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   Chapter 24 A Dumb Schmuck

Sir, Your Wife Ran Again By Da Caomei Characters: 6539

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Hearing this, Richard was very happy. If he had known it earlier, he shouldn't have been so cautious to sound it out. He had thought that Marilyn had a powerful sponsor, which made him waste so much time and dare not take any big action.

"Well, let's not talk about this. Come on, order whatever you want to eat. It's my treat today." Richard got what he wanted, so he stopped talking about it. He had to get Hilda on the hook slowly.

"No, thank you." Hearing this, Hilda's eyes lit up. She said no, but she didn't stop ordering. She ordered several dishes just now because she didn't dare to order for they were too expensive. Today she met this dumb schmuck, so she must eat enough. As a senior foodie, Hilda liked to hear someone tell her that she could whatever she liked.

The dishes were served soon. Hilda kept eating while watching the show. Richard sat opposite to her. She used all her skills to show her charm all the time. From time to time, Hilda said, "Really? Wow, you're so awesome!" She used these universal echoing words.

During the lunch, Richard just talked and didn't eat much. Most of the food was eaten by Hilda. Seeing that they was about to finish their lunch, Richard tentatively asked, "Hilda, if you have nothing important to do after lunch. Do you want to go shopping? I'll pay the bill."

Hearing this, Hilda immediately showed her surprise, happiness and expectancy. After Richard saw it clearly, she changed into a disappointed and remorseful look. "Alas, I have to go home to visit our parents later. I have already agreed to go this weekend." After saying that, she looked very sad, as if it was a heinous crime that she couldn't accept his invitation.

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. It's more important to accompany your parents. We can make an appointment next time." Richard tried his best to hold back his anxiety. He had thought that he could get laid today. Haste makes waste. He had to do it next time.

"Do you need me to drive you home?" Richard said like a gentleman.

"No, thanks. My home is just around here. It's been a long time. You can leave now." Hilda winked at Richard and said with a smile.

Richard's heart skipped a beat when he heard Hilda's words. He had no choice but to turn around and leave, thinking that he had to ask Bella out to vent his lust. As Hilda left, he felt as if his heart was scratched by a kitten.

When Richard went far away, Hilda took out her phone and made a phone call. After a few rings, Marilyn answered the phone. Marilyn's voice sounded anxious.

"Hilda, what happened just now? The message you sent just now shocked me." Marilyn waited for a long time, and didn't eat much. Finally, she received a call from Hilda.

"Hah ha, I can't explain it clearly with just a few words. I just ate too much. Let's go shopping and digest. Don't stay here. Let's go to the JD Building. Anyway, it's not far from here. See you at the gate."

"Okay." Hilda's words aroused Marilyn's curiosity. Marilyn paid the bill and walked towards the destination.

When Marilyn arrived, Hilda happened to come over. As soon as Hilda saw Marilyn, Hilda exaggeratedly walked up and hugged Marilyn. "Ouch, I'm full. It's uncomfortable. Give me a hug. I can't stand anymore."

"Where did you find a dumb schmuck? Why did you eat like this?" Marilyn joked.

"Hey, you are right. I ran into a dumb schmuck and he insisted on inviting me to lunch." Hilda smiled slyly.

"Who?" Marilyn went straight to the point.

"You certainly can't imagine that Richard, like a peacock on the screen, tried to seduce me. That man probably wants to get your materials from me and bring me into his harem." Hilda felt sick at the thought of Richard.

"Hah ha, I didn't expect you are so charming. Richard has met a tough girl this time!" Marilyn couldn't help sympathizing with Richard.

"Come on, let's go. You've escaped this time. You have to treat me to dinner tonight." Hilda didn't intend to let go of Marilyn. It was all Marilyn's fault.

While they were talking, they walked towards the shopping mall. Hilda leaned against Marilyn exaggeratedly.

"Marilyn, Richard has put all his attention on me. He asked me about your sponsor just now, and I said that you were blackmailed by a car accident."

"Hah ha, you made it up. But that's it. I'm so amused." Marilyn burst into laughter at Hilda's words.

"Well, stop laughing. Be serious. What are you going to do? By the way, how was your meeting with Mr. Wang the other day?" Hilda interrupted Marilyn's laughter.

"Everything goes well. Jordon is indeed a technical and decent man. This time, I have successfully convinced himself to stand on our side." Marilyn thought of Jordon, who was very compatible with her.

"Do you still have to meet Jacob in private?" Hilda didn't want to see that greasy face.

"No. Jacob is cunning. As long as Richard falls, he will come to us obediently."

After saying that, they walked to a women's clothing shop. Instead of being lazy and leaning against Marilyn, Hilda went shopping crazily and also helped Marilyn choose clothes. As expected, women's enthusiasm for shopping couldn't be underestimated.

"Marilyn, take a look at this one. By the way, what did we say just now? What about the next? I think Richard didn't successfully hook with me, so he will seduce me again. Do you want me to keep in touch with him?" Hilda kept talking with her eyes fixed on her clothes.

"Don't bother, Hilda. Richard is a cunning and insidious man. You were lucky enough to deceive him this time. What if you don't have this good luck next time? You can't be in danger." Marilyn was touched by what Hilda had done for her. Although Marilyn was always careless, she knew that it was not that simple.

"Well, I really don't want to see Richard. His eyes are full of obscenity. I don't like him. When he stares at you, he looks like he has taken off his clothes."

"He won't be complacent for a long time. I have collected almost all the information here. I guess he is going to attack the head office. This time he knows that I don't have any sponsor, so he may speed up his action." Marilyn analyzed.

"The company has been messed up by Richard. If he falls down this time, it will give those who are really capable a chance."

"Yes, I hope that day will come soon."

They had been shopping for the whole afternoon. At dinner time, Marilyn invited Hilda to have a great meal. After that, they bid farewell and went back home respectively.

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