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   Chapter 67 Bad News

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"Mr. Kendrick, this is Ned Song. I'm so sorry for my sister offended you. I apologize to your wife on behalf of my sister." Somehow, Ned received a sum of money from the special assistant of the CF Group. After careful inquiry, he knew that his sister had a conflict with Kendrick's wife. Ned went home and asked Tina. She was hesitating and unwilling to talk more, so Ned still felt it necessary to call Kendrick.

"It doesn't matter. It's my wife's fault." After listening to Ned's words, Kendrick remained calm but sighed in his heart that Ned was well-educated.

"Well, Mr. Kendrick, let's drink together when you have time." Ned realized that Kendrick didn't take Tina seriously at all. It seemed that it was just wishful thinking on Tina's part. Ned didn't expect that this woman, who was said to be married to the CEO of the CF Group, would win the heart of Kendrick.

"Okay." Then Kendrick hung up the phone. Kendrick had met Ned occasionally, and they often saw each other when they were children. Kendrick thought Ned was not bad.

Sitting in his office, Kendrick was dealing with business. After getting along with Marilyn for a period of time, his relationship with her seemed to grow rapidly. When they were together, they seldom quarreled with each other. Kendrick was satisfied with this change, but the only regret was that Marilyn hadn't been pregnant. It had been a long time.

Recently, the mother and son became more and more active. Perhaps they were anxious because Kendrick's marriage was stable.

Thinking of this, Kendrick called in Zack.

"Pay attention to Josh and check who he has contacted recently." Kendrick knew that his brother liked to play tricks, so he had to be careful. Last time Josh failed at the company cocktail party, Kendrick thought Josh might do something else this time.

"Yes, Mr. Kendrick." After getting the order, Zack went downstairs and found someone to keep an eye on Josh. Zack really had no way to deal with Mr. Josh. This young master kept causing troubles from time to time, which was very annoying.

Marilyn had already been working in the company.

Since the

Sorry, we have tried our best."

Hearing this, Marilyn sat on the ground at once. There was only one thought in her mind. 'No, no, no, my father would not leave me.' She collapsed on the ground, tears streaming down her face. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

The doctor, who hadn't left yet, hurriedly took Marilyn to the emergency room when he saw her fainted. The nanny next to Marilyn panicked and didn't know what to do. It suddenly occurred to the nanny that Mr. Gu had said that she could call the number if she couldn't find Marilyn for something urgent. The nanny took out her phone in a hurry and dialed the number.

Kendrick looked at Marilyn, who was lying quietly in front of him. Marilyn frowned tightly, as if she was trying her best to bear something unhappy. Her face was pale without any color, which made him feel very sorry for her.

Marilyn slowly woke up. She was in a temporary coma because she was too sad. She slowly opened her eyes and thought that she had a dream. In the dream, her father was gone, but when she saw the white scene in front of her, she knew that she was in the hospital. She realized that it was not a dream, it was true.

She thought of everything and couldn't help but burst into tears. Kendrick rushed forward, hugged her and comforted her in a soft voice. "It's okay. It's okay. You still have me." While speaking, he patted Marilyn on the back.

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