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   Chapter 20 Meet Jeffrey Again

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It was late at night. She had to go to bed after she finished her work.

Dunn was a gentleman and would leave no matter how late it was, but he didn't make any move today, which made Janet a little confused.

Janet covered her mouth with her hand and coughed. Then she said, "I'm going to sleep."

"Yes," replied Dunn.

Then there was no more sound.

Janet widened her eyes. She couldn't believe that Dunn, who was always gentle and modest, would be unreasonable sometimes!

"Did you hear me?"

Dunn nodded.

"Since you heard it, why are you still standing here? A man and a woman alone, and you are a big star. I really don't want to cause any more difficult gossip. "

"I'm homeless."

Puff, cough, cough.

Janet choked on her own saliva. Did she hear it wrong? He said he was homeless!

"Dunn, are you kidding me?" Janet said, "your home is in the capital. How could you say that you are homeless?"

She was not an idiot. How could she believe it!

Dunn looked at her indifferently, "believe it or not." Then he stood up, looked around the room, and said lightly, "find a hotel for me, and pay with your name and money, and I will pay it back in a few days."

Janet couldn't help widening her eyes.

Was there anything wrong with her ears? Was Dunn really homeless?

It shouldn't be.

Dunn didn't explain and walked out.

It was wrong to stay at the agent's home.

It took Janet a minute to react and catch up with him.

"Well, tell me the details." Although Dunn was gentle and elegant, he was rebellious in nature. However, he knew where the bottom line was. He hadn't quarreled with his parents for many years.

Did Jason have anything to do with this farce?

Janet was good at connecting the cause and effect.

When she knew the result, she couldn't help but open her mouth and look dull.

'oh my God! That's the reason!

Finally, Janet went to find a hotel.

The gossip spread at the speed of light. Only one day, most people in the country knew it.

All the reporters found out Dunn's home and reported it outside.

In the end, they were driven away by the security guards who were hired by Merritt with a long face.

The second morning, Dunn received a provocative call from Jason.

"Dunn, how does it feel to have no way out?"

His tone was still arrogant.

Dunn looked at the bright sun outside and said with a playful smile, "isn't there still no way out?"

"Oh?" Jason raised his eyebrows and said arrogantly, "do you have any other choice?"

"Begging you, isn't there a way?" Dunn smiled ironically.

"Well, if you want me to beg me, you have to show some sincerity. It's not enough to break up with Vera directly."

Dunn almost couldn't keep calm. He said in a light voice, "what do you want me to do?"

"You cheated on Vera in front of Vera!"

He couldn't help clenching his fists, or he couldn't suppress his anger. Dunn took a deep breath and said, "Jason, don't push your luck."

"I'm just pushing my luck. So what? OK? Do you dare to kill me? " Jason said arrogantly, "well, after all, someone is not capable. If he is capable and bold, how could he be forced into a helpless situation by me?"

"You..." Dunn gritted his teeth and couldn't hold back his anger anymore. "Jason, you are just relying on your family background. Can you still be arrogant without the Zhang family?"

Dunn didn't get angry at his words. He crossed his legs and leaned back in the chair leisurely. He said domineeringly, "I only rely on this family background. What do you think? Let's have a fight! "

Dunn breathed heavily.

As soon as he answered Jason's phone, Merritt called him again.

Dunn frowned and didn't want to answer it.

His father took it just to persuade him to let her go. But he didn't want to let her go.

Dunn threw it somewhere casually and buried his head in the quilt.

The phone kept ringing.

Dunn was so annoyed that he directly copied it and turned it off!

At that time, the screen went black and Dunn didn't see the caller ID.

Vera had called Dunn several times, but he didn't answer. After thinking for a while, she called Merritt.

Merritt answered the phone quickly.

After explaining his purpose, Merritt sighed helplessly, "this child is too stubborn."

Vera's heart trembled.

Some were heartbroken, while some were angry.

'Stud Jaxon is such a blockbuster. He will have a hard time if he doesn't make trouble for me all day long!'!

"Vivian, can you promise me one thing?"

Vera replied politely, "go ahead."

"Break up with Dunn and marry Jason."

Vera refused without hesitation, "no, I won't yield to the pressure of Stud Jaxon!"

"Vivian, you must be clear about the current situation. If you insist, Sun Group will not be able to survive at all, and there will be problems in the acting career of Dunn." Merritt advised earnestly. His worries in the past few days had made him aged a lot, and he also felt helpless when it came to the relationship problems of h

is son. "For you, love is a necessity, but for people at my age, the happiness of the whole family is the most important. Vivian, you are so considerate. I don't think you will let me down, right?"

"I..." Vera choked with sobs and didn't know how to answer.

"Vivian, you must promise me. I'm old and can't hold on for two years. The Sun Group still has to rely on Dunn to develop. He has always been careful and arrogant. He didn't suffer much. If the Sun Group really died, his life would almost be ruined. "

"Uncle." Vera bit her lips.

At this time, a commotion came from the other end of the line, followed by Merritt's roar. Vera didn't hear clearly what he roared, as if he was shameless. Then Merritt hung up the phone.

Stud Jaxon was so annoying.

After thinking for a while, Vera went straight to the company.

But the general manager said that Jason had resigned and he handed in her resignation letter by the way.

Hearing the news, Vera said gloomily, "it turns out that your company is so inhuman." Then she left.

The general manager said helplessly.

She did know who Jason was. How could he say no to anyone he wanted to meddle in?

'Damn it! Damn it! How hateful! '!

After coming out of the design company, Vera called Jason. After knowing that he hung up the phone in the Sun Group, she hailed a taxi to the Sun Group.

Jason looked at his phone with a dark face and gritted his teeth, "Vera, you hung up on me again!"

She played with her phone leisurely, but was knocked over by the driver's sudden brake.

"Sorry, there was a car accident ahead." Before Vera asked the reason, the driver had taken the initiative to explain.

Vera nodded, opened the door and picked up the phone she threw outside.

She picked up her phone and was about to get on the car when Vera inadvertently glanced at the car accident.

But when she saw a familiar figure, she turned around and walked over.

Jeffrey was standing in the middle of the crowd with his head down and his clothes in a mess. A woman was standing opposite him, cursing.

"Shut up!" Vera raised her voice and interrupted the woman's scolding.

The woman rolled her eyes and continued.

Vera walked directly to her and said, "I told you to shut up. Are you deaf?"

"Who are you? Does it have anything to do with you that I teach him a lesson? "

Vera puffed up her cheeks and smiled, "this is my brother. Why can't I interfere in his affairs? What's more, do you think you are the emperor of the heaven. You can scold anyone you want? "

Jeffrey looked up in surprise. At this time, Vera turned to ask the reason.

"I bumped into her son when I was driving. She asked me for 5000, but I couldn't take it out." Jeffrey stammered, and then added, "her son was only slightly injured."

I see.

Vera raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman with disdain. Then she sneered, "your clothes are old and shabby, and the exit is dirty. Your son was slightly injured, but you want 5000. You are so poor that you can't make it on your own."

"You..." The woman didn't expect that Vera would mock her blatantly, and her face turned scarlet.

But Vera didn't think it was enough. She continued to satirize, "I suspect that it's just a blackmail." Then she took out her phone and was about to call the police.

"Vera ." Jeffrey tried to stop her with a guilty conscience.

Vera gave him a comforting look.

"You, you bitch!"

"Yes, I'm a bitch." For the woman's scolding, Vera completely accepted, and replied with a smile, "but I can at least admit that you have extorted money but still pretend to be innocent. You are really a bitch."

"You..." The woman raised her hand and was about to slap her.

Vera didn't dodge. Instead, she leaned forward and pointed at the ruddy part. "Beat me. Beat me hard here. Let's see what is reasonable and unreasonable! "

The woman stared at her. If her eyes could kill, she would have been poked countless holes.

Vera maintained her action for one minute. Seeing that she didn't call, she said, "I'll compensate two hundred for your son's injury. If you accept it, then let it go. If you don't accept it, we'll go to the police station!"

The woman stared at her for a long time. Finally, she gave up and nodded.

Vera took out her wallet, counted two brand-new bills and handed them over.

Jeffrey caught a glimpse of the wallet, which was the latest product of a famous brand just reported on the Internet. The price was one hundred thousand.

But what about him? He wore the worst quality clothes. The all money in his pocket would add up to no more than one hundred.

The bitter sea water drowned him.

"Thank you for what you did today, Vera ." Jeffrey smiled shyly and said, "but I don't have that much money with me. Can I pay it back next time?"

"No, it's only two hundred." As she spoke, she suddenly patted her head, and then limped forward, so fast that Jeffrey wanted to ask her for her phone number, but he had no time.

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