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   Chapter 30 Fake Account Book

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"I am fully in charge of Sun Group's affairs on behalf of the employees. It's better to ask me than ask my employees." In the face of Jason's sarcasm, Merritt fought back with a faint smile.

"Elliot is so scared that he trembles all over and almost pee. But you are still so serious and remain calm. Should I believe you, or the performance of Elliot?" Jason crossed his legs and smiled.

Merritt turned his head and looked at Elliot who was trembling, he was a little anger.

"Elliot have never been though such an event. He is just too happy to meet you. Mr. Jason, why do you still hold on?" He turned around and looked careless again.

"Humph! Merritt, how dare you! The superior ordered me to come here to investigate you. You should obey it, not think about how to escape the investigation! As the old saying goes, if you know your mistakes, it's never too late to correct it. You have a chance to start again. Why do you insist on it?" Jason angrily patted the armrest of the chair and stood up. He stared at Merritt with his oppressive eyes, and a low pressure spread around.

Facing Jason's sudden question, Merritt didn't panic at all, but smiled with wrinkles on his face.

"We both know it well. Now you are like a duck to water. You only need the evidence. What else do you want?" Merritt said indifferently and looked at Jason with gentle eyes.

Jason chuckled, "I will find out the evidence!" After saying that, he left in a huff.

The second day, Jason asked Elliot to give him the account book again.

The account book was a good thing and many problems could be seen from it.

This time, even though he knew it was a fake account book, he still read it with interest.

Elliot was trembling as usual, but he couldn't leave. Jason said he was very sad.

It took Jason an hour to finish reading the account book.

He drew out the suspicious parts with a blue pen and entered the CEO's office.

With a smile, Jason handed the account book to Merritt.

Merritt took it, glanced at it casually and threw it aside.

It was just a fake account book. He didn't believe that Jason could cause any trouble.

But he was wrong.

Jason not only caused a trouble, but also taught everyone a lesson. Even Dunn, who was far away in the entertainment circle, wasn't let go.

He gathered all the people in the hall and scolded them severely on the excuse of employees' carelessness. The sonorous and powerful voice and the low pressure from him frightened everyone.

Everyone knew that he was the major general of the army, who was outstanding and hot tempered.

After that, Jason went straight out of the company.

As soon as Merritt returned to his office, Secretary He sent him a pile of letters of resignation, including hers.

Merritt glanced at her expressionlessly, looked at her coldly and said in a gloomy voice, "Do you also want to resign?"

Secretary He looked into his eyes and nodded seriously, "I'm sorry, Mr. Merritt!"

Merritt's face darkened with anger.

"Mr. Merritt, please approve it!"

In just two days, half of Sun Group's employees had left.

Vera rested at home for three days. After Jason made sure that she was fine, she began to work.

She was a fashion designer. Although her work was not heavy, she was under a lot of pressure.

After all, it was a formal company and competition was inevitable.

Milan fashion week was not far away. The superior ordered that every designer must show their works.

Vera was new here. If she couldn't give out a satisfactory work, her career in the company would be even more difficult.

Realizing it, she had been working hard these days.

Without inspiration, she flipped through books and read the company's history and previous successful cases.

As a result, she didn't have free time anymore. Every time she got home, it was late.

She had told Jason that she was too busy to go home for dinner on time and asked him not to wait for her.

But Jason had never had dinner before Vera went home, which made him feel warm and realize that Jason was also a good man.

One day, she went home very late. She didn't get home until about eleven o'clock.

The light in the living room was on, and Jason's deep eyes were fixed on her. He asked, "What kind of work you are doing? You are busier than me?"

Vera knew she was indefensible, so she explained, "I checked some information and was obsessed with it. It was very late when I found it."

Jason snorted and didn't say anything. He went into the kitchen and heated the dishes.

Vera was already starving. Seeing the delicious food, she rushed to it and wolfed it down.

Looking at her eating, Jason reminded her indifferently, "Don't gobble it up. It's not good for your stomach."

Vera didn't listen to him and continued to eat. She didn't stop until she was seventy or eighty percent full. She drank some water, patted her chest and exhaled.

"Hey, did you do something to the Sun Group?" Vera said casually, looking at the delicate dishes.

"Why do you ask about it?" Jason said in a low and deep voice. It was hard to tell whether he was in a good mood or not. He looked at her with his deep eyes.

Vera shrugged and smiled, "Nothing. It's just a casual


"You'd better stay out of the Sun Group's business. There are many things against the law and discipline. When I get the evidence, they will be punished!" Especially Merritt!

Vera nodded. Thinking of Dunn's gentle appearance, she couldn't help feeling bitter.

On the second day, Jason went to the Sun Group early in the morning and read the fake account book with great interest as before.

He looked carefully and gathered everyone to scold them as soon as there was a problem.

Some revealed the news, and then the Sun Group's stock suddenly dropped, and everyone was selling. For a moment, the Sun Group was in a turmoil.

'What should I do?'

Merritt was so anxious in the office that he couldn't let Jason succeed!

However, he couldn't think of any way. He had no choice but to ask Dunn come back.

Dunn, who had hurriedly finished his work and rushed back, sat in a corner of the sofa, indifferent to the situation discussed by his family.

Was there any room for manoeuvre now?

Even if Jason hadn't found the evidence, the Sun family would be in such a difficult situation that no one would help them. Was there was need to struggle?

"Dunn, do you have any idea?" Merritt turned to Dunn and asked.

Dunn looked steadily forward and said, "I have no idea." He sighed and looked into Merritt's eyes. "Dad, give up. Don't struggle anymore."

Merritt's face changed in an instant. He stared at his rebellious son with gloomy eyes and gritted his teeth, "Dunn, I asked you to come back to help me find a way. I didn't ask you to rub salt on my wound!"

He also knew that it was useless, but he was not reconciled!

"It's not a bad thing that salt can help you recognize the truth." Taking a newspaper from the tea table, Dunn looked down without any expression on his face.


"I'm here."

"Get out!" Merritt huffed.

Dunn immediately put down the newspaper and left without looking back.

Looking at the arrogant and resolute back of his son, Merritt felt that the anger in his chest was even more violent.

Damn it! Damn it!

Dunn thought it would take a few days, so he delayed the work schedule for nearly three days. He didn't expect to be driven out in only half a day.

But it was a good chance for him to enjoy the scenery of the capital city.

Since he became famous, he had been busy with his work. It was rare for him to calm down and enjoy the scenery.

Dunn wore a vest, a pair of worn jeans and canvas shoes, and a pair of sunglasses that could cover 1/3 of his face. His black hair was dyed golden yellow, and his steps were frivolous. Even in Sanlitun, no one could recognize him who was a popular idol.

On that day, Vera happened to come to Sanlitun for inspiration.

They met by chance. She recognized Dunn at a glance even though he looked so different from what he usually looked like, a modest, self-disciplined gentleman.

Vera was stunned. She turned around and was about to leave, but her wrist was grabbed by Dunn. "Vera, you don't want to see me, do you?"

His tone was full of pain and regret, which was obvious to the smart Vera.

However, what could she do to change the situation now? Some excuses could only be used to deceive outsiders, and her heart could not be deceived.

Taking a deep breath, Vera turned to look at Dunn, "You abandoned me. Do I have to shamelessly come up to beg for your forgiveness?"

"Vera, I didn't mean that."

"No matter what you mean, we can't go back." Vera looked at him word by word.

She clearly saw the pain in his handsome eyes. She bit her lips hard and forced back the tears that had wet her eyes.

"Dunn, since you said the word 'break up', we can't continue." Vera shook off his hand, turned around and left.

Unwilling to give up, Dunn tried again.

Vera shook him again and warned him, "Dunn, don't make me look down upon you!"

After saying that, she turned around and continued to walk away.

This time, Dunn didn't go after her. He just stared blankly at Vera's receding figure. He knew they couldn't go back.

Vera lost her interest because of Dunn's interruption. When she returned to the villa, it was only five o'clock in the afternoon. To her surprise, Jason was sitting on the sofa waiting for her.

It seemed that he had something to say.

Vera sat down on the sofa opposite Jason and directly ignored him. She opened her backpack and checked the design drawing.

Jason stared at her for a while and said slowly, "Where did you go and who did you meet today?"

Vera looked up at him, lowered her head and continued what she was doing, answered his question with silence.

Jason patiently asked again, "Tell me, where did you go? Who did you meet? "

"I'm free. It's none of your business." Jason's questioning made Vera very unhappy, so she simply retorted.

As soon as she finished her words, Jason's face darkened to the extreme. He gritted his teeth and repeated word by word, "Tell me, where did you go and who did you meet?"

"Jason, I don't love you. You can't ask me to be sincere." Facing Jason's anger, Vera looked firm and calm. Her big eyes twinkled with unyielding light.

"Vera, are you courting death?" Jason roared and sat next to her.

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