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   Chapter 26 Everything Is Settled

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The more Cecil looked at the documents in his hand, the angrier he became. At this moment, he understood everything. He had thought that they were just joining forces in the company to get rid of rivals, but now it was exposed that they were helping other company. He couldn't tolerate such a person.

After reading it, Cecil looked at Richard with a gloomy face and said, "Read them yourself."

When Richard saw the expression on Cecil's face, he was already very nervous. Richard took the documents and quickly read them. The more he read, the more scared he was. In the end, he couldn't sit still anymore, with sweat on his head. Richard's expression changed greatly, which made his subordinates feel strange.

"Mr. Yang, let me explain. . . . . . Marilyn slanders me. These things are all fake." Richard struggled for the last time.

"Really? Let's not talk about whether the HT Company belongs to you or not, but the company's non-profit financial statements in recent years must have been recorded in the company's financial office. We can know it at a glance." Asked Cecil, changing his smiling face.

"I. . . . . . ." Unable to utter a word, Richard slumped into the chair, heartbroken.

When Richard's men saw this, there was nothing they didn't understand. Now, those who stood in line could not help but regret. They only hoped that they could be given a light punishment when the boss saw that they were not involved in exposing the company's technology.

"I will report this matter to the superior. As for the rest, you can wait for notice." Cecil said and walked out with his men.

At this time, Richard suddenly stood up and rushed to Marilyn, trying to grab Marilyn's neck. Marilyn had already secretly noticed Richard's movements. Marilyn dodged his attack. But she dodged too fast, and she still hit the corner of the table beside and fainted.

When Richard rushed over, Jordon had already held Richard in his arms. Richard kept shouting, "It's all your fault. You bitch set a trap for me. Put me into the trap step by step. I'll strangle you bitch."

Hilda, who was peeping at them outside the door, ran in as soon as she saw that Marilyn fainted. The police of the Public Security Bureau followed her in. They walked up to Richard and said, "We suspect that you have committed a business crime. Now go to the police station with us to accept an investigation."

It turned out that on the way to the meeting room, Marilyn secretly sent a message to Hilda, asking Hilda to pay attention to the situation in the meeting room and call the police. The timing was just right, except that Marilyn fainted by accident.

Hilda hugged Marilyn and said, "Hurry up. Call an ambulance." Seeing this, people called an ambulance in a hurry.

The ambulance arrived soon and Marilyn was sent to the hospital again.

Marilyn didn't wake up until the second day. When she opened her eyes, she saw Hilda lying on the edge of the bed and sleeping.

Hilda must be exhausted after staying up all night. Marilyn didn't wake Hilda up. Instead, Marilyn covered Hilda with a blanket. Thinking of the company's affairs, Marilyn got out of bed quietly, went out and called her secretary.

"How is the thing going? Has the headquarters issued an order?"

"Ms. Gu, the investigation team came here yesterday. Richard, the manager of the financial department and several others were fired." The secretary replied, "Ms. Gu, are you feeling better? The company is in a mess now and no one is in the mood to work."

"Then give an order. You have a day off today and will be on duty to

morrow to finish what happened." Marilyn ordered.

After saying that, Marilyn went back to the ward. Hilda had woken up.

"Marilyn, are you all right? You scared me." Hilda was frightened yesterday. She was afraid that Marilyn, who was not very smart, would have a brain damage again.

"Sorry for making you worried. I'm okay."

"Well, I'll call the doctor. It's better to have a thorough examination." After saying that, Hilda hurried out.

According to the doctor's detailed examination, there was nothing wrong with Marilyn except for a slight concussion.

"How is everything going in the company?" Hilda asked, forgetting that Marilyn had just woken up.

"It's all right. Richard has fallen down, and the rest are just some sidekicks, unable to stir up any waves. I just told the secretary that they can have a day off today and they can deal with the company's affairs tomorrow."

The main reason was that Marilyn didn't want Hilda to go to the company now. As a person who had pretended to betray Marilyn, Hilda must be more difficult in the company than her.

"Hilda, tell me. Do you want to be my assistant? Or you want to be a manager in the company?" Marilyn said seductively.

"Well, happiness comes so suddenly. I have to think about it carefully."

"Well, think about it. I'll give you a long vacation with salary. It's up to you whether to travel, fall in love or go home to accompany your parents. What do you think?"

"Really?" Hilda was confused why she was given a holiday all of a sudden.

"Yes, you made a great contribution this time. Of course I will reward you." Marilyn said, blinking her eyes.

"Okay. It's such a good thing. I should make a good plan!" Hilda made a plan happily.

Hilda knew what Marilyn meant. Marilyn wanted everyone not to pay so much attention to this matter when the company's business stabilized. When they couldn't find Marilyn any trouble, Marilyn was afraid that they would do something to Hilda.

At this time, the door suddenly opened.

The man, who was supposed to be in the United States, came in. Kendrick's face was covered with coldness and his eyes were as cold as ice.

"Hey, aren't you coming back next week? Why did you come here in advance?" Sitting on the edge of the bed, Marilyn saw Kendrick surprisingly.

"You're really something. You came to the hospital again." Kendrick didn't give a direct answer.

"Hah ha, it's an accident. It's an accident." Marilyn said shyly.

"What did the doctor say?" Kendrick looked at Hilda.

"It's a slight concussion. He suggests Marilyn to stay in bed." Under the overbearing aura of Kendrick, Hilda raised her hand in surrender and completely spat out, ignoring the secretly glances from Marilyn.

"Why don't you let me get involved? This is your limit. People like Richard can get you into the hospital. You really did a 'good' job." Kendrick sneered.

"Well, if there's nothing else, I'll go first. Didn't you give me a holiday? Marilyn, I've been to my vacation? Bye." Hilda didn't dare to stay here any longer. She was afraid that she couldn't eat anything because of the scary man.

"You coward!" Looking at the fleeing Hilda, Marilyn said to herself, 'Don't leave me alone. I want to leave too! !'

Ignoring Marilyn's sullen face, Kendrick had booked a ticket and flew back as soon as he had gotten the news. Now he was relieved to see that she was fine.

God knew how anxious he was on the way. He was afraid that something bad would happen to the woman he had found. He would tear Richard apart. Fortunately, he came back not too late.

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