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   Chapter 22 As Expected

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Marilyn trotted all the way back and bought two tickets of a horror movie. With a cunning smile on her face, she wanted to see how the calm Kendrick would react when he watched this kind of movie. Thinking of the scene that Kendrick would be frightened and hug her tightly, Marilyn felt happy.

They walked into the cinema as usual. Marilyn was still holding a box of popcorn and coke in her hand. She was not allowed to eat them at all. She was recuperating.

Kendrick hadn't booked the whole cinema as Marilyn had expected. She had thought that with the presence of so many people, as usual, Kendrick would have booked the whole cinema with a wave of his hand. As expected, all the audience in the cinema turned their attention to Kendrick, especially girls. They couldn't take their eyes off him when they saw him. And Marilyn was ignored by others.

Noticing that everyone was staring at him with passionate eyes, Kendrick glanced at them and released all his aura. The crowd was so frightened that they didn't dare to look at him anymore.

Marilyn, who had been used to the imposing manner of Kendrick from time to time, was not afraid of him. She pulled the corner of his clothes and sat down on the seat, whispering, "They won't see you at the beginning of the movie." Kendrick raised his eyebrows and agreed. 'What kind of suggestion did Zack make?' Kendrick was not allowed to book the whole theater, which made everyone look at him.

Sitting in the narrow seat, Kendrick felt very uncomfortable. He moved his body and looked at Marilyn, who was very close to him. He suppressed the impulse to go out and barely adapted to it.

The movie began. Suddenly, a female ghost crawled out of the screen. In 3D mode, it seemed to be walking towards Marilyn. Frightened, she closed her eyes and tightly held onto the arm of Kendrick.

She regretted so much. If she had known that it would be better to watch a normal film, she won't choose a horror movie. She had lifted a stone to hit her own feet. Kendrick fixed his eyes on the horror movie without blinking. This kind of horror movie was too easy for him. He even found more than one loophole in it.

As the plot went on, Marilyn was so frightened that she almost buried her head in the arms of Kendrick. Looking at the trembling Marilyn, he couldn't help laughing at the timid side of the woman who usually made threatening gestures. There were many couples around him. Girls were screaming and men were comforting girls.

Kendrick patted the woman in his arms and thought, 'This time, I should reward Zack for this good idea.'

Marilyn regretted having been so careless. Smelling the familiar scent of Kendrick, Marilyn gradually calmed down. With the help of this man, she felt at ease, very comfortable, and even had a good idea that it would be better if things went on like this forever. But at the thought that their relationship was just a contract, Marilyn tried her best to suppress her secret feelings. In case that she couldn't get rid of them when Kendrick and her were apart.

Time passed quickly, but Kendrick didn't have enough. He didn't pay attention to the plot at all. All he cared about was the woman in his arms. It was rare to see her behave like an obedient cat. When he thought about whether he should watch the film again, he was refused seriously by Marilyn.

"I'm hungry." Marilyn said pitifully.

She pulled Kendrick who wanted to buy more tickets out of the cinema. She didn't expect that Kendrick could be so ch


"Then let's go to have dinner. What would you like to eat?" Kendrick was so gentle today that he even asked for Marilyn's opinion.

"Well... Hot pot." Marilyn suggested. She wanted to have hot pot all of a sudden. She would sweat all over her body. She thought having hot pot must be very comfortable. Seeing that Kendrick was so gentle today, she plucked up the courage to propose.

"Let's go." Kendrick gladly agreed. He had forgotten how many years ago he ate hot pot last time. For so many years, he had been alone, eating the food prepared by nutritionists, or going to a few regular hotel parties. He had forgotten what normal people would eat. Since his mother died, he had never lived such a normal life.

Thinking of his mother, Kendrick thought Marilyn looked like his mother, which made him feel at ease. He hadn't had such feeling for many years. Fortunately, he met her.

However, after a few steps, they met an unexpected guest.

"Isn't this Marilyn?" A disgusting voice came.

Marilyn looked at the man in front of her and realized that he was Tim, Marilyn's ex-boyfriend. Now he had changed his usual hateful face. He should have had a bad time recently. His hair, which was neatly combed in the past, was now in a mess, and his clothes were wrinkled. He fawningly said to Kendrick, "Mr. Kendrick, I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have said that to you and Marilyn that day. I know I was wrong. Please forgive me! I was wrong."

Tim had a bad time recently. His father was on the verge of bankruptcy. He had a good family background, but once he lost the support of his family, he would be nothing. The rich children who had tried to please him before had never talked to him since that day. His father knew that he had offended the person he shouldn't have offended, so his father kicked him out, claiming that if he couldn't solve it well, he was not allowed to enter the house.

He had called Marilyn countless times, but Marilyn, who had blocked his number, had no idea at all. Tim had planned to take a walk today, but he didn't expect to meet them. He was so lucky!

"Don't you dare call her Marilyn?" Said Kendrick coldly.

"I was wrong, Mrs. Marilyn." Tim gave himself a few slaps and looked at them fawningly.

"Let's go." Marilyn didn't want to look at her ex-boyfriend's face, so she stood up and walked forward. Her good mood was ruined instantly.

Kendrick followed, ignoring Tim who was still begging for mercy. Knowing that there was no hope, Tim sat on the ground in a low spirit.

"You did it?" Marilyn asked Kendrick beside her.

"It's Zack." As the president of the CF Group, Kendrick didn't need to deal with such a scumbag in person at all. His subordinates had dealt with that man clearly.

"Stop it. I don't want to see him again." Marilyn wasn't soft, so she wouldn't question what Kendrick was doing. After all, he was avenging herself. But she didn't want to have anything to do with that man. They were in different status. She didn't want to pay attention to Tim.

"Okay." Kendrick didn't ask the reason. It was a trivial thing for him.

They walked forward, thinking about where to eat. Just now, Marilyn proposed hotpot enthusiastically, but now she was not in the mood.

"How about going home?" Marilyn suggested.

"Okay." Kendrick was very easy-going today and agreed with all Marilyn's suggestions.

In the car, for the first time, the two didn't quarrel. They sat quietly, and the atmosphere was quiet and harmonious.

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