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   Chapter 68 The Funeral

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Marilyn seemed to have found the backbone in her panic. She leaned against Kendrick's chest and cried loudly. "My father is gone. I haven't even seen him for the last time."

Kendrick just held her tightly and said nothing.

"He had recovered. Last time, we went downstairs to play chess together. Why's he gone suddenly?"

"I'm the only one left. My mother and father left. They all abandoned me." Marilyn had never been so helpless before. She didn't know the meaning of her life, as if she was the only one left at this time.

"Don't be afraid. You still have me." Kendrick could only comfort her in this way. He knew how painful it was to lose a family member. No matter what others said, it was useless. Marilyn could only slowly walk out of the sadness by herself.

Marilyn cried for a long time, as if the tears of her whole life were about to run out. She stopped and Kendrick accompanied her, letting her cry.

"I have to deal with my father's funeral." Marilyn rubbed her swollen eyes and held back her tears.

He wiped her tears gently and said, "I've already asked someone to deal with it, but it's still up to you to make a decision. After all, he's your only family. You must want to send him away in person, right?"

Marilyn nodded, "My father wanted to be buried with my mother after he died."

Kendrick nodded. He would listen to Marilyn.

The funeral didn't last long. Marilyn only informed a few of her father's friends, as well as their old neighborhood, but no one informed Kendrick's family.

This was a decision made by Marilyn and Kendrick. She didn't want to pretend to face the Si family, and Kendrick also felt sorry for her and didn't want Marilyn to waste her time.

And Mr. Gu was not a person who didn't like to put on airs when he was alive, so the funeral was very simple.

All of a sudden, it occurred to Kendrick. He asked Marilyn, "Don't you have any other relatives? Others of your mother or father?"

"Yes, but we haven't contacted each other for many years,

s phone rang. He took it out and saw it was from Hilda. "Is Marilyn okay? Are you home?" Instead of sending the message to Marilyn, Hilda sent it to Kendrick.

"We'll leave now. Please come to accompany her these days." Kendrick replied.

He had to ask Hilda for a favor these days because there were too many things to deal with in the company. Zack's eyes were full of resentment these days.

"Of course. Don't worry. I will take care of Marilyn." Hilda replied quickly. She was also very sad these days. Mr. Gu was just like her another father, who was good at cooking. She always liked to follow Marilyn to her home and have delicious meals. But unexpectedly, even Marilyn did not see her father for the last time.

Standing in the room, Marilyn pointed at the chessboard and said, "My father loves playing chess. Every time I come here, he will play a few rounds with me." Kendrick nodded.

Marilyn touched the chessboard and sat on her father's deck chair. "My father always likes to sit here. My mother bought this chair when she was alive. He is unwilling to throw it away. My father has been refining it for so many years."

As she spoke, she wanted to cry again. Seeing this, Kendrick wanted to hold the girl in front of him and stop her from being so sad, but he didn't. What Marilyn needed now was to release her emotions.

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