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   Chapter 4 Business

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Vera didn't have time to clean up. She just ride on the tricycle and ran away!

The police car behind her followed her unhurriedly. The police in the driver's seat put the police whistle on the roof of the car with more disgust. The harsh whistle kept beating Vera's fragile heart.

"Why? God is not God. I was in trouble on my first day of doing business! " Vera rode the three wheel tricycle, out of breath. She even used her strength to suckle. However, her tricycle wasn't as fast as the car with four wheels.

"Boss, does this woman take us as the governor?" In the police car, looking at the clumsy figure sitting on the woman in front of him, David Fang couldn't help but burst into laughter. He said to the man, who was sitting in the front passenger seat with his legs crossed.

"What?" The man in the passenger seat seemed to be dozing off. Hearing this, he took off the police cap covering his face, revealing a handsome and angular face, with a bit of coldness in his eyes. The neckline of his chest was slightly open, revealing his healthy wheat skin and smooth chest muscles, which were full of masculinity.

The man looked at Vera's back.

All of a sudden, the tired man's eyes narrowed and his face tensed. He shouted, "Stop the car!" David Fang was startled. Before he could step on the brake, the man opened the door and jumped out of the car.

"Dame it!" Vera gritted her teeth with hatred. 'There are so many hawkers on the street. Why do they have to catch me?' As soon as she turned around, she saw a policeman running towards her at a very fast speed. In almost a few seconds, the man directly stopped in front of the car!

'No, if I was caught, I would be doomed!'

At this critical moment, Vera picked up the insulation barrel containing porridge in the tricycle. The porridge was sold out, and there was little left in the barrel, but a lot of boiling water was added by Vera. The male police didn't seem to have expected that her weak body would burst out such a great energy. She directly raised the bucket of porridge in his face, pouring from head to foot. Most importantly, the porridge was very hot, but the man's face was gloomy. He didn't groan in pain, but stared at Vera, who had already abandoned her car and fled, he like a beast that wanted to choose a person to eat.

"Mr. Jason. Are you okay? " David Fang, who just got out of the police car, was stunned to see this scene!

This woman was so valiant. Did she know who she had offended?!

He was Jason, the most popular playboy in the capital!

Yes, it was Jason who was embarrassed by Vera's bowl of porridge!

At first, Jason lived as the Mr. Jason of the Zhang family well, but because of his marriage with the Qiao family, Vera escaped from the marriage had made Zhang family become a joke in many people's eyes. Most importantly, Jason's face had been humiliated. His father was angry and directly blamed him. If he hadn't been famous for his profligate life in the capital city, perhaps the Miss Vera of the Qiao family wouldn't have escaped from the wedding!

Therefore, his father really wanted to punish him, so his father arranged him to a small police station. His father wanted to train him from the grass-roots level!

That was why he wore the police uniform and met Vera, but he didn't recognize her!

After all, he only met Vera once on the eve of the engagement party.

It could be imagined how angry Jason was at that woman!

"Not her!" Looking at the disappearing figure of Vera, Jason reached out and wiped the porridge on his face, trying to suppress his anger and said lightly.


David Fang was stunned for a moment, and then seemed to think of something. The c

orners of his mouth twitched. "Mr. Jason, are you out of your mind? In the past two days, whenever you see a woman, you will recognize her as the Miss Vera of the Qiao family..." Jason didn't respond and went back to the police car.

"Let her go? Don't you want to chase her? " David Fang was surprised to see that Jason didn't lose his temper.

"We are not the governor."

Jason continued to cross his legs and fell asleep in the passenger seat.

David Fang was speechless. They were so bored as policemen. It was not easy to find some fun, but it was so boring.

"TSK, TSK, it's really a long time to see..."Looking at Vera, who had turned into a black dot in the distance, David Fang took a look at Jason who was drenched all over and whispered, "how dare a woman bully Mr. Jason..." Then he was about to drive away.

Unexpectedly, Jason, who had been closing his eyes all the time, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Take the car away!"

"Okay..."David Fang looked at the tricycle abandoned by Vera and nodded.

"I remember you!"

At the same time, Vera, who had run far away, felt relieved when she saw that the police car did not chase after her. But when she saw that the tricycle she had just bought was pulled away by the police car, she was really pissed off. Of course, she did not dare to go back. She could only clench her fists to vent her anger.

All of a sudden, she just took a quick glance at the male policeman and felt that he looked a little familiar just now. But she remembered the plate number. She would avenge sooner or later!

Just wait and see!

"Damn it! It's really a double whammy! " Back home, Vera lay on the bed, feeling like weeping but had no tears. She was probably not good at doing business. She lost her tools on the first day of opening! "No, how can such a setback defeat me? I am Vera Qiao! Since I can't sell porridge, I can order something else! " It had to be said that there was an immortal fighter living in Vera's heart. A few seconds ago, she felt that the world was full of malice, and then her hope of life was rekindled!

In the evening, after Ava got off work, she heard what Vera had experienced today and looked at her strangely.

"What's that look in your eyes?" Vera said angrily.

"Nothing. I just have never seen someone as stupid as you." Ava didn't bother to explain. She even want to sell porridge at a discount. Are you doing charity? Hearing that Vera was going to sell something else tomorrow, Ava sighed and went to bed directly. She didn't want to talk to such a person!

On the second day, Vera specially went to a very famous wholesale market in the capital city and bought a lot of small things. She wanted to directly set up a stall on the street. She didn't need to carry the car, but took a big cloth bag. If the police or city management came to inspect the street, she could pack up things and run away directly, which was definitely much faster than riding. It was better to find the surrounding alley!

Since her first business was smashed, Vera didn't have much money left. She couldn't afford to fail again.

In the morning, she went to the market to buy some goods. In the afternoon, she took something to an ancient scenic spot in the city. Since it was an ancient scenic spot, there were many people. Besides, there were many ancient buildings around, and the alley was complicated. It was absolutely suitable for her to escape.

"Don't miss it. Come and have a look. The gift is cheap. You can bring the gifts to your family or friends. It's definitely the best gift for you!" After finding a good place to put down the stall, Vera licked her lips and began to shout at the passers-by excitedly.

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