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   Chapter 66 Days Being Locked Up 1

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"You are the one who overestimated yourself, aren't you?" Jason's face darkened and his black eyes became sharper. "Don't talk nonsense. We'll fight with our own abilities this time!"

Unwilling to say anything more, Jason turned off the power and left.

The room became dark, and Justin could no longer stay here. So he turned around and left.

Justin didn't delay on the way back home.

As soon as he came back home, he heard a whine, which made him very unhappy.

When he was about to look for someone with a long face, the culprit appeared in front of him.

Vera blinked her pitiful eyes and sniffed at him, "You're bad, you're so bad!"

Justin raised his eyebrows and chuckled, "Am I?"

"What do you mean by monitoring the bathroom? What do you mean by those stalkers?" Sniffing, Vera complained in a very sad tone, "You didn't keep your promise, did you? So what if I am your hostage? You should've given me freedom."

It was uncomfortable to be monitored!

"Is that so?" If you don't play tricks, I'll leave." Justin sneered.

Hearing his words, Vera cried.

"What do you mean? In your eyes, am I a sophisticated woman?" Wiping her tears, Vera complained in a sweet voice, "I admit that I have done a lot of things wrong, but at least I have a clear estimation of myself. You gave me such a good environment. Wouldn't I feel sorry for myself if I ran away again? What's more, do you think I can compete with you in terms of IQ?"

If Justin could challenge Jason openly, he must be extraordinary. She had the upper hand in front of Jason, but in front of this man... It didn't work at all.

"That's good." Glancing at her indifferently, Justin walked towards his bedroom.

"Be quiet, or I'm not sure what I'll do!"

This was a warning left by Justin.

Vera gritted her teeth.

'This man is really difficult to deal with.' Her little trick was perfect, but it was easily seen through!

She was not reconciled!

But on the other hand, he was a tough guy to deal with.

On the other side, Jason had investigated for three days, but got nothing.

Franklyn sat cross legged on the sofa opposite, with a gloomy expression in his eyes.

"Jason, why don't you give up?" Justin had made up his mind to fight against him to the end, so he must be fully prepared. It was obviously impossible to save Vera from his hands.

Jason also knew this, but he couldn't swallow his anger, nor was he willing to be fooled!

"Shut up!" Jason glared at him.

"What did I do wrong again?" Franklyn blinked his beautiful eyes and asked with grievance.

"What did you do wrong again?" Jason repeated his words with a smile on his face. But the next second, his face became even colder.

"Is this your attitude as a policeman? If you can't do it, then you won't do it? Franklyn, you really impress me!" Jason gritted his teeth and said, so his anger was obvious.

Franklyn touched his nose and looked at him with a confused and pitiful look. "Am I wrong? If you can't do it, it's normal for you not to do it."

Was it normal?

Jason looked at him with contempt and sneered, "If this is what you said is normal,

which made Justin frown. Finally, she ordered the sweet soup with white fungus as dessert.

"You are really a good Chinese citizen! Foreign food is nutritious and delicious, but you only order junk food!"

In the face of Justin's sarcasm, Vera blinked her glazed eyes and looked innocent. "Really?"

"Hey, are you going to do it or not? If not, I won't eat." Seeing that Justin still didn't move, Vera put down the bowl and chopsticks, as if she was about to stand up.

He was not her nanny. Did he had to cook whatever she wanted?

He picked up the bowl and chopsticks and said, "Whatever, I don't care!"

"If I starve to death, how can you threaten Jason?"

Justin stopped picking up food and sighed, "I didn't expect you to be so smart."

Vera raised her head and snorted, "Don't you know who I am?"

"Hurry up. I'll hit the wall if I can't eat my food in an hour!" Vera urged discontentedly, "Oh, by the way, I only want Ward's barbecue. He's the most suitable cook for me."

Then Justin waved at the man in black standing by the wall.

As he approached, Justin ordered, "Buy her everything she wants!"

This... The man in black hesitated.

"Garry Xue, didn't you listen to my order?" asked Justin, glaring at him

Garry lowered his head immediately, "I'll do it right away."

"At No. XX, XX street. The signboard is Ward's Barbecue. Don't make a mistake." Vera kindly reminded him.

Garry glanced at her and left quickly.

An hour later, Vera had the delicious meal that she had missed for a long time.

Therefore, she smiled happily.

She didn't want to eat in the dining room, so she went upstairs to the study.

Garry followed.

Crossing her legs leisurely, Vera ate loudly and sighed from time to time.

"It's so delicious." She turned to look at Garry and raised the kebab in her hand, "Do you want to eat it?"

Garry glanced at her indifferently and turned his head, "Junk food is not good for health."

Humph! Vera thumped the table heavily, "How could this be junk food? Ward's barbecue is always conscientious, delicious and healthy!"

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