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   Chapter 70 She Received an Unexpected Phone Call

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"Hilda, I'm fine. You don't have to accompany me like this." Marilyn said to Hilda, who had been with her for several days.

Hilda was worried about her and accompanied her whole day. Originally, Hilda wanted to see her sleep, but she didn't expect that Kendrick didn't allow her to do so, so she had to go back home every night and come early in the morning.

Marilyn felt that Hilda had been .tired these days. She didn't have any time for herself. As a young woman, Hilda had to live her own life.

"It's okay, Marilyn. I'm fine anyway. You're my boss. As long as you approve, I'll be fine except for work." Hilda said. She just wanted to be with her. What if Marilyn couldn't get over it?

"By the way, Hilda, you are not young anymore. Why don't you find a boyfriend? Have you met someone you like? Do you need me to get one for you? " After calming herself down these days, Marilyn felt much better. She was still in the mood to joke.

Hearing Marilyn's words, Hilda was more than relieved. It meant that Marilyn really got through it since she still have the mood to make a joke.

"I met a person recently, but we haven't made any progress yet. I'll tell you if we have further development." Hilda thought of Josh. She had a few meals with him the other day and felt good. But recently, she had refused his invitations several times because she had to accompany Marilyn.

"Oh? Is that handsome guy why I texted you last time and you ignored me? " Marilyn remembered.

"Yes, he is. He is indeed very handsome. It is said that he has a good career. I haven't asked him the details yet." Hilda continued.

"The most important thing is that you like him, and so does he." Marilyn concluded. Seeing that her good friend also had a crush on another man, she felt as if her sister had just grown up.

"Okay." Hilda nodded in agreement. Neither Marilyn nor she was a person who cared about money. They valued feelings, but what happened to Marilyn was just her misfortune.

"Go back, Hilda. Have a good rest. I'm r

became. It seemed that this matter had something to do with Kendrick. Should she tell Kendrick, or should she investigate it secretly as that person said?

Marilyn felt that she had entered a huge trap, as if someone had guided all this. By the way, she should first check this number.

Marilyn took out her phone and found an old classmate who worked in the Public Security Bureau and asked him to investigate the number. Marilyn chose not to tell him what's going on first. Now she didn't believe anyone. It turned out that she was involved in an abyss unconsciously.

It was very likely that it had something to do with Kendrick. She had already put down her guard against him and wanted to start a good relationship with him. But what happened today made her feel that she might be a fool from beginning to end.

Her reason told her that it might be a trap, but Marilyn knew that it might be a trick to drive a wedge between her and Kendrick, but she had no choice. As long as she thought that her only family member might pass away because of Kendrick, she would vent her anger on anyone, including herself.

However, she had to wait until she found out the truth.

Marilyn looked out of the window. It was getting dark. Edith was asking her to have dinner. She took a deep breath, calmed down and walked out as if nothing had happened.

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