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   Chapter 28 Insidious

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Even though Wilson comforted her, she still felt uncomfortable with a lot of air blocking in her chest.

Jason glanced at her disappointed expression and said shamelessly, "You should be content. There are too many people who want to marry me in the capital city. You are lucky to marry me!"

Vera snorted with contempt, "Save it. How could it be lucky to marry you? What a great misfortune! "

"Vera, you are courting death!" Jason roared, raising his hand murderously.

"Jason, calm down!" Seeing that they were about to quarrel again, Wilson stopped them immediately and hit him mercilessly with his crutch.

Even Jason, who was strong, was beaten to grunt.

It could be seen how heavy the blow was.

Before dinner, Jason introduced his family to Vera. Although Vera was not happy, she still returned with a smile politely.

After dinner, Vera was called to the study room by Wilson.

"Vera, you are the first person who can make Jason soft down so far." Holding his crutch, Wilson walked to the mural and looked at it carefully.

Vera didn't believe it and stuck out her tongue naughtily, "Uncle, you are joking."

"Why do you still call me uncle?" Wilson looked at her with obvious intention.

Vera understood, but she didn't change.


"Call me dad. You are Jason's wife. You should call me dad."

"I..." Vera choked with sobs. She hated Jason, and she married him unwillingly. How could she call him father?

"Vera, you have to believe in my judgment. You will be happy together." Wilson didn't force Vera, but said firmly.

Would they be happy?

Vera sneered, "How could we be happy?"

"Don't be stubborn and don't insist. Put away your thorns and give Jason and yourself some time. If you still don't like Jason after half a year, I will help you divorce him. " Wilson tried his best to persuade her. He couldn't bear to see her desolation.

Vera shook her head, "I won't give him even one day, let alone half a year."


"I have a lover, but I broke up with him because Jason. I hate what he had done. How can I be willing to be with him? " Vera looked into Wilson's eyes and said seriously.

Hearing this, Wilson raised his eyebrows. His wrinkled face flashed with surprise. "Did he really hurt you to an irreparable extent?"

Vera nodded.

"Go and ask Jason to come here." Wilson said angrily.

Vera replied, turned around and left.

Wait, wait, wait.

Since his father could control Jason, what was the matter with the regained marriage?

Smart Vera quickly thought of it and turned to look at Wilson in disbelief.

"Uncle, did you ask Jason to force me to marry him?" Jason was tough, but his father was not weak either. He could drive him to the grassroots level and lock him up. How could he not make a decision on the marriage?

She was trapped by Jason and his father!

Wilson smiled but said nothing.

"Uncle, why did you do that? You know I dislike Jason and even hate him. " Vera suppressed her anger, her shoulders trembling, "In order to escape from the marriage, I lied to others, and I broke up with Dunn because of him."

What a funny scene.

It was so funny!

Hearing Vera's question, Wilson only replied, "Jason is more suitable for you than Dunn."

It's so funny. He was not her. How could he know who was more suitable for her?

Vera didn't know how she got out of the Zhang family. She only knew that she had been crying all the way.

Jason kept frowning.

In his eyes, Vera was strong, brave and beautiful. He never thought that she was also fragile.

He tried to wipe the tears on her face several times, but she glared at him.

The car stopped in the garage of the villa. Jason got out of the car and saw that Vera was unmoved.

"Vera, we are home." He reminded her.

Vera pretended not to hear, tears falling silently.

Jason frowned even more. He was anxious and helpless.

He didn't know what his father had told her that made her cried like this. And her attitude was even worse.

Jason was confused and didn't know what to say.

He scratched his head anxiously and glanced at her from time to time. He was anxiously spinning in the same place.

"Cry, cry, cry. You just know to cry. How long you are going to cry?" Anxiety made Jason lose his patience.

Vera looked at him indifferently, and decisively unbuckled her seat belt and got off the car.

She raised her hand and slapped Jason across the face.

"Why did you slap me?" Jason asked, burning with anger.

"I was in a bad mood, so I slap you!" Vera raised her hand and slapped Jason again.

The slaps on each side of his face was extremely symmetrical.

"You..." Jason gritted his teeth and ground them hard.

"If it weren't because of you, I wouldn't have broken up with Dunn. If it weren't because of you, I still have a simple and happy life now. If it weren't because of you, I wouldn't have been set up..." Vera counted the crimes of him one by one. Flames were burning in the depths of her indifferent glazed eyes. "People in Your Zhang family was very powerful. You don't even blink your eyes when calculating people. Poor me, I really think that n

obody could control you, Jason."

"Vera!" Jason roared, "I'm not as embarrassing as you said!"

"Oh, really? Then how noble and great do you think you are? "

"I..." Jason was speechless.

After all, he was a major general in the army and had a majestic demeanor. How could he be so unbearable when he was with her.

He was so angry but he couldn't say a word to defend himself.

"You are all insidious and cunning!" After saying that, Vera turned around and left. The direction was outside.

"Vera!" Seeing that she was about to leave, Jason quickly caught up with her and grabbed her wrist. "Who allows you to leave?"

Vera looked up at him coldly, "It's none of your business where I go. Who are you to me? "

"You are my wife. It's my business."

"The so-called wife is just a name. You forced me to do that, but it's not substantial. I don't admit it." She looked down at her wrist and said coldly, "Let me go!"

"No, I won't let you go for the rest of my life!" Facing the cold Vera, Jason could only stubbornly insist.

You won't let me go, will you? Vera squinted and suddenly raised his hand and bit him.

She bit him with all of her strength. After a while, blood gushed out.

Jason didn't even frown. He looked down at his hand which was bitten by her, with a smile on his face unexpectedly.

Vera bit him hard until her anger subsided.

Her crimson lips were stained with blood, and her eyes were shining. She pointed at his nose and scolded, "Don't think that I will let you go in this way!"

His handsome eyes swept over her. Jason raised his hand to look at the wound and said casually, "That's it? Can you bite a little deeper?"

"You..." Vera widened her eyes, "You think it's not enough?"

Her teeth were sore!

His sharp eyes swept over her with disdain. Jason snorted, "Do you still want to fight with me with such strength?"


The two of them had been in this state for a long time.

Although Vera still wanted to escape, she had to live in peace because she would be discovered before taking any action.

Life was peaceful and stable. Although she was imprisoned, Jason allowed her to go out to work and contact others, but every move was under his monitoring.

The real turning point was on the weekend.

That day, Vera got sick and felt dizzy.

Jason went out for business, and the servants were also cleared up by her with an excuse of eyesore. At this time, she was the only one in the big villa.

At first, Vera was not seriously ill. She thought maybe she would recover after a sleep, but she didn't expect that she would be even worse after a sleep.

Biting her lips, she endured the dizziness and got out of bed. Her phone was on the dressing table. She had to get it for help.

As soon as she stood on the ground, Vera felt dizzy and had to sit back on the bed to rest.

After a short rest, she tried to stand up again.

But this time, she felt more dizzy. She couldn't see where the bed was. Lowering her head, Vera tried to see the ground clearly. However, it didn't work. She couldn't see anything clearly.

After thinking for a while, Vera decided to lie prone forward.

Her head was dizzy and painful, so she couldn't see the road clearly. She simply ignored it and moved forward in darkness.

Jason saw it when he came back.

"Vera, what's wrong with you?" Jason strode over and hugged her, his eyes were full of worry.

Vera tried to open her eyes, but found that she could see nothing.

"Jason, where... Where are you?" She said in a panic and helpless voice. She touched his face with her hands upward, and her eyes were wide open, but she couldn't see his face. She felt stuffy in her chest and difficult to breathe.

"Vera, can't you see?" Jason frowned in disbelief and looked serious.

"Take me to the hospital. It's not a big deal." Even though she was very uncomfortable, Vera still maintained her sanity and smiled at Jason.

Jason finally came to his senses.

He patted his head, lifted Vera up and walked quickly to the garage.

Jason drove so fast that he didn't know how many red lights he had run and how many police cars were following him.

"Help! Help!" Jason shouted anxiously, "First aid please."

Several doctors and nurses came from the corner.

The nurse pushed a stretcher here. Jason put Vera on the stretcher, and then they pushed Vera to the emergency room.

The door of the emergency room was closed and the traffic police came.

"Give me your driver's license." The young police officer in the lead showed his identification to Jason.

With his hands in his pockets, Jason glared at him and shouted, "Get out!"

The policeman was stunned. He had never seen such an arrogant person before.

"Sir, please cooperate with my work."

"She is blind." You don't even recognize my special license plate number. How could you be a policeman?' Jason smiled.

His father was the only one who dared to discipline him in the capital except a few superiors.

Breaking the traffic rules? As easy as pie!

"Is the patient's family here?" The doctor walked out of the emergency room while removing his mask.

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