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   Chapter 67 Days being Locked Up 2

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"Healthy? You can tell me whether it's healthy or not when you have a stomachache! "

"You!" Vera didn't expect that Garry would be so eloquent to refute him.

"To be honest, you haven't eaten it before, have you? It was said that Chinese culture was broad and profound, from Chinese characters to large scenic spots and historic sites. How could you know the good of China if she didn't have a try? These kebabs might not be nutritious, but they were also a part of Chinese culture. You even despise Chinese culture. Why do you still think you are a Chinese? Just go abroad! "

"Don't talk nonsense."

"What do you mean? Don't you dislike kebab or Chinese culture? If you don't like it, just keep it in your mind. Won't you be disliked if you say it? " Vera seriously refuted, "Just like you know you can't do something, but you still do it."

"Vera, don't push your luck!" Garry gritted his teeth.

He had never seen such a lively hostage. She knew that she was in a disadvantageous situation, but she still acted as if nothing had happened. Sometimes she asked for food, and sometimes she asked him to get out. It was more comfortable than staying in her own family!

He had put up with her for a long time!

Vera raised her chin arrogantly, raised her eyebrows, and said proudly, "I just want to push my luck. So what? So what? "

"You!" Garry was speechless!

"In the past, I looked down upon Japanese the most. Now I find that some Chinese are also very hateful, one hundred times more hateful than Japanese!"

'Endure, endure, I have to endure!'

He took a deep breath to suppress his anger. Then he turned around and went out, guarding at the door.

Seeing Garry go out, Vera made a face at him.

'Humph, want to fight with me? Don't you know your how limited your ability is? Vera would drive him crazy!

On the second day, Vera continued.

"Ouch, my foot hurts." Her pretty face was pale and bloodless. She covered her feet and rolled on the bed.

Garry leaned and stood far away with his arms around his chest.

Vera was so smart that he thought she might lie to him. What's more, he was only responsible for her safety, and he was not responsible for anything else.

"Ouch! It hurts!" The rolling Vera continued.

"Hey, are you dead? Seeing that I'm in pain, but you don't even take a look at me. I'll tell Justin about you! " Vera puffed up her cheeks and stared at him.

Garry chuckled, "You still have the strength to blame me. It seems that you are not seriously injured!"

Vera was speechless and her face changed slightly.

"Humph, just wait and see." She pulled over the quilt and covered her head, but she didn't move.

'It shouldn't be normal.' Garry thought to himself.

He had been with Vera for the past few days and didn't see her suffer from any chronic disease. She must be lying to him!

Soon it was time for dinner.

At this time, Vera had been lying in bed for a whole day. She hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet!

Garry couldn't help but doubt his judgment.

'Is she really sick?'

"Hey, don't pretend to be dead in bed. Go to eat. "

Vera was quiet in the quilt for a while, and then she slowly put her head out.

"You are such a cruel man. I'm dying,

She ordered some food she liked and stared blankly into the distance.

"Why are you here alone? Where is Vera? " Ward, who was serving the dishes for her, asked with a smile.

Ava shook her head and pouted, "She should be at home. We only get together when we are free. "

"You young people are always busy with your work. This is not good. You need to make friends and have a rich spare time. Or you will have nothing if you lose your job. " Ward sighed, "When I was young and I was only busy with my work. Although now I have a lot of money, I'm not happy." Therefore, he donated his savings to a charity and set up a barbecue stall here.

Now he was tired and made less money than before. But he was relaxed and happy.

"I didn't expect that Ward have such an experience." Ava was speechless.

Seven years had passed.

She had known Vera for seven years and often had barbecue here. She had always thought that Ward was just a mediocre grass-roots employee, but she didn't expect that he also had a glorious time!

"Don't put too much pressure on yourself. You have to be satisfied with the fame and wealth you have got..."

"Ward, give me three chicken wings." Ward was interrupted before he finished his words. He could only smiled helplessly.

"I can't chat with you anymore." Then he trotted away.

When Ava saw a person far away, her pretty face showed surprise. She raised her voice and called, "Mr. Jason."

Jason had sharp ears and looked around immediately.

Ava's heart skipped a beat.

'There are so many people around, but he can see me at the first time and recognize me at the first sight. Is this fate?'

"Roadside barbecue?" Jason asked, squinting.

Staring at his charming face, Ava was obsessed with him. As for what he said, she didn't hear a word at all.

Jason patiently asked again.

Ava's ears turned red and turned her head, but she didn't expect to meet his eyes.

She drank water with a smile and nodded.

"Ward's barbecue is great. Sit down and have a taste." Ava invited warmly with a shy smile.

Jason shook his head, frowned and sighed, "No."

I can't find any clue. How can I rest?"

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