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   Chapter 23 Forced Marriage 2

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"Waah... Waah... How can you do this to me? After all, I'm your brother and your benefactor." After getting in the car, Franklyn complained and looked at his red hand with tears in his eyes.

Jason said coldly, "shut up!"

Jason was speechless! How could his friend be so noisy?

Franklyn elbowed at Jason with one hand. At this time, Jason started the car and stepped hard on it. The car flew far away!

"Franklyn, you are courting death!" Franklyn's incessant disturbance made Jason impatient. He simply stopped the car and looked at the man in the front passenger seat with his arms crossed.

Franklyn flattered him in a second and patted him on the shoulder with a smile, "I'm just kidding? Don't make a fuss? "

"Franklyn!" Jason roared in a loud voice, which made Franklyn feel that the car was shaking.

Franklyn smiled more flatteringly.

Affected by Vera's sunny image, Jeffrey was about to find a job.

Although there were many jobs in the capital, they were all physical work, which Jeffrey didn't want to do. He wanted to be like Vera, knowledgeable, capable, free and relaxed, and rigorous at work.

However, he just graduated from junior high school. No one was willing to take a new comer without any foundation!

Jeffrey, who couldn't find a suitable job, came here unconsciously.

No one would know his past here. He could concentrate on new life.

However, the new life he imagined did not come. People without education and skills were always disliked wherever they went.

"Sorry, we only recruit college students."

"Sorry, we need workers, not apprentices."

"Do you think you are qualified to stand here?"

All kinds of refusal echoed in his mind, and Jeffrey felt even more inferior.

Walking aimlessly on the road, he unexpectedly met Vera unconsciously.

She was still her, smart, cute, kind and enthusiastic. At this time, she danced happily in the flowers. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Jeffrey couldn't help but be attracted by her. As she spun, he was happy.

Vera was immersed in the fragrance of flowers and didn't notice the gentle sight.

When she had enjoyed enough, she realized that there was not much time left.

Jason was not an ordinary person. She couldn't stay in a place for too long. The bank cards that were handled in her name couldn't be used, and her ID card couldn't be used either.

ID card was necessary for taking a plane, and so was necessary for taking a train. Only taking a bus could without ID card.

After watching, Vera was depressed.

"Vera ." When Vera passed by Jeffrey, he called her.

Vera raised her head from deep thought.

Seeing that it was Jeffrey, she smiled brightly, "Why are you here?"

Jeffrey pouted and winked at her pitifully, acting cute, "why not me?"

"Oh, by the way, you left in a hurry last time. I forgot to ask for your phone number. Can you give it to me?" Jeffrey was afraid that something unexpected would happen, so he said quickly.

"Okay." Vera answered without hesitation. She took out her phone, unlocked it and asked for his number.

"My number is..."

"Oh, no, if I dare to use my phone, I'm sure that Stud Jaxon will find me in a short time!" Vera suddenly raised her eyes, opened them wide and said in surprise.

"What?" Jeffrey was confused by her action. "What are you talking about, Vera ?"

Vera glanced at him and sighed, "Stud Jaxon is forcing me to marry him!"

Stud Jaxon? The name sounded familiar.

Jeffrey lowered his head and thought for a while. Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at Vera in disbelief. "Are you talking about Jason Zhang, the most famous Casanova in the capital!?"

Vera nodded sadly.

It took her a lot of efforts to escape, and she couldn't be caught back again.

Oh my God! How famous is Vera's family? Jeffrey gasped and widened his eyes.

The Zhang family was the most famous family in the capital. The people of Zhang family were outstanding in every aspect, especially Jason.

He had been in the army for only ten years, but now he had become a colonel! It was a special soldier!

When Jeffrey sighed, Vera was worried about how to escape and where to rest.

"Vera, you are so lucky." After being surprised for a long time, Jeffrey squeezed out such a sentence, and the admiration in his tone was obvious.

Vera smiled bitterly and sighed, "how could I be lucky? Stud Jaxon is a famous celebrity, but we have no feelings for each other. Living together is just adding trouble. " How could she be so lucky?

Vera was a little tired after playing for a long time. She pointed at the coffee shop not far away and said, "it's too hot. Let's have a seat over there."

In the cafe.

Vera ordered a cup of cappuccino, turned around and rested quietly.

Compared with Vera's natural and comfortable life, Jeffrey was much more uneasy.

He had never been to a coffee shop, so he didn't know the etiquette at all, nor did he know what was suitable for him on the menu.

Looking at the menu in front of him, Jeffrey couldn't make up his mind. He couldn't understand what kind of coffee it was or what kind of Noah it was.

"Have you made your choice?" The waiter couldn't wai

t any longer and asked with a smile.

"I..." Jeffrey blushed and didn't know what to say.

Vera turned her head slowly and took a look at the red faced Jeffrey. It was not until then that she realized that he was not familiar with coffee.

So she ordered a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for him, "no sugar, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee."

"Cappuccino, Mocha, these are the sweet milk tea. Men don't like it. Coffee is bitter, and among them, latte is the bitterest. And Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is very gentle, almost not bitter." Vera explained simply. Jeffrey looked at her face and carefully took every word she said.

"But there's nothing to eat for Western food. I'm tired of eating abroad for a few years, and the taste is only a few, expensive and little. It's not as colorful as my Chinese food."

As she spoke, Vera lowered her head and took a sip. When she was drinking, she suddenly looked up and said, "ah, my bad memory. How could I almost forget that you are also an adult!"

Confused, Jeffrey asked, "what's wrong?"

"Lend me your ID card. I'm going to Nanjing."

"Vera, can't you use yours?" Jeffrey realized that she wanted to go somewhere else with his identity card.

"How dare I use my ID card since Stud Jaxon is so famous?" Vera winked at him naughtily, "I don't even dare to bother Ava!"

Vera was sure that Jason would go to Ava.

That girl would definitely betray her!

"Well, Vera, you are here!" Jason gnashed his teeth and approached. Vera felt a chill on her back and her heart jolted.

Why was he so fast?

Jason, who rushed at Jeffrey with the wind speed, looked at him coldly and kicked his sofa.

Without precaution, Jeffrey was kicked to the ground.

Straightening his coat, Jason sat opposite her with a smile.

"You are so smart. You know how to hide from me. But do you think you can hide for a lifetime? "

Vera giggled, just like an eunuch sucking up to her in the TV play. "Well, Stud Jaxon, you can't say that."

She stared at Jeffrey who was kicked away.

Remember it! You will pay for kicking Jeffrey!

"Then what should I say?" Jason replied with a fake smile, and his eyes were filled with coldness. "Vera, stop thinking your small secret in your mind!"

Vera hurriedly waved her hand and said seriously, "how can you say that was small secret? You are 30 years old, right? I'm only 25. It's said that there is a generation gap between three years old. We have two generation gaps. Besides, you're 30 years old, and I'm still in my prime. It's not appropriate for me to marry you, old man!. So, please let me go. "

Franklyn was a little late to deal with his work. He didn't expect to hear such explosive words.


Old man! Old man! Finally, someone exposed his true colors!

"Franklyn!" Jason's face darkened. He looked at the man with an ice knife and asked, "do you want to die?"

Franklyn couldn't help laughing. He covered his stomach and squatted down.

He couldn't help but burst into laughter!

Everyone knew that Jason hated to be bullied by others use such an old age. This girl not only bullied him, but also said seriously and righteously. He must be very angry now.

Blamed! Jason glanced at the coffee on the table and threw it to Franklyn without hesitation.

Franklyn didn't notice that the cup of coffee was all poured on his face. Franklyn's ironed clothes were in a mess.

He glared at Jason with a dark face.

After all, he was the director of the police station. He should at least show some respect. How could really Jason do it!

Someone clenched his fists.

Jason didn't show any weakness. He clenched his fists more loudly than Franklyn did!

Jeffrey couldn't help laughing and stepped back a little. They were from the same world, and he was just an ordinary person who had accidentally entered the immortal realm.

Loneliness rose from the bottom of his heart.

For a moment, the two of them were at loggerheads. The guests nearby were shocked by the fierce momentum of the two and ran quickly.

After a while, Franklyn was defeated.

He rolled his eyes at Jason and said, "can't you just let me go? You have to compete with me at school. Now you still have to when we are work. "

Jason crossed his arms in anger and looked at Franklyn contemptuously, "hum."

Vera rolled her eyes quickly. She stared at the two angry people in front of her and then looked at the door not far away.

Yes, it was at this moment

It would be too late if she didn't run away now!

Slowly lowering her body, she stared at Jason and moved aside slowly.


A loud noise attracted the attention of the two quarrelling people.

Vera, who touched the corner of the table, endured the pain and chuckled, "I... I didn't mean it." She racked her brain to think of an excuse.

Seeing this, Jason knew clearly what Vera was thinking!

He strode forward and grabbed her with one hand. His eyes were burning with anger, and the hair fixed on his head by the hair gel stood up one by one. He gritted his silver teeth and said, "Vera, you don't want to marry me, do you?"

Vera nodded without looking sideways and said seriously, "yes, I don't want to."

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