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   Chapter 30 Make Trouble

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After a period of research and preparation, the new product launch of HS Technology was held today.

Marilyn dressed up for the event. At this time, Jordon was giving a speech and demonstration of the products in the press conference, and then answering the reporters' questions. Watching the orderly launch event, Marilyn was about to leave quietly. At this moment, there was a sudden noise outside the door.

"Go and see what happened." Marilyn gave a hint to Jordon to continue and ordered her secretary to go outside.

After a while, Cathy ran in and said, "Ms. Gu, it's Bella. She said that she had the evidence that you have been sponsored by a sugar daddy, and she said that you get promoted with the support of the sponsor."

"Let's go and have a look." Seeing that some reporters had run outside, Marilyn had to solve the problem by herself.

When Bella saw Marilyn come out, she pointed at Marilyn and said loudly, "She is just an ordinary employee and has been kept as a mistress. She got the position of general manager through nepotism. I have evidence."

After saying that, she took out a few photos. Marilyn got in a luxury car, and Marilyn had dinner with Kendrick. However, there was only the back of Kendrick, not his face. And Marilyn went to the Royal International Hotel.

"Is that all?" Marilyn looked at Bella and asked, "Is that all you want to say? Do those photos prove I'm a mistress?"

Bella also wanted to take more photos, but every time Marilyn went out with the man in the photos, they were accompanied by a lot of people, and Bella couldn't enter the Royal International Hotel at all. Bella had followed them for a long time before she got these photos.

"Isn't that enough? Everyone knows you were born in an ordinary family. Even if you are the general manager now, you can't afford such a luxurious car before you become the general manager." Bella was almost driven mad by jealousy. Why wasn't she as lucky as Marilyn? Being kept as a mistress? Yes, she didn't think it was a bad thing. So she came to make trouble today just because she was jealous of Marilyn's good luck. She wanted to marry into a rich family, but she had no choice. In a huff, she followed Marilyn.

"Hah ha, regardless of whether these photos are true or not, even if I am a mistress, so what? Don't you just want to watch me step down? But my recent performance has proven my ability. Do you think the head office will care if I am a mistress? " Marilyn said with a smile. She didn't mind what Bella said at all.

"You slut! Shame on you! Is this what your parents taught you?" Bella said maliciously to attack Marilyn.

Marilyn's face remained unchanged after hearing Bella's harsh words. After all, it was the new product launch of her company. She was not afraid of Bella. But Bella would affect the company's reputation.

"Shut up. Do you need me to tell you who you have slept with since you started working?" Marilyn stared at the woman's eyes, showing no anger but majesty. "I... I didn't. You are slinging mud at me."

"Oh? If you are not afraid of being embarrassed, do you mind if I spit it out? Ri..." Marilyn continued to look at Bella.

"Stop it." Bella was frightened by Marilyn's confident expression. With a guilty conscience, Bella turned around and rushed out of the crowd, fearing that Marilyn would say a series of names.

The s

urrounding reporters didn't get any information but to focus on the press conference.

Jordon continued to display the new products, and everyone finally paid attention to the stage.

Marilyn left quietly with her secretary. On the way back to the office, Cathy couldn't help asking, "Ms. Gu, how do you know the names of Bella's lovers?"

"Hah ha, I don't know. I always think she isn't a restless person judging from her character. Today, I was afraid that she would affect the press conference and didn't dare to have too much contact with her, so I threatened her. I didn't expect that this woman was so timid." Marilyn wanted to laugh at the thought of Bella running away in dejection.

"Well, Ms. Gu, how about the thing she slandered you?" Cathy asked tentatively.

"It doesn't matter. A clean hand wants no washing. Besides, what she said is not completely wrong. Moreover, we may benefit from misfortune and maximize the impact of the press conference!" Marilyn said confidently.

'Isn't it all wrong?' Cathy listened to Marilyn's words and thought secretly, without saying anything. They went back to the company. Next, a series of follow-up work about the new products would be carried out.

"Marilyn... No, Ms. Gu, I heard that you were blocked just now?" Hilda said with a snicker when she saw Marilyn come in.

"Yes, you're right. It's not easy to reprimand her without you around." Marilyn agreed.

"Now you know how important I am. Besides me, who else can cooperate with you so tacitly?" Hilda said proudly, pulling Cathy beside Marilyn. "Tell me, what did they say?"

After listening to the story from Cathy, Hilda was filled with righteous indignation and wanted to get even with Bella. "Forget it. She won't be able to stir up much trouble anyway. It doesn't matter," Said Marilyn.

"That's to say, she is not on the same level as you now. Come on, Cathy. I've known you for a long time, but I don't know your full name. I've always heard Ms. Gu call you Cathy."

"Well, I told you not to laugh. My surname is Mao and my name is Cat."

"Hah ha, your name is very special." Ignoring Cathy's protest, Hilda laughed, which attracted the attention of the people in the office.

"Well, Hilda, don't bully a little girl. Come to my office. I have something to tell you."

When there were only the two of them left in the office, Marilyn asked Hilda, "Hilda, have you decided what to do after playing for so long?"

"Yes, I've made up my mind. I'm going to compete for the position of the executive manager." Hilda said confidently, "Don't directly appoint anything for me. Although colleagues all know our relationship, the new examination system is made by you. If you don't abide by it, the employees won't obey the rule. Besides, with my ability, I think it's easy to become a manager."

"Then why don't you be my assistant? The salary of a special assistant was higher than that of a manager." Marilyn asked curiously, "Forget about the assistant. I'm not fit for this kind of overall planning work. I like our executive department very much." Hilda knew her advantages and disadvantages.

"Well, since you have made up your mind, it's up to you." Marilyn fully respected Hilda's opinion. They didn't need polite formula at all. They could just talk about it directly.

After this incident, they had a better tacit understanding.

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