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   Chapter 29 Make Peace

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Jason rushed over, grabbed the doctor's collar and asked anxiously, "Doctor, how is she? Will she be in danger? "

The doctor was out of breath because of Jason. His face turned red.

"You, let me go!" He patted Jason and looked at him as if he was a lunatic. "Are you insane?"

"You!" Jason suddenly raised his fist.

"The patient just has an ordinary cold. Please go through the procedure to register for treatment first and then take the medicine." Before he could punch the doctor, Jason heard what the doctor said that he put down his fist and rushed to the emergency room to take Vera out.

Because of anxiety, Jason didn't listen to the doctor's instructions to register to see the doctor. Instead, he directly rushed into the nearest diagnosis room and asked the doctor to check for Vera.

He thought that it was just an ordinary cold, and any doctor could cure it.

This was a female doctor. When Jason came in, she was checking on another patient. The sudden movement scared her. She was stunned for a minute with her mouth half open.

"Sir, what are you doing?" She asked with a smile.

"Check for her, or I'll kill you!" Jason said domineeringly.

"What disease?"

"She caught a cold."

Hearing this, the female doctor's mouth twitched, and then she made a gesture of welcome to him with a smile. "This is the Otolaryngology Department, only receiving relevant patients."

As soon as she finished speaking, a pair of hands appeared on her neck. Jason frowned and looked murderous. He glanced at the female doctor who didn't want to check for Vera and threatened, "If you don't check for her, I'll kill you first!"

"You..." The female doctor was speechless and trembled with fear.

"Are you going to check for her or not?" Jason tightened his grip.

"Ahem, ahem, look, look..." The female doctor, who was almost out of breath, compromised.

Jason let go of her and carefully held Vera in front of her.

After testing her temperature, the female doctor wrote down a line of words on the prescription note and explained, "She is thirty-nine point two degrees Celsius. She has to bring down fever first." At this moment, the female doctor was completely rational.

After saying that, she handed the prescription note to him. "Go to pay the bill first, and then go to the transfusion room. After the physical cooling, you can call Doctor Fang, his phone number is at the bottom. Call him and ask him to wait for you in the transfusion room."

Jason took the note, picked up Vera and ran for it.

Jason didn't want to waste time, so he cut in the line. With anger in his eyes, he ordered the nurse to take action as soon as possible. After taking the medicine, he handed the paper and mobile phone to the man in a suit next to him and ordered him to make a call.

The man was frightened by Jason's imposing manner. He convey his words to Doctor Fang.

Then he rushed into the transfusion room.

The nurse saw patient and came over. One of them took the note and said something to the person next to her. The person smiled and reached out his hand to Jason, asking him to give her the medicine.

After handing in the medicine, he was asked out with by the nurse with a smile.

Jason didn't move. "She is my wife. Who dares to ask me avoid?"

Vera woke up from the torment of headache and happened to hear his words. Her face flushed.

Physical cooling involved some private parts. Generally speaking, even spouse had to avoid it.

"Jason, can you get out?" Vera said in a hoarse voice. Her eyes were filled with tears because of the pain, looking pitiful.

After hearing that, Jason turned around and left without saying a word.

Vera wondered when he became so easy-going.

When Jason walked to the door, Doctor Fang came over.

He wanted to go in, but was stopped by Jason. The smart Doctor Fang immediately guessed that it was the person who called.

The physical cooling didn't last long, and it ended in five minutes.

Then Doctor Fang checked for Vera and confirmed that she just caught a common cold.

Since her body temperature had dropped, she didn't need to stay in the hospital any longer. After taking the medicine, she was ready to go home.

But when Jason came to the parking space with Vera in his arms, his face turned cold.

Looking at the group of people surrounding the car, Jason could not help but burst into anger again.

"How dare you stop my car?"

Jeanne walked up to him with a smile, "Nice to meet you again."

"Why do you stop me since you know who I am?" Jason had a good memory. Last time, Vera was also sick. He ran many red lights all the way and even fought with these policemen when he arrived at the hospital.

"Mr. Jason is a soldier. Doubly guilty." Jeanne's eyes were full of determination, neither humble nor pushy.

"Jason, let them go. I'm tired and want to go home and have a rest." Lying in Jason's arms, Vera said softly. Although her fever was brought down, she was still weak and needed more rest.

"Okay." Jason lowered his eyes and looked at Vera's pale face gently. Then he turned around and walked out.

Jeanne hurried forward to stop him, and said in a sincere and firm tone, "Mr. Jason, please go with us."

Jason snorted and walked past her.

Jeanne didn't give up and chased after him again.

"Please go with us, Mr. Jason."

"Why are you so annoying? What else do you want me to do? Believe it or not, I'll kill you! " Jason had a bad temper and had been commending for many years. If Vera hadn't said that she was tired, he would not have turned around and left.

It's o

kay that this woman doesn't appreciate his kindness. She even went too far!

Seeing that he was about to get angry, Vera comforted him in a hurry. Jason snorted and didn't take it seriously.

Then she looked at Jeanne and said, "I'm sorry. I'm really not in good health today. Can you deal with the violation some other day?"

As Vera spoke, she patted Jason's chest, who nodded with a dark face.

Her attitude was so gentle and courteous. If she continued to pester him, it would seem that she was too unthoughtful.

After thinking for a while, Jeanne made way for them.

After returning home, Jason put Vera on the bed, covered her with the quilt and went downstairs.

Vera felt dizzy and closed her eyes to rest.

About half an hour later, a bowl of delicious rice porridge appeared in front of her.

Jason lifted a corner of her quilt and touched her cheek. He said in a soft voice, "Eat porridge first, and then take medicine."

Vera opened her eyes and looked at him in a daze.

Is this Jason? In his memory, Jason was strong and violent, and the word "gentle" had nothing to do with him.

Jason blew on the porridge to make sure it was not hot, and then fed her with a spoon.

"You are not Jason." Vera said with certainty.

Jason was stunned by her sudden words.

"Jason will never be gentle to me."

"I'm not Jason. Then who am I?" Jason asked back with a smile on his face.

She didn't expect him to be so gentle. He didn't expect that either.

If he wasn't Jason, who would he be? Vera was lost in thought.

"Vera, health is the most important. Eat this bowl of porridge first." Jason just wanted to tease her, but he didn't expect that she really thought about it.

"Are you a mutant?" When Jason was about to feed her, Vera suddenly said.

Jason's face darkened.

He really wanted to kill her!

Vera burst into laughter. Now she was sure that the man was Jason.

She didn't expect that she would be so moved when he became gentle.

"Will you eat or not? The porridge is getting cold. " What was Vera giggled for? Jason's face darkened, but his tone became softer.

Vera opened her mouth and raised her eyebrows at him.

Jason chuckled with a smile on his face.

Like her servant, he fed her porridge, water and medicine obediently.

Jason got the surveillance video in the Sun Group, and the firewall of the computer had been upgraded to the military level. He went out early and came back late in the past two days to look for the evidence of the crime of the Sun Group.

Since Jason came, Merritt had been behaved well and his business had become much worse.

The people targeted by Jason were usually seriously punished and had a wide range of impact. The news had already been spread out.

In order to protect themselves, they had broken off the cooperation with the Sun Group. They were willing to pay a huge amount of compensation for it.

After searching for a period of time, Jason didn't find anything wrong. At last, he checked the account book.

It was possible that smuggling was not mixed with the Sun Group.

He came to the financial office and asked to check the account book.

Account book was the most sensitive to the problems of an enterprise. Of course, the premise was that it was true.

Jason took the printed account book handed over by Elliot of the financial department gingerly and sat aside to read it.

Jason was a capable man. Although his family was not engaged in business, he was knowledgeable and thoughtful.

While reading the account book, he observed the performance of Elliot, the head of financial department.

With Jason's presence, how could he work normally? It was almost impossible.

Most people's bodies were shaking, especially Elliot.

Needless to say, there must be something wrong with the account book in his hand.

"Damn it!" Jason threw the bill book away and stared at Elliot with his malicious eyes.

Elliot was frightened by his imposing manner and trembled more violently.

With a mocking smile on his thin lips, Jason slowly approached him. "So far, don't you want to explain what's going on with this account book?"

Elliot pretended to be calm, but he didn't dare to look into Jason's eyes. He lowered his head and explained in a trembling voice, "I just work for the company. How could I know that there is something wrong with the account book?"

"Don't you know?"

The financial department is the key department to a company. As the head of the financial department, it was not difficult for him to do something. At the same time, the head of the financial department should be very clear about the company's situation.

When it came to the violation of the law, people would usually find acquaintances to do it. It was inconceivable that Merritt used an outsider.

"Elliot, don't play dumb with me. If you don't admit that there is something wrong with the account book, I will stay here!"

"You!" Elliot looked up at Jason in a hurry, only to find that Jason was looking at him firmly. His sternness was hidden by Jason, and he had a feeling unparalleled in the world.

"Elliot, you'd better be obedient, or I can't guarantee what I will do." Jason smiled happily.

"Mr. Jason, Elliot just works here. You don't have to be serious with him." Merritt came with a smile and stood in front of Elliot, "I'm the chairman of the Sun Group. If you have any questions, just ask me. Why do you have to make things difficult for my subordinate, Mr. Jason?"

Jason glanced at him coldly and said disdainfully, "You are just the president of the Sun Group."

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