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   Chapter 23 Honey Trap

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Marilyn rubbed her sore neck and got up. It was already noon. She quickly took out her phone and called Hilda. Marilyn had promised to invite Hilda to lunch yesterday, but Marilyn went shopping and watch a movie with the crazy Kendrick, as if they were dating. Marilyn shook off the strange thoughts in her mind, and then the phone was connected.

"Hello, Marilyn. How dare you call me again? How about the dinner? You told me we would have dinner together! I've been waiting for you the whole day yesterday. And you texted me that you were watching a movie! You forget your friends when you see a man? Look at what time it is now. If I wait for you, I will starve to death."

Hilda said a lot in succession. It was not until Hilda vented her anger that Marilyn had time to cut in. With Marilyn's phone on speaker, Marilyn quickly put on her clothes.

"I'll be right here. Where are you? I'll go to find you. I promise you that I'll prepare whatever you want to eat today." Marilyn knew she was in the wrong. She put on her clothes and went to the bathroom with her phone.

"I just came out and want to find a place to eat. I'm starving to death. I'll wait for you at the western restaurant on the four floor of Wanda Plaza. I want to eat steak." Hilda said crossly.

"Okay, okay. You are the boss. It's up to you. I'll be right there." Marilyn hung up the phone and was about to go out after washing up.

"Mrs. Marilyn, are you going out? The car is ready." The butler said when he saw Marilyn coming down in a hurry. Before leaving, Mr. Kendrick had told the butler that whenever Mrs. Marilyn went, the butler should arrange a car to send her there.

"That's good." Marilyn went out and saw the car parking at the door.

"Hurry up. Let's go to the Wanda Plaza." Marilyn ordered after getting in the car.

The car was speeding. Marilyn wondered if she should send a message to her 'sugar daddy' to comfort him for the sake of accompanying her yesterday.

"Honey, have you arrived?" Marilyn sent such a disgusting message again.

As soon as he got off the plane, Kendrick was in a good mood after receiving the message from Marilyn. "I just got off the plane."

"Okay, I'm going to have dinner with Hilda." Marilyn reported her whereabouts obediently. Since last time she saw Kendrick lose his temper for no reason, she had learned to report her whereabouts whenever she went out.

"Good girl," Replied Kendrick.

"Then be careful when you go out. Eat on time. Don't work too hard." Marilyn felt goosebumps all over her body because of the sweet words of Kendrick. She ended the topic after giving proper instructions.

In the United States, Kendrick was smiling happily. When his assistant saw the expression on the CEO's face, Zack, who was on a business trip with Kendrick, was in a good mood. It seemed that the CEO was in a good mood on this trip to America. Zack must have a good time. Zack was very happy when he thought about it.

Sitting in the car, Marilyn tried hard to suppress the goose bumps brought by Kendrick's words. She knew how much impact greasy words would bring to the other party. No wonder every time she called Kendrick baby or honey, Kendrick always looked like he was disgusted.

At this time, her phone rang. It was a WeChat message from Hilda. "Don't come to the western restaurant now. Find another place to have dinner. Contact me after dinner. Don't call me."

Marilyn didn't know what was going on. Since Hilda had told Marilyn not to call, Marilyn would jus

t wait for Hilda's call. They had a tacit understanding for many years that Hilda was going to make trouble again.

When Marilyn arrived, she told the driver to go home and not to wait for her. She found a restaurant near the shopping mall and waited for Hilda while eating.

On the other side, Hilda came to the western restaurant where she had an appointment with Marilyn. It was a newly opened restaurant. It was said that the specialty steak there was very good. As a senior foodie, how could Hilda not have a taste? Thinking that Marilyn would be here for a while, Hilda sat there and ordered first. Anyway, they were so close that she didn't care about these at all.

Hilda, who was concentrating on the menu, heard someone call her name and looked up. It was Richard.

"Hilda, I didn't expect to meet you here. What a coincidence!" Richard said and sat down with a happy smile on his face. His features, which were barely good-looking, looked a little bad because of his squinting.

"Mr. Li, you're welcome. I didn't expect you to know me. I'm just an ordinary employee." As soon as Hilda saw Richard, she immediately concentrated her attention and pretended to be flattered when she heard Richard's words.

Sure enough, Richard laughed more happily. He had an appointment with Bella today, and he arrived ahead of time because he had something to deal with nearby. He happened to see Hilda, and he didn't pay much attention to this girl before.

Today, she looked pretty, especially with a round face. She smiled very cute. Thinking of the information Bella had given him before, Hilda might have other things with her. Sure enough, looking at her simple and gullible appearance, Richard calculated and decided to deceive Hilda. He wanted those materials and Hilda.

"Hah ha, Hilda, we're not in the company. You don't have to be so polite. Are you waiting for your boyfriend here?" Richard asked tentatively. He didn't forget to send a message to Bella, telling her that he had something to do today and she didn't need to come.

When Richard was checking the message on his phone, Hilda secretly sent a message to Marilyn, telling Marilyn not to come over. Today, Hilda was going to talk with Richard, who seemed to be scheming. It seemed that he was up to no good. Was he trying to play a honey trap on her? Well, a honey trap?

"I don't have any boyfriend. I heard that this restaurant is delicious, so I came here to enjoy myself this weekend." Hilda said shyly.

"I heard that you were unhappy in the company." Richard asked tentatively.

"Well, you've heard that it's hard to say in a word. If it doesn't work, I'll resign." Hilda said sadly, with tears in her eyes.

Seeing the pitiful look on her face, Richard immediately comforted her, "It doesn't matter. I'm with you. Just stay in the company and no one will bully you in the future."

Hearing this, Hilda immediately put on a look of admiration, "Mr. Li, you are so kind, unlike Marilyn, who always turn against others as soon as she's with a rich man." Hilda didn't feel guilty at all when she scolded Marilyn. She had done practices for a long time.

"Ms. Gu... Does... Does... Does she have a powerful sponsor, or..." Richard tentatively asked when Hilda took the initiative to mention Richard.

"There is no sponsor. She was just hit by a car of a boss. She got her position and made a promise. If she can't do it well, she will be fired." Hilda told half of the truth and looked at Richard to see how he would react.

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