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   Chapter 68 Find Out Vera's Location

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Noticing the helplessness and pain on his expression, Ava asked with concern, "What happened?"

'Vera and Ava are friends. Will it be possible to get the news from her?'

Thinking of this, Jason sat down.

Ward smiled gently and asked him what he wanted to eat.

Jason waved his hand. He looked at Ava and asked seriously, "Since you are close to Vera, do you know what her eccentricity is?"

Ava frowned and became serious.

'Something wrong with Vera?'

Noticing her confusion, Jason nodded, "Yes, she was kidnapped."

"What? !” Ava raised her voice and widened her eyes, "Vera was kidnapped!"

Jason nodded with a bitter smile, "What's more funny is that I know who kidnapped her, but I can't do anything about it."

"Who is it?"

"Well, you can't help me anyway." After taking a deep breath, Jason changed the topic, "Tell me what eccentricity Vera has?"

"Will Vera be in danger?" Ava asked anxiously and seriously, "Since you know who kidnapped you, then go negotiate."

Negotiate? If it was so easy to negotiate, why did he look for her aimlessly?

He couldn't do what Justin asked, so he had to look for Vera aimlessly.

"Don't worry. Vera will be safe."

"I not only want her to be safe. I want her to go home safe and sound." Ava took a deep breath, confused and angry.

"What's the point of being anxious? Tell me now. " Facing Ava's anger, Jason remained calm.

It was not that he wanted to calm down, but that he had to. The farce would end in nothing.

After all, she was not the person concerned,

After thinking of Vera for a while, Ava answered, "Vera's biggest eccentricity should be eating kebabs here."

"The food in the capital is rich and colorful, but her favorite is the barbecue here. Every time she came here, she would order a lot, put on the strongest taste and add some mustard. "

Ward happened to be entertaining them around, so he turned around.

"I found something unusual."

"What's unusual?" Jason raised his eyes and asked sharply.

Ward was shocked by his sharp eyes. He was stunned for a minute before he patted his chest and said, "A man in a neat suit who came here to buy barbecue and take away before, the foods he ordered were exactly the same as Vera usually does."

Before Ward could finish his words, Jason stood up, grabbed his collar and asked coldly, "What does that man look like? Where did he leave? When did he come and leave? "

A series of questions hit Ward's heart, trembling with fear.

Ava frowned and sighed. 'Mr. Jason is too excited.'

"Mr. Jason, calm down. You scared Ward."

Jason squinted at her and said, "It's none of your business!"

Ava blinked two times and shut up.

She couldn't afford to offend him at this time.

Otherwise, she would die!

"The man is very tall, about 1.9 meter. Oh, no, 1.85 meter. He was wearing black clothes, black sunglasses and crew cut." Ward took a deep breath, adjusted himself a little, squinted and said, "It seems that he was still wearing earphones. After he paid the bill, he left in the northeast. By the way, he ord

nd negotiate with you when he sees me like this? Do you think you can get what you want? " Vera asked, blinking her bright eyes.

No matter how much pain she suffered, she had to keep rational.

The man in front of her was even more terrifying than Jason. If she didn't have a good mentality, how could she fight against him?

Justin rolled his eyes at her. "It's useless to threaten him with you intact. I have to let him know how powerful I am."

Bang, the light was turned on.

Justin casually took out his phone and took a photo of Vera's face.

Vera dodged and blocked it with her hands.

Justin didn't stop her.

It was useless to stop her. He would achieve his goal no matter what.

After a while, Justin walked out of the room.

When they arrived at the door, Justin ordered Garry, "Put some honey on her face and throw her outside."

Vera took a deep breath and cursed Justin in her heart.

'Pervert! Pervert! Pervert! If I am free, I will hardly punish you!

Garry nodded and immediately went to find honey.

Putting the edited picture into the MMS, Justin pressed the send button.

Well, the next step is to wait quietly.

If Jason still took no action, Justin would think about increasing his the intensity of punishment.

Jason received the MMS from Justin.

In the photo, Vera's pretty face was as swollen as a pig's head. She was deliberately dodging the camera, but was still photographed.

Jason noticed that Vera's feet were swollen.

'This is going too far! This is going too far!'

Unable to control his anger, Jason punched the wall.

There was a hole in the hard wall.

'It seems that Justin has already known the information I had found out.

The best way now was to cut off all means of retreat.'

Without any hesitation, Jason called Franklyn and asked him to gather his men in ten minutes to arrive at Justin's villa in half an hour.

Franklyn was confused by Jason's order and had no idea what had happened.

When Franklyn was about to ask something, Jason hung up the phone.

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