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   Chapter 21 Sun Group

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She came to the hotel where Dunn stayed in a hurry. After calming down a little, Vera knocked on the door.

Dunn was so noisy that he became more impatient when he heard the knock on the door. Annoyed, he buried his head in the quilt and decided to ignore it to the end.

Vera was patient. If he didn't open the door, she would keep pressing.

Finally, Dunn couldn't stand anymore and to open the door.

"Why don't you give me a break... Vivian. " Seeing that it was Vera, Dunn immediately stopped talking.

Then he turned around indifferently and asked, "what are you doing here?"

Vera was not frightened by his indifference. She smiled brightly and said, "Dunn, let's have a talk."

Dunn cast a sidelong glance at her and teased, "what else do you want to talk about? Didn't you see everything? "

"I don't believe what I see. I want you to tell me personally." Vera's firm eyes fell on his gentle and handsome face.

"Ha ha." Dunn sneered, "I don't want to explain anything. But it's fair now. You were having fun with the hooligans on the way. My last scandal was quite good. "

"Dunn, I can explain what happened that time."

"Explain what? What else could you explain? I admit that I went too far that day. But why did you do that? Why did you turn around and throw yourself into someone else's arms? Have you ever thought about my feelings? " Dunn said sarcastically, with an expression that Vera couldn't understand.

Dunn took a look at Vera's unbelievable and heartbroken expression and tried to suppress his pity.

"That's the truth. It's useless to explain."

"So you treat me so cruelly, don't you?" Vera covered her chest, but her heart was getting colder and colder. "Dunn, you really disappoint me."

Tears were welling up in her eyes. Thinking of what had happened before, Vera smiled with self-mockery. "I thought you were still the Dunn I loved, but it turned out that I was too wrong."

"Vivian, let's break up." Seeing her crying, Dunn not only didn't comfort her, but also threw a huge stone, which shocked Vera.

Vera widened her eyes and couldn't believe what she had heard. "Dunn, what did you say?"

Dunn took a deep breath, looked into her eyes and said word by word, "Vivian, let's break up."

"Dunn!" Vera raised her hand suddenly.

Dunn stood straight, staring at her with his deep and bottomless eyes, without fear.

Vera's hand stopped in the air and tears fell uncontrollably.

Dunn looked sideways.

"Ha ha, it's good to break up." Vera wiped her tears, shrugged her shoulders and left indifferently.

After making sure that Vera had gone far, Dunn looked at the direction she left with deep and painful eyes.

Then he closed the door and called Jason.

"I have broken up with Vivian. Can you let go of the Sun Group now?" Yes, he gave up Vivian for the Sun Group.

How could he compete with Jason for nothing? As long as Vivian still loved him, there was still a chance.

Jason joked, "can't you pretend to be pure and lofty?"

Dunn's face darkened and shouted coldly, "cut the crap. Tell me the truth."

"I can let you go, but I can't let the Sun Group go."

"You!" Dunn clenched his phone, veins standing out on his forehead, "Jason, you broke your promise!"

"I won't keep my promise. What do you think? You know better than I do about the Sun Group. What's the benefit of bending the law for selfish ends to me? But just use it to test you. The result is quite satisfactory. " Then Jason hung up the phone.

After answering the phone, Dunn slid down the wall like a deflated balloon.

Now, he had nothing.

On the other side, Jason was driving leisurely. His eyes fell on the phone. He found the number he had called a few days ago and dialed it.

After a short while, Jason only said, "cancel the ban on Dunn and suppress the gossip."

As he spoke, he looked around from the corner of his eyes. When he saw a beautiful figure, he stepped on the brake.

The man still wanted to talk to him, so Jason made up an excuse and hung up the phone.

"Your foot hasn't fully recovered yet. Why don't you take a taxi?" Vera was very stupid. She had studied for many years, but she still didn't get the easy driver's license.

Jason's gentle voice came from above. Vera was stunned for a moment, and then said sarcastically, "what are you doing here? Congratulations! You saw my joke. "

Jason couldn't help frowning and said helplessly, "don't always pull up your thorns when you see me!"

"Then what should I do to you? Fawning on you like others? Sorry, I can't do it, and I despise it! "

"You!" Jason clenched and loosened his hands. His anger was boiling in his chest and his blood was boiling. "Vera, do you really look down upon me so much?"

Vera nodded, "yes, I just look down upon you!"

Jason was so angry that he wanted to knock the girl in front of him unconscious and take her away!

"I don't understand. You are so excellent and there are many pursuers. Why do you insist on marrying me?" Vera was in a bad mood. She said with a bit of frustration and self-mockery, "I'm just an or

dinary girl. What I want is also very ordinary. I really don't deserve the fame of you."

"Who can escape from me, I am Jason Zhang?" Staring at her pretty face, Jason had an idea in his mind.

Well, that's it!

Without further ado, Jason bent down and carried her in his arms, walking towards his black Land Rover.

Vera was stunned for a moment. When she realized what had happened, she patted Jason's back hard and kicked his solid back more mercilessly. Although the sprained foot hurt herself when it kicked his back, Vera was not ready to let him go.

"Stud Jaxon, put me down!"

Hearing the two words 'Stud Jaxon', Jason's face immediately darkened. He gritted his teeth and reminded, "don't call me Stud Jaxon! I'll throw you into the river if you ask me again! "

"Throw me away if you can!" Vera was not afraid at all and said provocatively.

"You!" Jason had no choice but to slap her on the buttock.

The sound was loud and the pain in hier buttocks was unbearable!

When Vera was quiet, Jason left her in the car and drove away.

On the way, Vera kept chattering, complaining and provoking. If Jason didn't drive fast and there was a window for him to vent his anger, he would definitely throw someone down!

Vera was almost vomited by Jason's fast car. As soon as he stopped the car, she immediately opened the door and jumped out.

"Jason, are you out of your mind? Why did you drive so fast?" Vera was furious, "if you want to die, don't take me with you!"

Jason ignored her and pulled her to stride forward.

Vera then looked around. When she saw the three words "Civil Affairs Bureau" above her head, her eyelids twitched fiercely two times.

She was even more shocked.

Turning her head stiffly, Vera asked, "Stud Jaxon, why did you bring me here?"

Hearing her call Stud Jaxon again, Jason wanted to throw her out, but he controlled himself.

Then he asked, "what are we doing here in the daytime?"

Get married?! Vera's eyes widened.

She was still so young and hadn't enjoyed the good time yet. How could she be willing to jump into the tomb of marriage?

No, she couldn't marry him.

Vera lowered her head and rolled her eyes.

Being dragged by Jason, she didn't stop and went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Stud Jaxon, you are a soldier. How can you be so casual to get married? Besides, my parents and uncle don't know about it. Isn't it appropriate? " Halfway through, Vera looked up at him and said seriously.

Jason's eyelids twitched, and finally chose to compromise. He didn't want to be entangled with this title.

He knew very well that if he got angry this time, the marriage certificate would not be OK.

"Don't worry. No one will have any objection to our marriage."

"But we don't have the household register. Will anyone help us?"

In the face of Vera's question, Jason answered without hesitation, with a gentle smile on his face, "don't worry. As long as you mention my name Jason Zhang, no one will refuse to do it for us."

Blamed! Vera gritted her teeth. Why wasn't he fooled?

Vera kept a smile on the surface and cursed Jason in her heart for countless times.

No, she couldn't be taken to the Civil Affairs Bureau by Jason for no reason. She had to find a way to escape.

After rolling her eyes for two circles, Vera suddenly crouched down and covered her belly to take a deep breath.

"My belly hurts. It hurts."

Jason was not stupid. He wouldn't easily believe that she was not feeling well.

He cast a disdainful look arrogantly and asked with a frown, "what's wrong? What's wrong?"

"My belly hurts!" Vera stared at him plaintively, pinched her thigh hard, and tears instantly flowed out. "It's really painful, so painful."

Jason bent down to help her. He put his hand on her belly and gently rubbed it. He turned his head and asked her, "is it better?"

Vera looked blankly at the ambiguous or envious eyes, blushing.

"You'd better have a check-up if you have a stomachache. It's not a small problem." After saying that, Jason picked her up, turned around and walked out.

It didn't seem to be the case.

Vera's mind went blank for a moment. After a while, she came to her senses. she looked into Jason's eyes, as charming and beautiful as a little wife. "I just ate too much during breakfast, which caused my stomach to be a little uncomfortable. I'll just go to the bathroom."

Jason insisted, "let's go to the hospital."

"I'm really fine. It's just a small problem. There's no need to make a fuss." She looked into his eyes and blushed.

Jason smiled and comforted her, "good girl."

What the hell are you doing? I just want to pretend to be sick and escape!

"Stomach illness seems simple, but it's the most difficult to completely cure. Once infected, it will not be good for the rest of your life. I saw my brother suffering from stomach disease and knew the importance of stomach. Be a good girl and have a check-up. " Jason said as he walked. It was easy for him to hold Vera, who weighed ninety pounds.

Vera was seated on the passenger seat.

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