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   Chapter 66 Hilda Got Stood Up

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On the ski resort, after resting for a while, Kendrick and Marilyn began to slide again. Marilyn was skilled at it and had a good time alone.

Because of work, Kendrick hadn't done such a reckless sport for a long time. They didn't go back until the ski resort was about to close.

Marilyn said reluctantly, "I'll come here next time."

Kendrick had no choice but to agree.

On their way back, Kendrick didn't forget to call Zack, who was resting at home, and asked him to give Tina's brother Ned some money as the medical fee. Kendrick didn't allow anyone to slander Marilyn.

Although Zack didn't know why, he still agreed without hesitation. After he dealt with these things, he found that it was very late, so he changed his clothes and was ready to go out for dinner.

It was not easy for the CEO to have a rest today, so Zack also took a holiday for himself. He felt good to rest at home. He knew that Mr. Kendrick and Mrs. Marilyn went ski, and felt that he was too decadent to stay at home all day.

Zack also drove to find a place to have dinner. As a man who had been single for a long time, he had thought of finding a girlfriend. As the special assistant of the CEO of the CF Group, Zack was an excellent man. Many girls threw themselves at him.

But Zack always felt that those people were greedy for his money, so he refused them. In addition, he was too busy with his work, so he didn't have time to find a girlfriend. Now seeing that Mr. Kendrick and Mrs. Marilyn were living together, Zack felt his heart was also a little restless. When Zack was thinking if he had agreed to the blind date arranged by his family, he looked up and saw that this was Hilda, Mrs. Marilyn's best friend?

Hilda had made an appointment with Josh. They were going to have dinner together today. She was a little confused about the sudden hospitality of the man who had just known her for two days. She always felt that she was not that charming, but he didn't have much intimacy with

hem." Hilda interrupted him. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Zack picked up the grilled meat in front of him. The fat meat was now grilled with oil streaming down. There was no greasy feeling when they ate the pork, and there was also a smell of special seasonings. The steak was fresh and juicy.

As soon as he took a bite, Zack couldn't stop eating. It was the best barbecue he had ever tasted.

Hilda nodded with satisfaction. She felt pleasant that others could like her recommendation.

Neither of them spoke. They focused on dealing with the food in front of them. Neither of them felt embarrassed, but felt that this way of getting along was very comfortable.

After they ate a lot of food, they both patted their round bellies at the same time and leaned comfortably against the chairs.

"What do you think? How about my recommendation?" Hilda said proudly.

"That's great. I'll be your exclusive follower from now on. Boss, please take me to some good places." Zack said exaggeratedly. He was telling the truth. He thought he had seen countless top chefs and eaten countless top food materials. He was picky about food.

"Well, you can count on me." Hilda agreed gladly. It was rare to find such a like-minded friend.

Since then, the two foodies had developed a deep friendship because of a meal.

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