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   Chapter 64 Almost Raped

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"Bitch!" Bang, a fierce slap fell, Vera couldn't help but fall to one side. Samir coldly reminded her, "Don't be shameless!"


Jason came back a little late. He was very tired.

After having dinner in a hurry and washing up, he fell on the bed.

Merritt was so serious that he didn't say a word no matter how he threatened or tempted him.

There was a lot of evidence, but he refused to admit it.

When he was lying on the bed, he suddenly realized that he didn't see Vera.

He called someone who protected her.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jason. We lost her!"

"What? How dare you lose her?!" Jason suddenly widened his eyes, and the atmosphere around him dropped to a degree he could feel. He shouted, "What the hell are you doing? You can't even follow her!"

The main purpose of these people was to protect Vera. He didn't care what she would do or eat, of course, except for her safety.

"Sorry!" At this moment, it was unnecessary to explain.

"Find her!" Jason ordered, rolling his eyes quickly.

Not many people knew that Vera was his wife, but she was only an ordinary girl except for this.

She had no money, so it was very likely that he was going to rape her.

After all, Vera was very beautiful and attractive. Her facial features were soft and beautiful, which seemed not outstanding, but If one looked at her carefully, he would be attracted.

Jason's forehead twitched involuntarily. He frowned, paused and then called Franklyn.

When Jason was busy, Franklyn was even busier than him.

When Franklyn received the phone call, he was about to fall asleep.

He didn't want to answer the phone, but when he saw it was from Jason, he stood up and took it.

Offend Jason? He didn't dare to do that!

"Jason, are you crazy? Don't you know when it is now? Why do you call me?" He dared not disobey his order, but he should definitely scold him!

"Cut the crap and help me!"

"Who do you think you are? I'm the director of the police station!" Franklyn said proudly.

He would help with him except for the matter of Merritt.

"Vera is missing. Help me find her." Looking out of the window, he said in a lower voice, "If she can't show up in front of me safely, I won't let you go."

The veins on Franklyn's forehead kept twitching.

'Son of a bitch! How dare you threaten me?'

"You are my best friend. If you don't help me, I have to consider picking up your fault!"

His voice was still gentle, but with irresistible power.

"Damn it! If you dare to do that, I will tear you apart!" His blood pressure kept rising with anger!

Franklyn's weakness was his girlfriend he met when he first entered the government.

At that time, love was vigorous.

His girlfriend was called Ida, an ordinary girl, and he was young and powerful, so it was naturally inappropriate for them to be together. Their love was objected by everyone.

Franklyn wanted to take her away regardless of everything.

Unfortunately, he was caught back before he took a step forward.

And Ida a

t this moment!

"Honey, let me love you well and give you the ultimate experience! I promise you will love this feeling." Then he pounced on Vera.

Vera dodged nimbly.

She winked at him and said in a sweet voice, "It's my first time. Can you be gentle and slow? I heard that it hurts for the first time. I'm really afraid of pain."

"Don't worry." Samir patted his chest and promised, "I am experienced. So it won't hurt too much even for the first time."

"It doesn't hurt too much, but it also hurts." Vera bit her lips and stared at him pitifully, "You must promise to be gentle."

Samir nodded like a chicken pecking rice, "Don't worry!"

'How can it be true?' Vera thought to herself.

She acted coquettishly and looked around from the corner of her eyes.

There was a piece of wood in the corner, thicker than a wrist.

If only she could get the wood and hit him on the neck.

Looking at his lustful look, Vera's eyelids twitched.

All of a sudden, she was sure that if she didn't give him some benefits, she wouldn't be able to get the stick!

However, at the thought of the wretched old man lying on her, she felt particularly sick!

'Vera, why are you still so sentimental! Kiss!

Compared to fate, insult was nothing!'

She looked around blatantly, pointed to a place close to the wood and asked, "Can we change to another place?"

Humph! What an innocent and tough woman! She would finally compromise in front of threats!

"Just change it!" Well, he didn't believe that she could play any trick!

Vera didn't expect that he would agree so soon and she was secretly relieved. Blinking her bright eyes, she asked again, "Can I lie down on my own?" She raised her voice deliberately, moved her bare hand to her chest and rubbed it gently.

The blood vitality rushed to a certain place. Samir roared and nodded in agreement in a hurry.

Vera moved over and began to take off her clothes with her back to the stick.

After untying the second button, Samir pounced on her.

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