the internal force in his body work normally.

Carl's breathing became uneven. His internal force could not run on its own, nor could he use it to heal himself. This recognition confused him even more and he wondered what had happened to him.

He wanted to remember, but the more he tried, the more confused he became. He knocked his head, which was about to explode. He shook his head hard to make some sense of his situation.

A feeling of dizziness came over him, and broken images from his memory surged through.

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