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   Chapter 69 The Childhood

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Marilyn stood up, walked to the photo on the wall, pointed at one of the photos and said, "Look, this is my mother. She is very beautiful, isn't she? They all said that I only inherited a little of my mother's beauty."

"Look, when my father was young, he always said that my mother was so beautiful that she was wronged to be with him, so he would listen to my mother in everything. In my memory, my mother is a very gentle person. She always speaks softly, so my parents have never quarreled loudly."

"I can see that your parents love each other very much." Said Kendrick. 'Otherwise, you won't be so optimistic and self-sufficient.'

"Yes, I thought I was the redundant person at that time. The year my mother left, my father almost couldn't hold on. He didn't commit suicide just because I was too young." Marilyn looked at the photo and said in a trembling voice.

"Your parents love you very much." Kendrick continued.

"Yes, now I have grown up and can take care of myself. That's why my father is relieved to see my mother, isn't it? Mom has been waiting for him for so long." Marilyn looked at Kendrick with tears in her big eyes, which made his heart ache.

"Yes, you should be fine and let your parents in the sky rest assured." He held Marilyn in his arms and stroked her head.

"I haven't told you about my mother, have I?" Said Kendrick suddenly. He pulled Marilyn to sit on the sofa. Although he looked ahead, his mind was wandering somewhere.

"Well, I only know that the one I have seen shouldn't be." Marilyn guessed that Mrs. Si wasn't Kendrick's biological mother. No matter how big the conflict a mother and a son were in, they wouldn't act like enemies.

"Humph, that woman doesn't deserve to be my mother." With a sneer, Kendrick looked at Marilyn and said, "My mother is a capable woman. In my memory, she is a decisive and resolute woman in doing everything. Half of the company's prosperity was made by her, but she didn't ignore me. I remember that when I was a child, my mother would always spare time to play with me and take me out

erased all this. 'Would it be against me?' thought Kendrick.

A neighbor told Kendrick that Mr. Gu went out as usual. After playing chess, someone looked for the old man and he followed that person out of the community. Later, no one knew where Mr. Gu went. As for that person, Kendrick had looked for the surveillance video, but did not find anything, and the neighbors did not see the person's face clearly. It seems that everything was premeditated.

'But what's their purpose? What benefit will it bring to them if they kill Marilyn's father? Why did they do this to an old man? Or was it really a coincidence?' Kendrick couldn't figure it out, so he had to ask his men to investigate it more quickly.

If it was really because of him that Marilyn's only family member was killed, then he would be too sorry for her. All these were in his mind.

Marilyn was still sleeping in his arms. It was already dark, and the light in the room was not turned on. Kendrick didn't dare to move, fearing that he would wake up the woman in his arms.

If Marilyn's father was really killed by someone, he had to take good care of the safety of the person in his arms. Who knew what the other party would do next.

There were too many people who wanted him to have a hard time. Kendrick didn't know which force it was, so he had to be on high alert secretly and investigate the truth.

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